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Topic Subject:Help with launching game
posted 09-21-18 02:52 PM CT (US)         
So i have been attempting to use my original discs that I used to play on my Windows 98 to work on my Windows 10. I do not understand why I am having so many problems but I am. I enabled Direct Play through the control panel and painstakingly found a patch to get Age of Kings working. I have spent 6 months off and on working on getting the expansion pack running and I do not know what I am doing wrong. I have searched for every update and patch and none that I have found work. Does anyone know where to find help?

I downloaded the Expansion pack and when I try to launch it I accept the "Do you want to" prompt then nothing happens. If I try launching from the disc directly I can get it to the first menu that has "Play;" however, once I push "Play" nothing happens as well. I changed all of my compatibility to "Windows 98" and set "run as administer".

I have two copies of the disk and both downloads act the same.

I am using Windows 10 home 64 bit operating system, version 1803, OS build 17134.137
posted 09-21-18 03:59 PM CT (US)     1 / 2       
Try installing the userpatch its much more updated and better than what comes with the CD.

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posted 09-24-18 06:43 PM CT (US)     2 / 2       
Windows 10 doesn't support the copy protection on the original discs. This might be the issue in your case, if you are able to install but not launch the game.

If so there are various solutions such as obtaining a no-cd patch, signing the necessary driver yourself, buying the collectors edition cd (which will run without cd checks), installing Voobly (which will patch your exe to work without a CD), etc.
The userpatch as such will NOT make your game no-cd, as far as I know.

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