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Topic Subject:What project are you working on?
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posted 11-30-02 00:48 AM CT (US)         
Descriptive title, don't you think ?

Just wondering what projects everyone is working on. I know some of them, and three for sure--

When Darkness Stands Still 40% complete

Robin Hood (title unknown so far) 7% complete

AoKH Communal Campaign Usurping (title unknown ) % complete who knows

Just want to know what single player/campaign/multiplayer/utility scenarios I can expect to see in a while .

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Don Corleone
posted 12-04-02 06:49 AM CT (US)     36 / 41       
I am currently working on a campaign about a slave rising to a hero. It plays in North-Africa/Arabia. I am currently working on my first scenario of it, which is about 50 % completed. Do not expect it to be available this year. When I keep working on it like I am now, it should be on this site around medio January.
posted 12-04-02 03:25 PM CT (US)     37 / 41       
I'm working on a 3+ scen Campaign. (No name yet)
About the Knights Templar.
About 25% done
Mike the Great
posted 12-04-02 03:29 PM CT (US)     38 / 41       
The ARLTR mod v1.01.
PS. When's Luke finishing his "Against Thee Wickedly" camp? Looking forward to it.

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Red Lord
posted 12-12-02 04:07 PM CT (US)     39 / 41       
I'm working on "Sword of Dungeon"

About 10% complete
Red Lord

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posted 12-12-02 06:15 PM CT (US)     40 / 41       


Skara Brea

You stole that name from Ultima, eh? (except for the switching of the e and the a)

posted 12-12-02 09:35 PM CT (US)     41 / 41       
Actually, Skara Brae was an old settlement in northern Britain, from which the Ultima version likely got its name.

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