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Age of Kings Heaven » Forums » News Discussion » SLX Studio Released - A New Modding Tool by Tevious
Topic Subject:SLX Studio Released - A New Modding Tool by Tevious
Dark Samurai
posted 11-15-18 11:39 PM CT (US)         
Throughout the years, Age of Empires 2 modders have been very lucky to be able to use various different programs and tools for modding the game.

New developers arrived and improved upon their predecessors; making their programs easier to use as well as adding completely new capabilities.

This cycle continues with, what you could say, is the ultimate step in this developmental timeline. The capabilities of SLX Studio are more than anybody could probably have wished for.

SLX Studio, developed by former SCN Punk designer Tevious, is a brand new modding program containing tools for creating and editing SLP and DRS files. It comes packed with more functionality than ever before and is incredibly easy to learn and use.

Some highlight features of SLX Studio:

- Convert SLX to SLP / Extract SLP to SLX (and batch versions of these).
- Support for both 8-bit and 32-bit SLP versions with additional support for 8-bit AoE1 SLPs and all 10 player color indices. Works with SLP's for HD edition and even AOE: DE!
- Extract or Create DRS files for each game.
- Double-click graphic image for fast anchor/hotspot positioning. Also support for importing/exporting CSV files.
- Viewable selection boxes (including rectangular shaped) or selection rings.
- Generate Data Graphics tool with tolerance bars for shadows and player colors, creates outlines, auto-crops images, and can even split shadows into it's own SLX. This tool is necessary to convert from SLX to SLP format.
- Color Palette Editor/Viewer that supports multiple formats (Jasc .pal, Microsoft .pal, Photoshop .act, GIMP .gpl, and even rendering as .png images). It comes embedded with some commonly used palettes, as well as the option to import your own.
- Terrain tools. Create terrain SLPs of any size (rows and columns). Includes conversion tools to create an isometric terrain map from a texture image. Also, works with AOE1 terrains.
- Batch Palette Swap and Batch Replace SLP Colors tools that can be used to quickly recolor units.
- Other Batch image tools for recoloring pixels, changing image format, and creating data images.
- GIF tool with transparency support.
- SLP and DRS Viewer tools that can save anchor changes.
- Play animation support for SLX with speed settings.
- Zoom image support for SLX frames.
- FX Editor tool to draw various effects on frames such as various sparks, weapon fire effects, engine fire effects, transparency, holocrons, relics, and more!
- Delta Object Positioner tool to determine various object positions for things like snow and fire on buildings. Positions can be exported as CSV files to then manually imported into AGE.
- New automatic file association. Open SLP's and DRS files straight away in the SLX Studio SLP and DRS viewer.

This is just a small amount of what the program does; but it's most likely you will never have to open another modding program again! Well, except for Advanced Genie Editor for the data side of things.

SLX Studio can be downloaded from our Download Section! But be absolutely sure to check for updates, as Tevious is still developing, fixing bugs, and making improvements.

You can learn more about SLX Studio on the topic in our Forums here.

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