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Topic Subject:Dawn of Man on Game Informer
posted 09-26-18 04:49 PM CT (US)         
Hey guys I thought this was interesting enough to crosspost from AoEH: Game Informer showing off Dawn of Man (1995) AoE1 Prototype

Even though we saw screenshots of this before, its cool to see in action. From some of the features being displayed, this Age of Empires series could have gone in a totally different direction with more economy focused, sim-like play. Makes me think the devs were inspired by Simcity2000 and Ceasar3 at this point

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John the Late
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That's really cool.

It blows my mind just how early Age of Empires was being planned. I think of it as a competitor of Total Annihilation and Starcraft (1997-8)...but in fact, it was developed as a riposte to Warcraft I (1994!). They were planning this thing right at the dawn of the RTS genre.

Here's another interview on Dawn of Man:

A fascinating idea from Bruce Shelley:
"I had an idea that the game would start with the map almost covered with ice, like an Ice Age, and you have little settlers," Shelley said. "And as the ice recedes, resources are uncovered, and you can start building, and then you proceed from there to build the first civilizations on Earth."
I guess they couldn't get it to work, but it's a pretty interesting concept. A world that changes around you.

In a way, they put it Age of Empires II. It starts off in the dark age, but your scout gains LOS every time you advance - symbolically and literally, the world is becoming less "dark".

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