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Topic Subject:And the University is Up to Date!
Leif Ericson
Seraph Emeritus
posted 03-20-17 09:58 PM CT (US)         
Another couple days, another seven articles added to the University. However, this update will probably be one of the last for a while because the University queue is empty. I have nothing more to add!...except for individual unit stat pages. I suppose I'll be at this for a while.

But, now about those seven articles. Five are modding articles, so if you enjoyed the last modding-heavy University update, you'll enjoy this one even more!

First, we have two articles by TriRem. The first article, Resource Generating Buildings, shows us how to create buildings like the Portuguese Feitoria without HD. This ability would certainly unlock a lot of new potential ideas for your mod!

Another ability that is critical for large scale mods is Adding User Interface for New Civilizations. Once you've followed this guide, you'll know how to change the look and feel of each of your new civilizations.

Vardamir has three articles that have recently been added to the University. First, he shows you how you can change AI Leader Names for each of your civilizations. If you have an AI playing your new civ, say the Normans, you don't want the AI to be called "Henry V," do you? Although apparently "Duke of Normany" is one of the Britons AI leader names. Interesting...

Next, Vardamir shows you how to Add Units and Researches to the In Game Tech Tree. AGE has the ability to edit technology trees, and this article shows you how to shape the tech tree displays to your liking.

Has anyone wanted to change the new HD Vietnamese building set to the original Asian building set? In his third article, Changing a Civilization's Building Set, Vardamir shows you how to do just that.

And now, a guide for random map scripters! Zetnus strikes again with a followup to his first guide on unequal player starts: Unequal Player Starts: Part 2. This article shows an alternate method to achieve the same result. Time to add another tool to the tool box!

And our last article in this last University update is Hidden Units Reloaded, by MrMew. The companion guide to Hidden Units Unleashed, this article show how scenario designers can use the hidden/beta units in their scenarios.

And that's all folks! As of today, the University is up to 135 articles! And, this doesn't even include game info articles (45 of those, including 24 Ask Sandyman articles and 9 unit stat pages, soon to be many more) and archived articles (37 of those). If there is a go-to place for all different kinds of Age of Kings info, the University is it!

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posted 03-22-17 03:27 PM CT (US)     1 / 1       
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