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Age of Kings Heaven » Forums » News Discussion » Revived Community Spotlight I: Major Helper & Lord Sipia
Topic Subject:Revived Community Spotlight I: Major Helper & Lord Sipia
Lord Sipia
posted 08-08-17 02:38 PM CT (US)         
(Illustration by Major Helper)

High up in a gloomy tower of HeavenGames headquarters, two moderators were stationed. One young and impetuous, pacing around the room, the other more experienced and patient, sat behind the desk. "Revive the Community Spotlight, they said," the younger one grumbled, perhaps for the third time so far. "How should I know what to do? I've barely been here for a week!"

"It's probably not that hard," the seated one spoke. "All we need is a random, hapless person to interview. We can even choose someone who's already been interviewed once before if all else fails."

The standing moderator stopped pacing and smirked. "So the first poor fool that comes to mind will do? In that case, I choose..."

Realizing just in time what his younger colleague was about to say, the older moderator quickly stood up, both men pointing at each other. "You!" they shouted simultaneously. Thus, the first two subjects of the revived Community Spotlight were decided.

Major Helper: Howdydoody everybody!

Lord Sipia: And welcome to the first reduxed Community Spotlight!

Major Helper: We'll be starting a new round of spotlights with a double feature!

Lord Sipia: Starring me, the elegant Lord Sipia...

Major Helper: And me, Major Helper!

Lord Sipia: We'll be running the interviews from now on, so we figured we might as well start with each other.

Major Helper: We'll be interviewing both oldies and new ones, just like this time. It's fitting, with me being a returnee while Sipia hasn't been interviewed before!

Lord Sipia: With that said, let's jump right into it!

Bold & italics text: Interviewer (Lord Sipia), regular text: Interviewee (Major Helper)

I'll start, then. Tell us about yourself, Major. What's your life story, in five hundred words or less?

Major Helper: Life story?! Ah, um... I was born in 1991 and I'm an only child. I got diagnosed with Usher's syndrome when I was three (field of view and hearing progressively grow worse). I did well in school despite the doctors thinking I'd never learn to speak, and now I'll be getting my master's degree soon as the first (or one of the first) heavily visually and auditorily impaired person in Finland.

Interesting! Going off on a tangent for a bit, what's your degree in?

Major Helper: My degree's in health biosciences, meaning a mixture of cell biology, biochemistry and such. Mostly about the human body and its functions.

I see. I presume that somewhere along the way, you stumbled upon this little site. What was the occasion, and what made you stick around?

Major Helper: Phew, if I recall correctly, it was in the 2000s when I got the gold edition of AoK and was playing it. I was probably looking for cheats or something along those lines and found this site. Later on in 2005 I registered, but I'm not quite sure if I was more active in AoKH or in AoE3H at first. AoE3 was dropped fairly quickly in the end and I ended up stuck in TC. Haven't played either game all that much really, never was any good with online. I liked the base building aspect in both games, and the music in AoE2 is great.

And what made you choose the screen name, "Major Helper"? Are you that confident in your ability to provide assistance?

Major Helper: Actually, I believe I first used the moniker Major Helper when I registered for RuneScape. I think I chose it because I wanted to be seen as a nice person who won't hesitate to help newcomers if they have questions (even if I wasn't all that proficient in RS either '>.>). This was in, like, 1999 or something... The years are hazy. It was when the new version of RS was just published, after the sprite version.

Ahh, RuneScape, the good ol' days, am I right? Speaking of the old days, you've been round the block for a while. How would you describe the past few years? What's changed?

Major Helper: Yeah, I've been kicking around HG for almost 12 years. As for the changes, Moff, Moff, Moff. Lots of posting by that bloke. As for me, my PPD (Posts Per Day) has dropped a fair bit this year, I think. Nothing much to report I guess. Oh. and I guess I got some more color on me.

Cheers to that. So, as a (relatively) experienced mod, any advice you would give to a literal and figurative greenhorn like yours truly?

Major Helper: No sweat! The community is super nice and easy to take care of. Some friction pops up every now and then but it's a rare occasion indeed that you actually need to do anything 'round these parts. It helps to keep a fairly neutral or middle-of-the-lane opinion in things. My banhammer only sees use over at AoE3H with the bots. Just keep an eye out for those who need help changing thread titles or something like that.

I thought as much. We at the Town's Crier are a homely bunch, so there won't be any reason for me to use my banhammer, right? Right. Anyway, what are your plans for the near future, after you get your degree?

Major Helper: Well, I'll be getting a cochlear implant for my right ear too at the end of this year or the beginning of the next. After that I'll have to see if I can find an interesting doctorate group to join in or alternatively a job, since I do wish to try and at least partially repay my debt to the Finnish society. As we Finns say, it's a lottery win to be born in Finland, and it certainly has been for me.

Chalk up a point for Finland, then! Let's throw in some quick-fire questions: Blue or orange?

Major Helper: Orange.

True or false?

Major Helper: True, I feel bad when I lie.

Is the glass half-full or half-empty to you?

Major Helper: Let's optimistically say that it's half-empty, since pessimists don't get disappointed!

Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses?

Major Helper: A tough one since I'm more or less afraid of all animals. Let's say a hundred duck sized horses.

Alright, that'll do for now. Now let's switch places!

Major Helper: Aye aye! *adjusts mic*

Bold & italics text: Interviewer (Major Helper), regular text: Interviewee (Lord Sipia)

It's my turn now! Well then, Sippycup, tell me about your life, in, detail! Not too long-winded though, please.

Lord Sipia: Detailed, but not long-winded? Now that's an interesting oxymoron! But anyway, hi, I'm the one known as Sipia, I'm a young Dutchman who recently turned 21. I was born with autism, which means I've always had to go to special schools and never made many friends. But somehow, I survived elementary and middle school and am now in college. Tried programming for a bit, since I've always wanted to be a game designer and that's the closest "real job" I could think of. Didn't work out too well, unfortunately. So now I'm gonna give studying English a try, specifically American Studies, because I've always had a globalist mindset and possess a pretty good grasp on English. The community on this very site has been a major contributing factor to that, so thanks, y'all!

It's nice to be here indeed! What made you choose American studies? Did their wacky antics lure you in rather than the Englishmen with their stiff upper lips?

Lord Sipia: Well, that's the thing, I actually almost chose English Language & Culture (basically the British counterpart), but I ended up choosing American Studies after all because that one's less about ancient literature and more modern culture and politics, which I love running my mouth off about. Plus, I'm already accustomed to American spelling, so it works out in the end. Nothing against British people, of course!

Naturally! Speaking of stiff upper lips, what's up with your chosen forum name, Lord Sipia?

Lord Sipia: Funny story, that. When I had only just learned to make sounds with my mouth hole, a family friend gave me a stuffed animal which I promptly dubbed "Sipi", for reasons that probably only wee little Sipia could tell you. Since it's quite a unique name, I figured it would make me stand out more. Originally I wanted my name to be Lord *of* Sipia (hence the added "a", to make it sound like a territory over which I rule), but I eventually decided against it for reasons I can't remember. And I slapped the "Lord" on because, hey, why not?

That's surprisingly cute! I've also noticed I've been beginning my reactions with sentences ending with an "!". I wonder if I'm trying to sound peppy or something?

Lord Sipia: It's interviewer speak! We always have to sound excited!

Well, that aside, what brought you to this corner of the internet?

Lord Sipia: Well, if I recall correctly, it's actually a friend of mine who found it and encouraged me to join. Ironically, said friend rarely posts here at all. I eventually randomly stumbled into the Town's Crier and stuck around there. Today I'm considered a regular fixture there, which is perhaps why I was selected to be the new moderator there. Speaking of, feel free to pop in and say hello, anyone reading this! [/shameless plug]

Indeed, you've been a staple of the Town's Crier for a long time now with your level-headed posting. Congratulations yet again for joining me and Pops as a Town's Crier moderator.

Lord Sipia: Thank you, thank you.

Now that you've changed your studies and even became a moderator, what else do you see happening in the future for you?

Lord Sipia: Hard to say. If there's anything my stint as a programmer taught me, it's that nothing is set in stone and things could drastically change without warning. That said, I'm fairly confident in my new choice of study, so I'll probably be doing that for a few years, maybe look for a job or intern somewhere on the side, probably physically visit the US at some point to experience the country I'm studying for myself, and then after graduation... We'll see. I hope to pick up a creative hobby, too. Probably writing, maybe I'll try starting up a YouTube channel or summat, and possibly in the far-off future I'll have the time, skills and resources to pursue my dream of being a game developer after all. But first things first, I gotta find myself a stable career path to support everything else!

It's great that you're keeping your mind open! What would you see yourself doing if you were to make a YouTube channel for yourself?

Lord Sipia: Talking about games, obviously! Well, those are a dime a dozen, so I'd probably keep it very free-form and talk about whatever I'm excited about at the time. I figure people would like some variety. Row with the oars you've got, as the saying goes.

Indeed, best to do what you're able to and are comfortable with! Now for rapid-fire questions: Orange or gold?

Lord Sipia: Gold. I used to like orange, but being Dutch makes you sick of it fairly quickly.

Would you rather pet a duck-headed dog or a dog-headed duck?

Lord Sipia: I assume the dog-headed one has a dog's personality, so that one. Ducks are mean.

Truth or dare?

Lord Sipia: Truth.

Would you say your wallet is half-full or half-empty?

Lord Sipia: Ooh, the wallet, going straight for the Dutchman's heart. Definitely half-empty right now, being a student with little to no income hurts.

Hehe, couldn't help asking. Here's a question for both of us to close this instance of the AoKH Spotlight, Round 2: If you could be ANYTHING, what would you want to be?

Major Helper: As for me, I'd want to be god! Having the power to do anything you want would be pretty sweet, though I'd immediately spend the first days setting up limits for myself so I wouldn't accidentally delete the universe or something.

Lord Sipia: Then... I'll be the devil counterpart, ready to corrupt your best laid plans and use your creations for my own evil schemes! Muahaha!

Major Helper: Let the eternal war between, uh, evil and evil? Good and evil? Kinda neutral-ish factions warring each other? Begin! And with that bombshell, it's time for good night from my end! See you again in a month or so!

Lord Sipia: Bye-bye everyone, until next time!

"Have you ever had a dream that you thought was impossible to achieve? Well, some people say nothing is impossible. But I do nothing every day! So you can definitely do it."
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Major Helper
AoKH Survivor, Mr. White Teeth
posted 08-08-17 02:50 PM CT (US)     1 / 7       
Yaaay! Phear my amazing drawing skills!

(faces are haaaard *sob*)

It was fun, we'll see where this goes in the future

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Kongou Dess
(id: Moff Yittreas)
posted 08-08-17 03:04 PM CT (US)     2 / 7       
Meeeeeeeeeeesa liken dis...

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Mr Wednesday
(id: matty12345)
posted 08-08-17 05:49 PM CT (US)     3 / 7       
Only staff for a week is no excuse. To work!

Good stuff guys.

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"Cool" Huskarl
posted 08-09-17 03:12 AM CT (US)     4 / 7       
Nice one, lads! Setting the standard high for our other reboots

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posted 08-09-17 04:05 PM CT (US)     5 / 7       
Great write up guys, nice to see the community spotlight back

Fluctuat nec mergitur.
Kongou Dess
(id: Moff Yittreas)
posted 08-12-17 09:32 AM CT (US)     6 / 7       
Definitely need more of these.

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Lord Sipia: "THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN SIPPY IS EXCLUDED! EVERYBODY LOSES THEIR SANITY" | Also Lord Sipia: "...Of course. Prepare the butter."
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Lord Sipia
posted 08-12-17 01:11 PM CT (US)     7 / 7       
Then more is what you'll get... Next month.

"Have you ever had a dream that you thought was impossible to achieve? Well, some people say nothing is impossible. But I do nothing every day! So you can definitely do it."
--Tofu the dog's infinite wisdom

"British English is easy! Just use an 's' instead of a 'z' and replace 'or' with 'our' and you're dandy." "Do you want pissa our noodles for dinner?" "u better not piss in r noodles m8"
--Classic exchange between Popeychops and John the Late
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