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Topic Subject:Patch 5.9 or new expansion
posted 12-06-18 01:29 PM CT (US)         
Just a little article I have to share.

Was considering if they made patch 5.9, or made new expansion with new techs.

Here are my ideas:

- Make Swords 5 food cheaper, buff Man at Arms and Two Handed Swordsmen
- Make Elite Boyar, Elite Magyar Huszar, Elite Shotel a bit better hp or attack
- Maybe add Infantry Imperial tech for additional bonus vs buildings

or if expansion, then more middle eastern civs.
posted 12-06-18 02:35 PM CT (US)     1 / 2       
HD Edition might be abandoned with a move to AoK\AoE2 Definitive Edition (speculation, zero insider information) so I wonder if we will see any more patches or DLC

That said I would love a DLC focused on India. Remove the Indians civ maybe and add 3-4 regional powers. Maybe Mughals, Vijayanagara, Delhi, Bengal. Maybe someone who knows the region better would have good suggestions.

Maybe also a DLC on eastern europe, slavs and russians. I made a scenario in that area and when researching the history I knew it was interesting already but I found it more fascinating than even I expected. Lots of trade interaction between europe and middle east\persia.

One thing to avoid is adding america and other colonial aspects. I find this push of the game period beyond 1500AD quite gross, the medieval period is fascinating but some people on reddit just want AoE3 that badly.

"Excellent could be any map that has the quality of a ES random map or ES scenario. AoK is an excellent, award winning game. That's where I'd start." -AnastasiaKafka

"Hard work is evil. Bitmaps are stupid. Working on a scenario for more than one afternoon is stupid. Triggers are stupid. Testing your own scenario is stupid. The world is stupid. You are the Greatest." -Ingo Van Thiel
posted 12-07-18 04:48 AM CT (US)     2 / 2       
I'd add one more thing

Throwing Axemen get +1 Range
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