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Topic Subject:Searching for a Scenario
posted 12-06-18 07:08 AM CT (US)         
Hello, community. I'm writing this post because I am searching for a specific scenario, which I played some time ago, but whose name I remember not. I will try to provide max info on the scenario from what I can remember: You start in a yellow town in the eastern corner of the map; the town has many farms guarded by yellow spearmen; you have to gather a group of warriors to march north, because some foe is threatening you; The first mission is to go to the north where a recently-built orange fortress awaits you; you have to infiltrate the fortress with tree units, one of them a arbalest hero, to kill the general (and some guards, iirc); after succeeding, you garrison the fort with some newly-arrived troops and march south, I think, to a blue village, where you fight some enemy patrols and receive reinforcements; you proceed to go to the southern corner of the map to a green village which becomes yours, and you have to defeat the purple enemy, which, besides having an extremely fortified town, has also access to much better troops than yours.
The scenario is quite similar to Lord Basse's Gwyndlegard (the early-game) and Rockspring Revolution (the mid-game).
Do not take my specifications as necessary, has my memory may not work the way it should and some things may be different than the reality.
Thank you for your help.
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Maybe this one?

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