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Topic Subject:What Word Has Four Vowels But Only One Syllable?
Leif Ericson
Seraph Emeritus
posted 03-13-17 00:03 AM CT (US)         
Yes, it's a queue (I'm going to guess we got the weird word from the French). In this case, I want to talk about a queue that is getting shorter, and that is the University queue.

Once again, we've added six more articles to the ever-growing University. Those of you thinking of getting into random map scripting again are in luck, because this time around we have two new random map scripting articles by Zetnus. Our first article is All About Cliffs. Cliffs are some of the more difficult objects to control on random maps, and this article tells you absolutely everything you could know about including cliffs in your random maps.

The next article is about Unequal Player Starts. Part 1 of a two-part series, this article goes into a possibility most random map scripters are not likely aware of. If I'm not mistaken, Zetnus has created Pretty Town Contest entries with random maps scripts that use this technique, so you should look into it!

Have you ever had an awesome project that was going to be rated 6.0 at the Blacksmith but then lost it due to a game crash? Jan dc tells you How to Create a Quick Backup of Your Files using an automated batch file. You no longer have to remember to save your project every 30 minutes!

Anyone remember Modpack Studio? It was submitted to the Blacksmith over 16 years ago, and unsurprisingly it doesn't work on most computers today. Unfortunately, some mods can only be installed by Modpack Studio because they contain .aks or .akx files. Solution? Read the article on Extracting SLPs from .aks or .akx Files by Shyam prasad.

One of the many great features of the Userpatch are the extra features for scenario designers. One of those features is the ability to invert triggers, having the triggers fire if the trigger condition is NOT met. bumis guides you through different Inverted Triggers. I'm sure you can come up with many new possible uses for it.

Lastly, in one of the most detailed guides in this University update is Vardamir's Gate and Town Center Modding Reference. These two buildings are some of the most complicated to mod, and Vardamir goes through all the details you'll need to know!

Oh, as an aside, the Game Stats at the University now has pages covering all of the swordsmen at the spearmen at the Barracks. The rest of the pages for all the units in the Units Table will be added in the coming months. Check it out here!

That's all for now in this University update. Stay tuned for more!

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(id: Mashek)
posted 03-13-17 06:25 AM CT (US)     1 / 4       
posted 03-13-17 08:03 PM CT (US)     2 / 4       
ooh cool! what's the significance of aks files?

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Dark Samurai
posted 03-13-17 08:38 PM CT (US)     3 / 4       
what's the significance of aks files?
Back in time, we used to use ModPack Studio to install mods into the game and create mods. It used to combine all graphics etc and install through an .aks file.

Modpack studio only runs on Windows XP, and not on Windows 7-10. Therefore, we can't install .aks anymore (unless of course you're using Windows XP or older).

There are loads of amazing mods in the blacksmith, but they were only uploaded in .aks format.

As the article states, we can now have access to these mods, by using 7zip to extract the SLP's from the .aks file and then install them as normal with the newer TurtlePack.

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(id: Dark_Reign)
posted 03-16-17 08:11 AM CT (US)     4 / 4       
Wooh! New content on the front page! Didn't even know about ModPack being so outdated and replaced with TurtlePack, so there you go!

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