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Topic Subject:Game of the Year 2018 - Results in!
posted 03-02-19 06:10 AM CT (US)         

Voting has closed and the final results of the 2018 AoKH Game of the Year Awards are in!

Stealing the show were Bassi, Al_Kharn the Great, and Andreas Wagner, who produced a number of quality campaigns and scenarios that garnered the lion's share of the awards. This year brought AoKH a fine crop of simple and complex scenarios of various styles, and you would all be remiss if you didn't give them a go!

An honorable mention goes to Cataphract887, Rewaider, and BF_Tanks, whose releases continued to push the editor to its limits with the help of advanced triggerwork and new UP1.5 functionality.

Head on over to the forum thread to congratulate the winners!

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posted 03-04-19 07:14 AM CT (US)     1 / 1       
Another year goes by, and once again I forget to vote 11 congrats on the winners !

Fluctuat nec mergitur.
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