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Age of Kings Heaven » Forums » General and Strategy Discussion » How to make a good start for a RoR player?
Topic Subject:How to make a good start for a RoR player?
posted 12-11-18 02:49 PM CT (US)         
I've been playing in Rise of Rome (AOE1) for years with a friend (multiplayer, local): we 2 against 3-4 enemies. I've suggested playing AOE2 a few times (with year-length intervals) but every time he refused, mainly due to colorful lines drawn on objects behind other objects. I'm planning on suggesting again but it's occurred to me recently that, in case of "yes", it should be something remarkable to have continuation (and I really want it).
I know how to play AoK, my friend doesn't though I believe it wouldn't be hard to get the grasp because of the AOE-origin.
Do you have any ideas on making a good or even perfect first multiplayer game for him and me? (though his interest is of greater priority for me).
The preconditions are that he and me are the only human players and we play pure AOE2: the Conquerors and Age of Kigns (no rajas or other).
What about the number of computer players, map, settings, etc., etc., etc.?
Please, remember, it's a 1-time attempt.
(id: Bart Pimpson)
posted 12-11-18 06:45 PM CT (US)     1 / 2       
If the goal is "have fun", I'd create a custom scenario.

Give him lots of sheep and berries, but no straggler trees (a big source of irritating colorful lines).

Create several AI players. One of them should be weak, and close to your friend. Let him kill it, so he gets an early triumphant victory.

But there should be a strong AI (Barbarian/Juggernaught), locked away from the playing area by cliffs. Once the weak AI is dead, erase the cliffs, and let the battle truly begin.

Your friend will then have experienced all the sides of AoK: early fighting, late game fighting, success, and perhaps defeat.

Maybe give him gaia units and heroes to find.

Put Ornlu on the map, and use a trigger to task it into his base. His reaction ("Hey, a wolf...WTF, IT'S KILLING EVERYTHING") should be fun.

Put an island on a lake, defended by enemy galleons, with 3 relics on it. This will introduce him to water combat, as well as relics (AoE's artifacts do not give gold).
posted 12-12-18 02:16 AM CT (US)     2 / 2       
MawBTS, thank you, I suppose the idea of a custom scenario is quite good.
Concerning the island, is it included in the same map (with weak and strong AI, etc.) or is it an idea for another map?
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