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Scenario Design and Discussion
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Age of Kings Heaven » Forums » Scenario Design and Discussion » How do you go about designing your scenarios?
Topic Subject:How do you go about designing your scenarios?
HG Alumnus
posted 12-04-02 05:25 PM CT (US)         
I have usually decided what terrain type I want and map size.
The players tab is the first place I visit.
Then I choose a starting location and build up a section, do the triggers for it, do another section and then do the triggers for it and so on.
I create instruction screens and any cinematics at the end.

So, how do you go about designing Your scenarios?

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posted 12-04-02 05:28 PM CT (US)     1 / 21       
Place the terrain for an area (a small area), and then do the triggers and units. Then I do that throughout the entire map. A real killer when I try to test it, though. I get bored of the map I am playing.

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HG Alumnus
posted 12-04-02 05:53 PM CT (US)     2 / 21       
You know what the worst kinda map to test is? Multiplayer ones. Not only do you not know if all the triggers for the other players fire, but the stupid computers just sit there doing squat cause they can't read directions.

And that's where MCSN comes in.


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posted 12-04-02 07:02 PM CT (US)     3 / 21       
Hmm. I generally just go by impulse, making a map here, placing buildings there, and setting up triggers in a whole other place... and if I get frustrated with one scenario in a campaign, I move on to the next one, then go back after a little while.

Maybe all this jumping around explains why I never get any scenarios, much less campaigns, done.

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posted 12-05-02 01:32 AM CT (US)     4 / 21       
Using the area mode, but in future I'd like to switch to, full map design then adding the triggers.

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(id: CoRk_Lawngnome)
posted 12-05-02 05:06 PM CT (US)     5 / 21       
I do map design before I have any triggers, story, characters, or title.

Kinda weird but that's how I get ideas...

posted 12-05-02 05:26 PM CT (US)     6 / 21       
I used to do the area mode and first make the map, then trying to come up with a story, but that never worked for me, because I got bored and couldn’t fit the story with the map or I didn't know how the scenario would end. So now I always write down the story first, so i know what will happen in the scn and then I do most of the map design and last triggers and bitmap.
posted 12-05-02 05:33 PM CT (US)     7 / 21       
I don't have any structure. I just put stuff wherever I see fit.

Well, that's how I made AoKasino, Winterland, Running man...SWGB Casino was done differently...

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posted 12-05-02 06:03 PM CT (US)     8 / 21       
I do map, then triggers, switching to the other whenever I fell like it, or If I hit a part I think will be particularly complicated, then I do all of that part before going on.

Scenario Designer
posted 12-05-02 11:50 PM CT (US)     9 / 21       
I complete my story then type it. I [should] choose the map size, then create the terrain, making triggers to enhance it as I go. I then create the actual game triggers, touch up, then maybe create a hints section. The title will come whenever it feels like it.

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posted 12-06-02 02:50 AM CT (US)     10 / 21       
i sit down with a very large beverage then scratch my head then look about my room thewn go and play a few games thern come back and do a bit of the map then look about a bit more then turn off my pc cause it's now like 4am or something silly
posted 12-06-02 02:12 PM CT (US)     11 / 21       
Me I hang about until inspiration smacks me in da gob then either find a randmap that it'll fit on or just build it up as I go along.
None of that organised map work, just mess about until I get something.

The chapter work.

A, get inspiration for part.

B, make the basic outline.

C, do the triggers for the basic stuff.

D, enhance.

E, go bact to A.

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magna gb
posted 12-07-02 09:17 AM CT (US)     12 / 21       
1. Gather musics, listen to them until I get inspired for an idea
2. start working on map, most likely a cutscene at start. I always work on map first until I get about 3/4 done, then I start on the triggers, randomly altering the map a bit.
3. I get bored and do some other things for a while, then never came back. That's why the only projects I have are utilities and mod packs that were just cut out of other games.

One more thing that bugs me. The mp3 sounds are just TOO big! If I make a scenario that I like then I'd surely be using more than 5 mp3 files each around 3 megs. But that'll take forever to download and the time might not be worth it.

hello all
HG Alumnus
(id: BrandNewCar)
posted 12-07-02 09:32 AM CT (US)     13 / 21       
I get an idea in my mind and start with the basics on a piece of paper, I then ask usually 3 what then type answers to what is happening and where the story is leading.

If I like the sound of it at this stage then I'll progress onward and hope to make it more creative, interesting and above all funnier.

It is usually about this point I play JG's Kevin the Unlikely Hero just to remind me of why humour is so effective and to inspire me. That scenario is my life saver! .

Mr Tradecart
posted 12-07-02 02:20 PM CT (US)     14 / 21       
Hey coucy, another kentuckian in scenario design? never thought i'd see the day!

-Mr. Tradecart
posted 12-08-02 08:19 PM CT (US)     15 / 21       
i usually get bored of playing RM and other scenarios and i open up the scenario edititor (for blood games i do large map) for role play i do giant and i design sceneary first then i add the units and lastly i start the triggers [tip] it REALLY sucks when the game crashes i suggest saving regulary [/tip]

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Plaxt Curomn
posted 12-09-02 06:40 AM CT (US)     16 / 21       
I usually plan EVERYTHING out on wordpad before hand so I have lots of idea's before going in.

Firstly I mkae the map, then I go onto introducing teams and so on to the map, then I do triggers, then description then I am done, other than testing etc.

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The Editorbuilder
posted 12-09-02 08:35 AM CT (US)     17 / 21       
I grab my idea( all in head)

Look at the editor
Grab a Large map.
Look at the ideas in my head
Then the voices start talking. I get insane and start planning everything and start marking everything with flags.
Then the voices stop
Then I look at the map if I don't have enough space I make the map giant.
Then I am starting with the beginning.
After 3 days working at the start I jump to the end cuz I like to know the ending of the story
Then I jump to the middel and work from the middle to the beginnning
Then I go to then end. Change the End an start working from the end to the Middle
After finishing the bases I add some new things
Then the voices start talking again and fix all bugs and add extra trigger tricks
After that the voices stop and my scenario is finished


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Plaxt Curomn
posted 12-09-02 10:42 AM CT (US)     18 / 21       
Yes......I'm sure the voices talk to everyone *cough*

Currently Designing
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HG Alumnus
posted 12-09-02 01:08 PM CT (US)     19 / 21       
Quote: „After 3 days working at the start I jump to the end cuz I like to know the ending of the story”

Fascinating, I always thought that I am the only one who starts at the beginning and than jumps to the end.

My way to design: First the story, then I sketch the map on paper, the next part is tough, to find a random map that fits my idea. After that I change the map until nobody realizes that it was random. The following as stated above, the start, the end and finally the middle part.

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HG Alumnus
(id: BrandNewCar)
posted 12-09-02 02:28 PM CT (US)     20 / 21       
I never start with a random map, I find it akward for some unbeknown reason .
HG Alumnus
posted 12-09-02 03:29 PM CT (US)     21 / 21       
@ BrandNewCar

Quote: "I never start with a random map, I find it akward for some unbeknown reason"

If you don't know the reason, just try it.

I still remember when I was designing scenarios for AE I had the ambition to do every map from scratch.
Why should it be awkward? Some of the best designers use a random map to start off. Gordon is certainly an exception, but I don't think that I am kind of clumsy using a random map.

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