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Topic Subject:Defend the Spot Competition 2018 - Results Announced!
posted 09-01-18 07:00 AM CT (US)         

The results of the 2018 AoKH Defend the Spot Competition are in! In a gripping standoff, Bassi narrowly edged Al_Kharn the Great and Great_Artiste for first place with a score of 125/150 points to Al_Kharn the Great's 111/150 points and Great_Artiste's 109/150 points. This year's contest provided us with an excellent set of entries to enjoy.

Head over to the contest thread to congratulate the winners, and be sure to check out all of the entries:

- The Siege of Caffa by Bassi - lead a staunch defense of the Genoese port of Caffa against the Golden Horde.

- Last Stand at Orkney by Al_Kharn the Great - lead shepherds and fishermen in a desperate defense against Norse raiders.

- Anageos (1494) by Great_Artiste - battle corsairs and sail the Mediterranean as Honore La Chapelle and his crew.

- Reliquary by BF_Tanks - hold your citadel against numerous waves of zealots.

- Horns of Hattin by Alkhalim - defy history and hold the Crusader camp against Saladin's relentless assaults.

- Sniper - A Dead End by HellKnight61 - pick enemies off one by one as a sniper in a tower.

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