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Topic Subject:Something Ends, Something Begins...
"Cool" Huskarl
posted 07-28-17 04:07 PM CT (US)         
It has been a momentous past few days for AoKH, with Leif Ericson announcing his intention to step back from Seraph to Angel, and his promotion of HockeySam18 and myself to the top roles. But with a gap to fill comes opportunity for new growth, and I'm pleased to announce that Lord Sipia has joined our team as moderator for the Town's Crier! Come here to congratulate your new Cherub!

Member of BlackForest Studios
Co-creator of Silent Evil (4.6) Voted Best Multiplayer Scenario of 2009 (Most Fave'd Multiplayer Scenario)
and The Seas of Egressa (4.8) Voted Best Multiplayer Scenario of 2010
"Popey just hates everywhere." - Chocolate Jesus, on my fear of Romanian organ-traffickers
"Hooray for Dear Leader-Comrade-Generalissimo-Presidente-Lord Protector Popey!" - Lord Sipia, on my benevolent, iron-fisted rule
"You're not Popeychops; you don't get to physics." - Moff, in response to a clumsy muon simile
posted 08-20-17 03:58 AM CT (US)     1 / 1       
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