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Age of Kings Heaven » Forums » The University » Making a Building that can convert like a monk! (In HD)
Topic Subject:Making a Building that can convert like a monk! (In HD)
Ziggurat Mason
posted 11-06-17 09:32 AM CT (US)         
You can make a building able to convert and heal like a monk by giving it the same Convert Task that a Monk has, and setting it to the monk class, 18.

However, I found that when my villagers built these Monk Buildings, they weren't able to convert and heal - only the ones I'd pre-placed in a scenario could do that.

Next, I tried making a trebuchet-duplicate unit which unpacked into the Monk Building foundation, which was then completed by villagers. I found that Monk Buildings created this way couldn't convert and heal, but would attack with 0 damage (which is effectively 1 damage, since any attack deals at least 1 damage in aoe2).

My final, successful creation method was to have the foundation trained from another building, and then built up by villagers. THESE Monk Buildings were able to convert just like a monk. This suggests that units (villagers/packed trebuchets) don't have the ''right'' to confer conversion ability on a unit they create - only a building can.

EDIT: it'#s possible I should have tried changing the ''Interface Kind'' from building to monk, too. Didn't notice that one.

As for healing - the healing range is only zero, requiring the unit to be standing adjacent. The ''healing range modifier resource', number 90, seems to be hardcoded to affect only monks. I don't know how to expand its effects to other units.

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posted 03-26-18 09:15 PM CT (US)     1 / 3       
I didn't understand too well but I'm keen cuz it's near to what I'm trying to do: an outpost which works as a watchtower. Can you explain me how did you do it?
posted 03-27-18 01:10 AM CT (US)     2 / 3       
I tried this. It seems for some reason a damaged monk-building gets instantly healed by other monks, no matter how much damage is taken.

To have outpost attack, give it a projectile unit and some attack values, range and task: combat

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AFFA the Cleric
posted 03-27-18 10:01 AM CT (US)     3 / 3       
With my few knowledges in moddings, the things I will probably do in order to get a monk-like building will be:

1- Create a standard building without any specific abilities, but buildable directly from villagers, then give it only 1 HP

2- Create another building with the various monks setups(class and abilities) give it standard HP as you wish and just dont put it buildable via villager

3- Now set this monk-like building's ID as the previous 1 HP building' Dead unit ID

4- Create an auto-research that damages the 1 HP building by 2 HP directly avaible from Dark Age

In this way it Could, and I said "COULD" (just because I never tested it in game) that's once your villager will build the 1 HP building, it will immediately being autodestroyed, transforming instantly into the monk-like building just placed automatically on the map like you had pui it manually on the editor...try this and keep me informed if it works... hope so!

Best regards!


Age of Empires II The Conquerors 1.0 without any patches, just the ES release in August 24th 2000, proud to playing this game version!
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