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Age of Kings Heaven » Forums » The University » How to edit indexed bitmap files with GIMP (Approved; Addition Pending)
Topic Subject:How to edit indexed bitmap files with GIMP (Approved; Addition Pending)
posted 04-11-17 05:22 AM CT (US)         
Things you will need

  • Turtle Pack
  • GIMP
  • An official version of the game

    Make sure to have/make a backup before modifying any files.

    First you will have to choose which graphic you want to edit, search for it in the data folder for the CD version and in resources\_common\drs or resources\_common\slp (some images are broken here) for the HD version.

    Let us imagine you installed this amazing mod into the Conquerors but when you open the Battles of the Conquerors in the campaign menu none of the units are updated so you search for that menu screen in interfac.drs and you find it is the 53104.slp so you extract it.

    Now that you know what you will be editing you need to know the palette that matches it go here this will save you some time.
    If you chose to edit an interface graphic, search for the palette you will need, you can find every original pallete in the interfac.drs for CD version and in the resources\_common\drs\interface folder for HD, if you want to edit a unit or building you will need the 50500 palette.

    You search for 53104 here and you see that the palette you will need is 53114 so you extract 53114.bina from interfac.drs

    Ok, now you know which image you want to edit and which palette it uses you have extracted them with Turtle Pack, now what?

    Copy the .bina file and paste it inside the Palette folder in your Turtle Pack folder, change its extension to .pal.

    Open the .slp file with Turtle Pack and chose its respective palette.

    Extract the .bmp files with Turtle Pack.

    Open them with Gimp.

    Go to Windows, Dialogues and Docking and the open the Palettes and search for colormap of image #1, it haves all the colors you will be using, you can save it as a a gimp palette so you can edit the image as an rgb an then change it back to .bmp with it's palette.

    Now you can edit it with its proper palette or make it into RGB and change it back when you finish.

    Once you are done export the image as a bitmap, make sure it is indexed with its proper palette and only 1 layer thick,
    check this box, then you can import the image back into its slp and drs/folder with Turtle Pack.

    Here is an example I changed the Axe thrower from original to Jorgito's reskin mod.

    Thanks to the community specially to Hawk_Ruralist for making Turtle Pack and Jan dc & Daniel Pereira for the interfac.drs Reference.

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    posted 10-23-17 11:15 PM CT (US)     1 / 3       
    What kind of screen shoot do I should take? to create an index pallete to use in gimp for modding project?.
    what's the pallette extension for gimp files? in verttion 2.8
    Leif Ericson
    Seraph Emeritus
    posted 10-25-17 09:21 AM CT (US)     2 / 3       
    You can find the correct palette in the Blacksmith. I think I found one under the heading of "White Box of Doom Fix" or something like that, but there might be others.

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    posted 10-25-17 01:34 PM CT (US)     3 / 3       
    ok I ve found it , but there has 2 files with "PAL" extention and another file too... I do not how to put it on gimp??

    I mean .. I know something about gimp ,should I paste it "Pal" file on this route
    location: CProgram/20Files/GIMP2\palettes

    or files/GIMP2/GPS-pal
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