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Topic Subject:AllianceThundaEXtreme9 (c) 2003
Doktor Mabuse
posted 06-15-03 01:07 PM CT (US)         
RELEASE VERSION AllianceThundaEXtrem9 including TORMENT16 (Tournament Version):
-------======Downloadable on AOK.HEAVENGAMES BLACKSMITH AI-SECTION======-------
------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------
------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------
(RAID Versions never Flush, FLUSH Versions may have Problems at Castle/Imperial Starting Age
------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------
None of these Versions CHEAT by default with Resources. Except HARDEST DIFFICULTY
On HARDEST it cheats by default at start of every new/starting Age.
Everybody who states opposite should be smashed by angry God of Thunder.
At all ATEX-Versions you can enable BOAR-CHEAT by TAUNTING 237 to it.
All ATEX-Versions contain minor CC-Cheats which helps Computer to DETECT Enemy Buildings
and PLAN Defensive Strategies.
For optimized TEAM-PLAY set TEAMS Locked. More Info Below or README.TXT

Critic And Feedbac is always welcome. Feel free to comment.

The following Changes were made for all ATEX-9/T16 Versions :
------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------

Last Minute Changes:

- Improved SkirmRush (more Skirms, less Spears, added Scouts).
- Increased Chance for Skirm/Spear/Scout Rush. Chance may vary.
About 20 and 70 Percent depending on CIV. Average if random-Civ about 50%
Versus Goth Chance for Skirmrush is lower than usual but still possible
10 to 30% reduced depending on CIV. Average random-Civ about 23%
Note for SCN: If you Playce Gold near TC or Gold-Camp near Gold by Standart
the SkirmRush will be restricted and the Gold is used instead --- Archer and M@A

- fixed Bug that Gold is developed and then turned OFF
- fixed Spearman make real Skirmish Rush
- Added sum Scouts
- fixed some Upgrade Selection for Flush
- slight changes for Mayn and Aztec
Qoute: Look at the Humans !
Quote: Do not forget the Mayan !!?

Update -=ATEX-9/T16=-:

- fixed Bug concerning NON-GOLD Flush.
Skirmishers are now trained immediatly after reaching Feudal-Age if NO Gold.
Added the possibility of a Spear/Skirm Feudal-Unit-Mix chosen by random.
Added the possibility that the Spear/Skirm UNit Mix includes ScoutRush.
Chance that the Skirm-Rush is chosen instead of other Unit-Mix depends on CIV
and vary between 20%-70%. Average is about 33.7% for all CIVS.
Effect: Bug Fixed and more flexible Strategies used by the AI.
Quote: Hey! Train these Javeliners. And activate sometimes the Skirm-Rush!
+ debugged Perormance
+ new Strategies for Gameplay

- The Indicator for attacking Enemies that are an Age back is now based on
researched Techs
Effect: Only Attack if we have a real Advantage in form of better Units
Quote: Wait for the new Equipment General !
+ optimized Attacks

- Camp/Sentry Regulator decreases Defense-Distances
Effect: If there is chance for Enemy Field-Castle and we have no Siege
try to hold back own Units to avoid heavy losses.
Quote: Lets wait for the Siege-Engines
+ try to avoid being tricked

- builds now much earlier 2nd Lumbercamp to improve Performance
Effect: More Wood early in the Game
Quote: We need to shorten the Distances to get more Wood.
+ advanced Economy

- Spearman if suppressed by Knights while rising/prepare to Castle possible
Spearman possible now to be trained to defend against Knights later Pikeman if
possible. This occurs rarely.
Effect: Defense against fast Raiders
Quote: They said we need more Spears !
+ new Strategy if under Pressure

- optimized Boar-Cheat Performance if FastCastle(activate Cheta by taunting 237)
Rise faster to Castle-Age due to improved Resource handling
(Mongol about 16.20 other bit L8R)
Effect: More Challenge for die hard Players
Quote: Why did you not rise to Castle faster with all this Resources ?
+ better high Level Performance
NOTE: The Amount of Resources did not get higher, only the use was optimized

- -=Advanced DM Performance=- Mainly BuildOrder changes
Effect: Huns much better now, other Races improved a bit
Quote: I said i wanna win this damm War !
+ defeat strong DM Opponents

- slightly changed BuildOrder for better Performance on Excessive Resources
(about 3000+)
Effect: Faster Build up at very High Resource Levels
Quote: Hurry up !
+ optimized ExcessivResource Build Up

- Optimized Performance for Castle/Imperial Start at all Resource Settings
This is of course even for SCN Settings: the CP checks it's Amount of given
Second TC is build at Start of Game at High Settings (and similar SCN)
Farms are delayed till Stable/Barrack at Medium Settings (and similar SCN)
Effect: Stronger Economy and Faster Build Up at High Resource Level (about 850+)
Effect: Fast RAID if Medium Resource Levels (about 450)
Quote: At High we try to OutBoom, at Medium we RAID ASAP !
+ optimized Castle/Imperial Start Settings.

- Fixed Hand-Cart research.
It is researched at high VillagerCounts or we actually have 2 TC.
The former Bug was counting even TC under Construction which caused a delay at
high Resource Starts
Effect: Build Up without malfunction
Quote: Please don`t count this as a working TC !
+ debugged High Resource Castle Start

- optimized general Progression relating to the usage of the gathered Wood
Effect: much better Progreesion in Castle/Imperial Stage
Quote: We need that Wood for other things
+ debugged Progression

- Changed Siege Priority:
Cannon, ExtraTreb, ExtraMangonel-line, SiegeOnager, DefensiveHvyScorp,
Onager, Scorp, Mangonel. All limited.
Extra means this is trained if MilitarySlots are nearly full
Defensive means that they`re trained if Outnumbered and plenty Resources
Effect: More useful Stuff in Battlefield
Quote: Fire at will !
+ more Defense Units if nessessary

- Increased nessessary ResourceAmount for FirstCastle
The Amount for Food is now significantly higher to avoid EconomyDamage
Effect: Better Performance on high Age, high Resource Starts
Quote: FIRST Up THEN Build Castle
+ optimized Build Up Sequence for Castle/Imperial Start

- changed Gatherer-Sheme if we have Archers and still no 2nd TC
Increased Wood-Production if Archer-Option is chosen and CP needs more Wood
Effect: Faster 2nd TC if Archer Option
Quote: I said i wanna build this TownCenter NOW !
+ stronger and optimized Performance for Archer Option

- Archer Option triggers more often and earlier to gain Time to prepare for
Enemy Spearmen
Use more often and earlier Archer Option to defend against SpearmanRushers
Effect: Better defense against Spearman
Quote: Let`s train those Archers before our Base is flooded
+ optimized Defensive Performance

- extended MAX-POP Attack
MAX-POP Attack triggers not only at maxPOP, even at Full Military Counts. Useful
if your Army can be build up real fast.
Effect: Rare, but under DM-Circumstances CP can now much faster launch an Attack
than before
Quote: All Attack NOW!!
+ aggressive Military Handling

- restrict RAID if we do not have the ability to replace losses quickly
Avoid Raiding if we have a 2nd TC and less than 49Villagers. This occurs at
High+ Resource Start Games
Effect: Better use of Military
Quote: We better prepare for Defense and try to Boom under these Condition !
+ avoid losses

- EMC-Impact Attack deleted
With the new Economy there is no longer use for this waste of Men and Resources
Effect: Try to overcome enemy with advanced Economy or early Raiding instead of
wasting Troops at strong Enemy Defenses to regulate bad Economy
Quote: Stop this Madness immediatly !
+ avoid losses

- increased HELP-Timer to 30secs
Avoid this lame False Alert
Effect: Let your Team-Mate rest, if there is only a Wolf
Quote: Is this a Fox Hunt, or what ?
+ debugged TEAM-Performance

- regulated extended HUNT-Distance Trigger
Avoid unwanted long-Distance Hunting that triggered in some Cases
Effect: Save some Villager-Seconds
Quote: Have i said that you should walk Miles for that Ham?
+ debugged Economy

- modified Explorer
MultiScouting restricted to Full Army and LightCav or 10000+ Food
Minimum Military for Scout replacement to gather more Units for Attack
Effect: Avoid losses in SCN due to MultiScouting (3+ Scouts)
Effect: More Military to Attack Opponent
Quote: Only MultiScout if we could build Full Army or we have an Army !
Quote: Do not Scout, do an Attack !
+ debugged Explorer

- Improved Defense System.
New MGD-System is sometimes launching an AttackImpuls to the CP while it is
defending. This leads to a very massive Defense forcing the Computer to mobilize
most of his Troops. The System tries to avoid that this could be used against
the CP itself, using a detection System to determine the specific Situation.
Effect: Better Defense. Mobilize all/many of your Troops at once for Defense
Quote: All Men at my Command !
+ advanced Unit Behaviour while Defending

- Rush-Scout-Attack Implemented
This is no Scout-Rush, this is a single Men Attack-Group that should look for
other Buildings that can be attacked -in case of a Flush Attack.
Effect: If we have not found critical enemy Buildings search for them
Quote: Hey you ! Search and mark those damm enemy Targets !
+ improved Flush-Attack Performance


This Change is only in the ATEX-9YURT/T16YURT Version:
++++++++++++++++++This is only in ATEX-9YURT / T16YURT Version++++++++++++++++++
- Other Races but Hun build now Yurts in ExcessResource-Games.
Thx to ARCHON for this great Idea.
Yurts give +5Housing Space and cost about 50 Wood. The CP does this only at
excess Resource Condition. Housing is a Problem for any NON-HUN-CIV-CP
in DeatchMatch, because it can only build one House at the same Time.
With the Yurts it has the ability to build two Houses at the same Time, which
speeds up Performance and gives it a Chance for to use other CIV than HUN at
Tournament Conditions. Beside the Facs that a Yurt is much more expensive than
a House and they need also more Time building it.
Effect: Okay, we need another House-Builder to improve other Races a lot !
Quote: Why was this not our Idea ?
Note: If you consider using YURTS as cheating, don't mind. Only the YURT-Version
uses them.
+ fasten Up regular Build Up to defeat fast Attackers
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++

All GP`s at in no special Order.
Omar_Hawk, Canaster, Uhu, Vince, Slamy, DitschiGP, etc.etc.......
I would write down all of you GP`s in my Reciever List, in the END I`m to lazy.
Thx for Support, Testing, Tips, and Feedback

Elite Raider, Archon, Telum, Lather, Berrys66, Maximus, Darkangel, Diamond, Kichinto, AOC_Dave, Zycat,
Hector, Terry
all others at TONTO i forgot - all DESIGNERS @all AOK-Forums WorldWide...

Alicia for testing my english Skills ....
------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------
All Races work fair now - you can set without thinking about it: RANDOM-CIV
For Island-Maps however Viking and Saracen are still preferred -
The chosen Economy was made for fair overall Performance on all Races.
------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------

If you want to crush this Ai with a Team-Mate in Multiplayer, you have to use a prepared SCN-Random-Map.

Open Map-Editor => New Scenaro => Set Numbers of Players =>Set PopulationLimit => Set AI-Personality
=> Set-Race for each player => Set Starting-Age for each Player => Set-Diplomacy (this is important if you
want to set the Teams) => Generate Map by Random => save => other Parameters can be set in the Game-Menu

Important: The AI does only take Full Advantage of TEAM-Play if the Team-Settings are Locked.
So if you do not set the Diplomacy in Editor and don`t Lock the Teams Alliance will not go at it`s Limit when Playing Teams.
------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------
Gameplay now like this:
1.Computer decides if it goes out for a Feudal-Atack or not (depends on
Scouting, if CP find Enemy before a certain Limit if Villagers is produced - it
Feudal-Rushes), if not it tries to go Fast-Castle and Raid the Enemy.
If you are Playing against Xtreem-Version the CP will defend against your Flush
--Tension: What is the CP doing: Flush or FastCastle

2.Feudal-Attacks are launched if the CP is in a superior Military-Position.
If the Enemy has much less Vilies than CP, the Enemy is Castle or the CP has
a huge amount of Military - CP decides to go Castle after a specified amount
of Villagers.
--Combat: The CP tries to Battle with Chances for Success against weak Opponents

2.a Should the Flush be successful, or the Enemy has also strong Military, CP
decides to go for a long-Feudal Attack providing enough defensive Troops

2.b Should the Flush be a total Failure, and CP is in an early Flush-Stage and
Opponent has low Military-Counts CP tries to rise more early to Castle.

3.A Raid could be launched even if the CP is not in a superior Military-Position
But there are Limitations how to MAINTAIN the RAID. This is a pure Blast into
Enemies Economy, and the Computer tries to kill as many Units of it`s Opponent.
--Combat: The CP tries to Battle with Chances for Success against weak Opponents

4.Should the Raid fail, or the Computer reaches Castle after a Flush-Failure
against strong Opponents, it tries to Counter Enemy Military Units. Provided
there are the required Military-Buildings and it has enough resources for the
Upgrades. A Fast-Castle CP will still concentrate mainly on Cavalry, with a few
Camels and Unique-units, while a Flush CP make more flexible Units.
Should the Fast-Castle CP come under heavy Pressure by Spearman-Line Units, it
will start to build a Range and train Crossbows and CavalryArchers

5.In GAME the CP can launch at all Situations an Attack, mainly if the CP
has much more Military than it's Opponent. In TEAM-GAMES the Chance for an
Attack is significantly higher.
--Defense: Once the CP decides to Flood you with a Standart-Attack he is in a
very good Position, only of use against very weak Opponents

6.At POP-Limit or at very High-Military Counts the CP launches an Attack
--Final Battle: Computer is quite aggressive

For better testing Purposes (or other purposes), i have also implemented a
FLUSH-only and a RAID-only Version.
You can identify them by the FLUSH/RAID ending at the Name. Flush is in any Case
only available at DARK/FEUDAL-START.
The "normal" Versions (choosing by Gameplay to Raid/Flush) have no special
------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------
Other Contents:
12x *.mp3 Files Taunts used by T16 Versions
------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------
This Ai Skills:

- all Resource Settings
(inc !Free!-Custom Settings, Deatchmatch-Settings, Hardest-Difficulty Settings)

- all Starting-Ages
(Detection works also for different Starting Ages on different Players in SCN's)

- all Races
(just Select RANDOM-CIV and Relax)
- Restricted Ages (Restrict Ages in Map Editor) - and it will build up full
Dark/Feudal/Castle Town
(Gimmick: restrict Age-Progression in SCN at different-Levels for different
Players in SCN and play Battles of just that Time-Period)

- Can Handle Huge Quantities of Military (up to 1000+ Units) for Historical
(Gimmick: Just place 200+ Units on a SCN Battlefield, and battle with the CPU)

- All Population-Settings higher than 25
(Sorry at this Point about weak Performance at low POP-Levels, although RM/low
Resource Start may work quite good on all, DM-Performance and Settings with High
Resource Amounts may work not so good on low-POP Levels)

- ALL POSSIBLE SETTINGS: No Wood on Map, but Market and Gold, no Gold on Map,
no Stone, No TC at Start, 2 TC at Start, etc...
- Minimum Requirements are 2Villagers and 100 Wood
(Guaranted Flexibility: This AI needs nothing more than 2Villagers and 100Wood
if Surroundings contain some Stone and Wood to rise an Empire.
If there is lack of Wood, but enough Gold and Stone it needs minimum 2Villagers,
Wood for a Market and a Camp, 275, or more other Resources to be sold for a Camp
that have to be builded near the found Resource - it also needs to be in Feudal then.)

- All Game Settings but WONDERRACE and DEFENDWONDER
(Play all Games, DM, RM, KING, SCN, REG, ... but don`t try to build a wonder)

- NO DIPLOMACY SO FAR - only minimum Diplomatic Reactions
(Diplomacy needs to be set in SCN manually)

This AI is a strong Opponent fo every other AI - Fun Opponent for Human-Player
Written to be flexible on every Setting, while staying strong to give a bit of Fun. Just choose this as Personality - no need to check for SETTINGS.
Can handle all without selecting special Behavior for anyMap/anySetting (except POP-CAP)

Difficulty as Follows:
Hardest: Gains extra Resources at any new AGE. Castles about 13/14 - very Hard
Hard : Standart Difficulty-Setting - Castles about 18 Minutes
Medium : As Hard, but i will not Attack first - but don`t count on it
Easy : Slower Vilie Production, slower Tech research, no first Attack...
Easiest: Never tested though - but even more worse than Easy

You can enhance Difficulty by taunting 237 to it, then it Cheats in a way to simulate BOAR-HUNTING (like this - you taunt - it checks for Hunters, Mill or TC,
Boars on Map then it starts a Timer when Timer finished first Boar Bonus will be added with an Accustic Signal - then the same again - max 2Boni (For 2 Boars) will be added
- 2nd Bonus around the 21/22 Vilie in normal Game

------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------
;=========================================================== ====================
Update: -=ATEX-9=-


For Tonto Tournaments / other AI-Competition: T16 Version
(T15 does NOT play ISLANDS - only AT_-=ATEX-9=-)
For 237-Boar-Cheat MONGOLS gain most Bonus BOARCHEAT
---It supports all Races---
============================================================ ====================
This Version was written for TONTO-TOURNAMENT

Compatible to most Custom SCN.

Download it on or post your E-Mail in this Thread and i will send it to you. Anyone posted here will get the Updated -

Tactics now Aggressive Castle or Defensive Flush(of course can the Flush turn Aggresive if no or weak Enemy Forces) working as follows:
Other AggresiveCastle reaction LateCastle/Flush - Battle strong Opponents
Other DefensiveCastle reaction HeavyRaid/Flush - Raid Defensive Players
Other Flush reaction LateCastle/Flush - Defends against Flush

____________________________________________________________ ____________________
D a r K - D e S i g n S proudly presents AllianceThunda (c) 2003 by Luzifer
AllianceThundaFixAT --==!ATEX-9/T16!==--

As ALL Alliances before: This AI does NOT Cheat with RESOURCE
This Ai is written for Custom-Mappers and creative Single Players
because of it`s flexibility on Ages and Resource and starting Circumstances.
There were a few bugs in old AllianceFixF and this should fix some.
It should give a good fight for Single Players, with flexible Strategies.
Can Defend itself against Flushes.

Although there is a STANDART-ES Cheat on HARDEST which will give the AI additional Resources at Start,
and at each Beginning of each new AGE.

It contains some CC-player Commands to stay flexible for changing Game/Map/Strategy settings.
When you're taunting 237 to it, it cheats to simulate BOAR-Hunting.


Combined Knight Attack Rush as Team Strategy, NO FLUSH ATTACK
This is mainly for Human Players who wants to play a X on 1, or for Team Battles against AI
Full Team-Support as above Listed.(including late cartography - if earlier wanted - buy it.)

NO Special Team Strategy, NO SHARE RES, BUY TEAMSIGHT ONLY, NO HOLD BACK ATTACK by other Players
This is for Custom SCN, where you can define Diplomacy by yourself - and I needed to do it in a Way that it reacts in an "independet" approach. Only Reduced Team-Support as above Listed.
Should do it if ya want to play an X on X with Human Player against the Computer and you want that the Computer will Flush even in Team Battles

-SINGLE PLAYER (Both settings Locked/Non Locked):
This is meant for fast and funny 1 on 1 Match against an at least desperate fighting Opponent. Try to defend yourself against Flushes.

Fast Castle Raid if weak Enemy Defense
Late Castle Rush with mixed Troops if medium Enemy Defence or Enemy Fast Imperial.
Strong enemy Defences will be attacked by mixed Armies in Imperial/Final Age at MaxPop.

Counters enemy Sea Activities by building Ships at rising to Castle.

In any Case it builds a Fleet after it arrived in Castle and prepared for a Raid.
Attacks are supported by Transport Ships with mixed Troops.


------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------
Can play any Standart Map Setting - hopefully, if not report Bugs
Should be able to work on most Custom Maps - hopefully, if not report Bugs
Can`t play Wonderrace/Defend The Wonder. - think this will never happen
Supports any POP but 25 or lower

For other Information and a list of AI-Signals and Taunts read the
included in the ZIP-File.

Hope you enjoy this....CU

Doktor Mabuse
posted 06-16-03 09:14 AM CT (US)     1 / 38       
Sorry Pals, there was something in it that did not work as desired...

Very Last Minute Changes 16.6.2003:

- restrict Scouts if Enemy HeavyCavalry
(Scout from Flush, instead Force more Spearmen)


posted 06-16-03 09:21 AM CT (US)     2 / 38       
Sounds good!

Doktor Mabuse
posted 06-16-03 12:14 PM CT (US)     3 / 38       
Check it out. I would be glad if you like it.
I uploaded another Version without Taunts today, and it should show up tomorrow. (and also it is then on Top of the List). The NON TAUNT Version takes 525kb. (Due to the 8included Versions)

If you have any wishes, special Effects to be added (maybe in an extra SCN-Version) let me know it.


It is now a furious Enemy to whatever AI whatever Settings whatever CIV and should be a nice, strong Enemy to every Human using different Strategies.

[This message has been edited by Doktor Mabuse (edited 06-16-2003 @ 12:19 PM).]

Doktor Mabuse
posted 06-22-03 10:25 AM CT (US)     4 / 38       
Another Version "AllianceThundaFixC" uploaded by Innkeeper was deleted after being contacted by an Administrator and after contact with Innkeeper.

I just wanted to delete it, because i only wanna show the Alliance from it`s best(actual) Side, and to avoid Missunderstandings concerning further Updates.

This was not meant as an
Offense to Innkeeper or accusation of whatever.

I hope (would be glad) that i can support or help him with an AI for his new SCN.


[This message has been edited by Doktor Mabuse (edited 06-22-2003 @ 10:26 AM).]

Doktor Mabuse
posted 06-26-03 08:01 AM CT (US)     5 / 38       

- Optimized Siege.
1 CIV`s without Siege-Engineers do not get Mangonels - other yes
2 Counter Mangonels only if no Imperial Archer Upgrades - before yes
Effect: Some Gold saved for other Things
Quote: This Mangonels are useless in some Cases -but use them sometimes !
Note: I talk about Mangonels, Onager and SiegeOnager are always build

- build additional Trebuchets only if there are minimum Troops -
This is done only if the Castle can be used to train Unique Units.
Effect: More Units more early in Post-Imperial Games, or if Elite UU available
Quote: More FullUpgraded UU ASAP !!!

- -= Massive DM Upgrade =-
ExcessiveResourceBuilding now again implemented in each Version and not loaded
conditionally. Other Economic Buildings load Conditionally. BuildUp changed.
Effect: MoreBd`s now executed before Economics
Quote: This damned Conditional ! Watch Hun`s get their Asses kicked !

- Watch/Guard/Keep -Towers now only builded if enough Villagers
The Towers-Purpose was not really to Defend, mainly to garrison Vils.
They are useless if there are not enough Villagers.
Effect: Other Buildings now executed before Towers
Quote: Why these stupid Towers if there is nobody who can use them ?

- checked Scout training if Excess Resources
Effect: Faster Scouting of Map in DM/similar Variants
Quote: Try to Send out FastScouts not slow Infantry !

- raised Troop-Limit if Excess Resources
Effect: More Military if we have many Resources, maintain the Attack,
to support Trebuchets that bombard enemy Settlements
Quote: Squish the Enemies in a Flood of Steel !!!

- avoid early Villager Defense if Enemy Tush
Effect: Try to enhance Computer Behave by avoiding Villager defend against Tower
If Town-size get over a certain Limit and we have detected enemy Towers,
no Military to destroy them. We reduce the Town-Size to a certain Limit.
To avoid Villagers attack. This have to be done before the enemy Building is
detected in Town to prevent the Villains from attacking the Tower.
Of course we should make sure that we can proceed with our BuildUp.
Quote: Yo stupid Villains. Do not walk to that Towers.

- T16 now a bit River Support, if it can find enemy Docks.(Never on Islands )
This is only for completion and is no real Improvement. Only made sure that it
CAN build War-Ships. This was not possible in the previous Versions.
Effect. On Rivers or Continent there may be a few War-Ships when using T16
Quote: Better use it not on Rivers, but if you want it at all costs...

Better use ATEX-Versions on Water.
Only ATEX-9 full Water-Support. ATEX is recommended on all Maps containing Water
instead of using T-Versions.

Doktor Mabuse
posted 07-18-03 07:12 AM CT (US)     6 / 38       
@Dave: Here it is.. i had a few Problems uploading it on AOK.heavengames
so i uploaded it in a new Slot....

So it may show up there later.
I sended it to you....


@others: (It should show up in a few Days...)
what changed so far:

The following Changes were made for all ATEX-9/T16 Version D:
------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------
- full Water Support ALL existing and not yet existing Maps. Both Versions Atex/T
though no Grush yet - the Final Version will have it for sure

- overworked Excess-Resource Market Section. No more avoidable waste of Resource
Noticed waste of Resources at some Excess Condition. Fixed.
Effect: You guess right when you think it affect DM-Performance Stronger now!
Qoute: Who is responsible for this waste ????

- fixed nasty Bug concerning Gold-detection - was if 1000+ Gold at DARK/FEUDAL
Troops immediatly on all Settings - this was NASTY
Effect: debugged: Non gold Section
Quote: Hell, cannot even ONE thing work like desired ????

- fixed NOMAD DM-Performance
faster build up by deleting short-time-expansion
Effect: Town-Size now Age/Building/LongRangeTime - dependent -
Quote: Man, this lame town isn`t build up yte, and the idiotic Architect
incrase the Town-Size !!!

- fixed some Bugs concerning use of Defconsts in relation to Monks
some Parts used still fix Values - No change to previous Versions
Effect: Just for the Books...
Quote: I look after Years in this Part of the Code and i see Bugs over Bugs...

- for Town-Contol negation Population used as new Indicators
Effect: Sleep without the bad Feeling that something MAY be wrong
Quote: Althougb it seems to be OK. We cannot be sure enough.

- deleted all escrow-Stuff
Effect: Huge Quantities of Rule-Space free now for other Things.
Many sections can be packed easier so there is now much more Space for
new Things.
Quote: delete the ShXt, it`s only waste of Space !!

- fixed MONK- detection for T-Versions
Use now ‚monk' instaed of 918 (only detecable with cc-command)
Effect: Defense against Monks now working like desired in Tournament Version
Quote: Hell, but better late than never !

- detect Water by detecting and comparing Fish-Resources
Effect: Full Water Support all Maps, all Civs, all Versions (both AT & T)
Quote: Breakthrough !!!!!!! now we can proceed !!!!!!!

- optimized Post-Imperial Armies
HUN Paladin only, instead Tarkan/Paladin Mix. Frankish Axeman restricted.
Less BOnager/Onager but still a few left
Effect: Better use of Resource for DM Army-Mix
Quote: Hey we`ll lose with that kind of Units. Build other and we`ll win !

- Britons increased Chance for Skirm-Rush, Spanish decreased Chance
Britons have good Ranges so use em.
Effect: Better and funnier Britons
Quote: Use their Ranges Man.

- Build stable while Skirm Rush more closer to the Base.
Build with a ‚close' and a ‚normal' Rule. Cost more Rule Space - who cares ?
Effect: Better Building Placement
Quote: This is a bit to far !

Doktor Mabuse
posted 07-23-03 09:31 AM CT (US)     7 / 38       
After Dave updated his 433 to 0.72 i also had to do it .... to keep the Tension high.

So this is Atex9d/T16d Preview2 mainly some DM changes, other Bugs fixed also - no Grusher yet...

The weather is too fine else i would have finished my MAYAN-FAST-MARKET-THINGY so maybe there will be another Prev and another .....

The following Changes were made for all ATEX-9/T16 Version PREVIEW D.2:
------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------

- fixed Age-Progression Bug. If the Age-Progression is broken up the
Age-Progression Flag for that Age is also set back

- build a few Rams if Excess-Resource Condition and we have no Castle by default
Effect: More Siege to Attack more early

- more Town-Centers at Excess-Resource Condition if only few Castles.
Effect: Slightly faster build up of Economy. Try to avoid being stopped if
all other Buildings that give Housing-Space are destroyed while under Construction and cannot be build anymore

- more aggressive if the Enemy has fewer Troops if Excess-Resource Condition
Effect: operate with Military provided we found Enemy Base

- Try to buy some Food if it is a cheap Price and we have enough Gold
Effect: Try to use low Market-Prices more effiziently

- If Island-Condition the Computer get much more Building Space if a certain
Building-Count is reached
Effect: Avoid being stopped by no more building Space on tiny but long Islands

Doktor Mabuse
posted 07-24-03 08:57 AM CT (US)     8 / 38       
Sorry, the File contained a little Bug - the whole Age-Progression was disturbed - due to the Age-Flag which was always set back. Fixed now, sorry.
Did not affect th Post-Imperial Performance though....

Plz, give me another chance and if you load down the buggy Version plz get it again... this is so a shame....

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Doktor Mabuse
posted 07-26-03 11:12 AM CT (US)     9 / 38       
Another Change:
Sorry, again, but a nasty and for me hidden Bug disturbed UNit-Production in Custom-SCN
This was somehow strange Bug, cause Flag for Unit-Production is the same- no matter if CustomSCN
or any Standart-Game-Type.... However fixed this by using a different SN for determining that
I recognized this while trying my AI in a customSCN and nothing happened !!!
---- i`m so sorry and i hope you believe me that this was very annoying to me... sorry ....

Embarrassing....., hehe

Doktor Mabuse
posted 08-03-03 03:09 PM CT (US)     10 / 38       
Okay here is the promised Preview. Contains all former Alliance Performances now GRUSH (but with a standart Feudal-Attack-Suspension) at Islands Condition
Advanced Rivers, Island DM, ..., all Water now available.
Guess that there is maybe use of a separated River/Continental Performance - we will see...

Anyway should behave now much better on all WateryMAps - the Former Versions were very bad at this.

------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------
Main Changes: Preview3 GALLEY RUSH incl. all other Land/River Performance

- deleted some useless Stuff and crunched a bit

- if Enemy is detected at Island or similar on same Continent go for
StandartFlush brake Flush and go for Land-Battle
The Grush is based on a Land-Based Flush-Suspension to work with this
possible Land-Reaction on Island-Condition

- no more aggressiveFlush if MixedMap only defensive Flush allowed if detected
If Enemies could easily Wall in - better go for Castle-Age
enhanced RIVER and simliar Gameplay

- fixed some Mining-Camp-Placement on Island or similar Maps when the only Gold
left is on unreachable Islands - does not take Walls into the Account - though
Basic: Items (Stone, Gold, Wood) on unreachable Places (other Islands) always
have the dropsite-distance 255 - on these Conditions no more Camps are placed
Thx to Stormboy for this discovery.
Effect: If the Gold/Stone/Wood is run out on this Island the CP places no more

- Fixed Bug concerning T-Version Villager training in Feudal-Age
There was a Bug that prevented T-Version from producing Villagers
while under Attack - this is fixed now - was ugly Bug -
I forget this all the Time in all previous T-Versions , since T13, hehe --
So T-Version better Progresion now while Flushing - Both Land and Sea
ATEX-Version all the Time Correct
Effect: T-Version is now training Villagers if under attack in Feudal-Age
Due to this it could be much stronger than the previous depending on Situation

- implemented Feudal-Galley-Rush on Island(and similar)-Condition
all Starting Ages inclusive DM-Condition (and similar SCN) !!!
The GRUSH is based on a standart Land-Based-Flush Suspension, this is because it
may be that the CP detects an Enemy on the same Continent, in this Case it switches to Land-Flush.(in case of Castle/Imperial Start Standart Land-Attacks)
Effect: Full Water Support. Have Fun playing Islands, Archipelago and all the
other Maps !!! Of course River-Performance also checked. Have Fun !!

!!! FULL WATER-SUPPORT !!! inclusive advanced River-Performance
Try it and report Bugs
------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------

Doktor Mabuse
posted 08-06-03 02:39 PM CT (US)     11 / 38       
It still(or better: some of the added Parts) contain several Bugs ranging from nasty to annoying.

I will fix them ASAP - this means start with that from now on.
The River Performance is for now a bit .... weak ?
(ok, for LAnd-Based it may be right)
Especially the Island to River -Thingy (is weak weak weak and ... buggy ---- Archipelago for example)
Also the set back River to Islands seems not to work
and the Island to Rivers .... hmmm
anyway i will work on all the weak Performances

Feudal-Start(Island) is another possible Candidate for some nasty Bugs -(if it is set BAck then it might be that the Flush is broken and directly set back to FC which results in anything but not the desired

So there might be another Preview, ..... , hmmmm

Doktor Mabuse
posted 08-08-03 08:58 AM CT (US)     12 / 38       
Try the ATEX-9D with Wikings and Boar-Cheat on Islands now. Should gain 8-9 Galley around Min 15.
Without 5 Gallys MIn 15.
Versions included: (and Strategical Behave):
Preview only Standart Version including all Strategies listed here

FC: Fast Castle (includes Ships if there is Water)
FlushAtt: FlushAttack
FlushDefense: Defend against Flush (if detected)
GRush: Galley Rush - broken GRush always FlushAtt
(GRush is broken if Enemy Buildings detected on same Continent)

Standart (no special Version):
(FC/FlushAtt/FlushDef at Land/Mixed - GRusch at Water)

(FC at Land/Mixed - GRusch at Water)

(FlushAtt/FlushDef at Land/Mixed - GRusch at Water)

Versions included:
ATEX-9D (standart)
T-16D (standart)
------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------
None of these Versions CHEAT by default with Resources. Except HARDEST DIFFICULTY
On HARDEST it cheats by default at start of every new/starting Age.
Everybody who states opposite should be smashed by angry God of Thunder.
At all ATEX-Versions you can enable BOAR-CHEAT by TAUNTING 237 to it.
All ATEX-Versions contain minor CC-Cheats which helps Computer to DETECT Enemy
Buildings and PLAN Defensive Strategies.
For optimized TEAM-PLAY set TEAMS Locked. More Info Below or README.TXT
------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------

- fixed bad behave if Boar-Cheat activated
Docks are build when they should to fasten up Age-Progress
TEST BOAR-CHEAT and get some !!!

- fixed Gatherer Behave in Case of Mixed and Island Maps.
CP now avoid Fishermen and builds more Farms instead
Mainly the Maximum-Food-Gather Distance is set back on Mixed Maps till a certain
Number of Farms is reached or idle Farms detected.

- cleared Flush/FC/Grush - Manager. Works now as desired. Especially
Feudal-start should now work as desired
Now all Strategies for Mixed Maps available.

- advanced Performance at Mixed Maps if previous Flush
docks may/able to build up faster as well as fleet

Have Fun

Doktor Mabuse
posted 08-15-03 04:22 PM CT (US)     13 / 38       
Changes AllianceThunda Extreme9/T16 E-Version:
ATEX-9E and T16E play now DM with a FastBuildUp and Optimized Armies
------------------------------------------------------------ --------
This Update is able to defeat constant Attacking Dm-AI`S like 433a.d.
and is as well able to defeat FastHUNAttackers with good DM-Civ`s
But it can play with any Civ at a good Performance.
It will build up it`s City wether it is under Attack or not and reaches
POP200 (if this is the maximum) within 10Minutes - if the Attack is very early
or very hard it may take sometimes longer.
------------------------------------------------------------ --------

- added Ranged Support Troops to PostImperial Armies
Stronger Armies

- less Monke if enemy has plenty of Elephants or TeutonicKnights
stop waste

- optimized BuildUp for ExcessivResource Condition
much more strengh in DM, now watch Fast and Constant Attackers DIE
was not so difficult to make this AI DM-compatible like exspected - so i could
have done it much earlier - watch FastHUN-Attackers get stopped and defeated -
Anyway, now this AI can play FAST and FUNNY Deatchmatch

- added FastMarket for Excessivresource Condition to change early in the Game
if desired
Try to devastate Economy of FastMarketRaiders
Try to gain Advantage of MilitaryQuality early to defeat Opponents

- updated Sell-Lists for Fast-Market

- standart Farmin at all Conditions now optimized -

posted 08-15-03 04:39 PM CT (US)     14 / 38       
You know there is something called the edit button...
Doktor Mabuse
posted 08-15-03 04:44 PM CT (US)     15 / 38       
Yes of course, but i think then it won`t show up as the first - and then this Thread would be Miles below and nobody would find it.

BTW: It ma take a few Minutes before the Site shows up to be downloadable.... (hopefully)

Send to all Buddies anyway.

Hmmpf, don`t know why it is not available yet - ...

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Doktor Mabuse
posted 08-16-03 01:11 PM CT (US)     16 / 38       
Actually i meant it can reach 200Population Slots in < 11 Minutes.

It`s up now....

Doktor Mabuse
posted 08-20-03 01:35 PM CT (US)     17 / 38       
After realizing that there are a few Bugs crying for their annihilation and of course some Performance Problems....

Another Update:

AllianceThunda 9E Annihilator - Clan Version

Changes AllianceThunda Extreme9/T16 E Annihilator Clan Version:
------------------------------------------------------------ ---

- if a certain Amount of Gold is given/reached Skirm-Rush will turn into
a M@A and Archer Rush for better performance at non-Low-Resource-Starts
Effect: Beter use of given Resources

- build more Military if Skirm-Rush before tryin to upgrade them
Effect: More Military more earlier

- overworked Skirm-Rush Building-Progression - should now build earlier it`s
Effect: More Military earlier

- added ability to train Archers if rising to Castle from previous Flush and
under hvy. Attack (if Enemy has no Knights)
Effect: Better Defense while rising to Castle

- builds now a few Ram`s on islands before any Scorpions. To defend against
Forward-Buildings and to support early Attack Groups
Effect: Defense against ForwardCastles

- expanded Military Scale to achieve in Area between 50 and 150Units
more (and smaller) Groups.
Effect: Advanced Military Operations

- fixed Farmin`Space optimation - now Villager-dependend
Effect: More FarminPlace later in the Game - no effect on early Defense

- fixed Bug in Teamed Island-Games (nasty)
shut down coop-share info/attacking - so that Detection works right now
Effect: In Island-Games Team-Mates will behave fully independent from each other

- Fixed Skirm-Rush.Computer now ensures that he can research fletching by saving
gold instead of using it for Militia
Effect: Better Troops more early

- Computer will not sell so much Food on Island-Games if he has already enough
Battleships to optimze it Resource useage and play much longer if Sea-Master
Effect: Better use of Resources on late Island-Games

- Taunt 101 launches Sea-Operations (Boat Attack only)
Effect: Tell your Team-Cp to attack with Boats only
The three Attack Taunts are now:
31: Group Attack (both Land and Sea)
100: Rush Attack (with attck-now) (both Land and Sea)
101: Ship Attack (Sea only)


Doktor Mabuse
posted 08-27-03 05:44 PM CT (US)     18 / 38       
OKay okay - lot`s of Stuff needed to be fixed:
So i was busy the last Days - now ishould try the other new AI`s - let`s see....

Artificial Opponent for AgeOfKings Conquerors Expansion
Changes AllianceThunda/T Zenith Version:
------------------------------------------------------------ -----

- Builds now only a few farms before 2nd ArcheryRange if SKIRM RUSH
Effect: Better Progression and Military buildUP if SkirmRush (even with BoarCheat)

- Better Scouting on Excessive-Resource-Condition - if enemy has not
so many Units
Effect: May find Enemy and Relics more earlier

- Builds if Excessive-Resource Condition a Monastery early
if there are some Relics on the Map - to get them a bit earlier
Effect: Get the relics a bit faster

- if it has a certian Amount of Villagers and excessive Wood it will build
another Gold-Camp (provided there is Gold found and enough left on Map)
Effect: slightly improved Gold-Gathering

- fixed Bug that Prevented the CP from Building Gold-Camps while Flushing
at certain Resource Conditions and overworked Economy-Section (don`t know how
this could happen). It should now Play all LN-Maps and also cover all/most
possible Resource/Map Conditions.
Effect: Now flexibility on all Settings/Conditions

- debugged logical BuildUp. Now all MilitaryBuildings will only be build if
there is at least one TownCenter under Construction -former build in Imperial
some Military Buildings before concentrating on the Town-Center
Effect: Optimized flexibility on all Settings/Conditions

- fixed several Bugs -now AZTEC and MAYAN counter with
Spearman if raided by Knights when rising to Castle. (former was only non Meso)
If the Skirm-Rush is broken-Up and the M@A-Upgrade is not researched yet-
it now researches it. So Aztec, and Mayan now debugged as well as SkirmRush
Effect: Debugged defensive Bahaviour for Meso-Civ`s
Effect: Debugged Gameplay of Skirmsher-Rush

- at LAND-Condition a possible Dock will only be build if there is a 2nd
TownCenter or End of Age-Tree is reached (because Ages are restricted or
simply finished)
Effect: Optimized Progression

- fixed servere Market Bug: In the "T"-Version the complete LOW-Resource-Section
was missing. Only recognized it as i wanted to pack it to get some more Space
I think i deleted it accidentally as i fixed the Market_Section a few Versions
ago.... Implemented again. This Market is important for it`s flexibility on
different Resource Conditions
Effect: Debugged T16E flexibility for all Settings/Conditions

- fixed little Bug concerning building additional Farms when Grushing
Although rare - it was possible Bug
Effect: Debugged Grusher for all Settings/Conditions

- fixed Bug that prevented Skirms from being build early (at certain Condition)
If no Gold is detected - Skirms will rise nevertheless of the main Setting
Effect: Debugged Skirmisher-Rush for all Settings/Conditions

- implemented Archer-Rush as new FlushUnitMix
This Archer-Hordes supported by a few Infantry can take out huge Amounts of
Enemy-Footmen -supported by Infantry
Current Feudal Unit Mixes (chances are CIV dependend):
(Archer-Rush (against Goth 70%, vs other 20%) - Archers, Infantry)
(Skirm-Rush (against Goth 10-20%, vs other 20-70%) - Skirms, Scouts, Spears)
(Standart-Rush (against Goth 10-20% , other 10-60%) - Infantry, Archers, Skirms)
If the CP detects enemy Cavalry it may throw in some more SpearUnits
Standart-Rush Unit-Mix can also change at certain Conditions
Effect: Better Defense against Goth Infantry Rushers

- builds now max 3Docks at RIVERS-Condition (the 3rd at bit later)
In CriticalSituations it may be useful to reinforce your Boats quickly
Effect: Better Control of Water at Medium-Water-Conditions

- reduced amount of Trebuchets - it now asks for both packed and unpacked, so
the Amount reduced a lot- mainly of use in DM and similar (because it may train
many Trebs if it has a lot of resources anyway)
Effect: Better Control of what is being Build and save many Resources

- Fixed a critical Section in Flush-Strategy Determination
Effect: Need now a bit more Gold (if no Gold found) if a certain Amount of Gold
is given at Start to select M@A Rush
Effect: Optimized flexibility for all Settings/Conditions

- fixed Korean-FastMarket SellList
Koreans sell no Wood anymore
Effect: Improved Korean Resource Management

- overworked Chinese FastMarket Bug
Other Buildings will be placed a bit more far away to optimze FastMarket Speed
Effect: Chinese build upFastMarket in DM more quickly

- last but not least: Crunched and Packed a few Sections
Effect: The above Changes could be made/Off-Topic Stuff Removed

Doktor Mabuse
posted 09-07-03 05:08 PM CT (US)     19 / 38       
AllianceThundaZenith V2
Artificial Opponent for AgeOfKings Conquerors Expansion
Changes AllianceThunda/T Zenith VersionII:
------------------------------------------------------------ -----

- improved Grush.
Effect: more/earlier Docks and Galleys and better tactical Operation
Note: Still no Boat-Start due to RuleSpace and general
ineffectiveness for all other CIV`s but Viking.

- Ooops. The Feudal-Start at Medium or High Resource was a Desaster.
Now it will not immediatly build a Market and a Blacksmith or a Barrack.
Sorry for that i did not give enough attention. Fixed.
So Feudal-Start should now work on all Settings like desired.
Effect: Optimized and Bugfixed Feudal-Start at all Settings
Note: The Perfomances for the Higher ResourceStarts are still not very well
in comparison to the possibilities. I promise that i will take more Time
to optimize the ResourceGathering depending on the Resources needed on Island at
the early VillagerCounts.

- HUN build at Excess-Wood Condition now TC`s earlier - more Villagers more early
main use for DM and similar Variants

- Packed, Deleted some useless/packable Sections
such as PriorityMarket

Doktor Mabuse
posted 09-10-03 09:18 AM CT (US)     20 / 38       
AllianceThundaZenith V2.2
Artificial Opponent for AgeOfKings Conquerors Expansion
Changes AllianceThunda/T Zenith VersionII.2:
------------------------------------------------------------ -----

- Share Information if CP has Warships (while Islands)
Effect: Advanced Team-Play on Islands and similar
Quote: Uhh - we are playing Teams ?
Considerably stronger in Team Games on Island and similar

- slightly improved Grush.
Effect: bit more Wood at buildUp
Quote: Some more Galleys would not be bad...
General Improvement for Islands

- Ooops. Fixed nasty Wood-Gather Bug. CP now should build LumberCamps if needed
and enough Wood on Map and in near Area
Quote: Hey, you Gatherers, build some more WoodCamps !
General Improvement at certain Conditions

- improved Siege-Management. Additional Trebuchets will only be build if there
are Enemy-defensive Installations (Castles, Cannon-Towers).
Additionally if we have plenty Wood/Food but no more NearGold do RamUpgrades
Quote: If we don`t need it, we won't train it.
Distincly stronger in DM and similar a certain Conditions

- Packed, Deleted some useless/packable Sections
Quote: Pack this Stuff - we need more Space !!

(id: Lt_Surge99)
posted 09-10-03 11:23 AM CT (US)     21 / 38       
Oh my God...

Sounds like an evil AI

"Especially awe-inspiring is the fact that any single brain is made up of atoms that were forged in the hearts of countless stars billions of years ago... These atoms now form a conglomerate – your brain – that can not only ponder the very stars that gave it birth but can also think about its own ability to think and wonder about its own ability to wonder. With the arrival of humans…the universe has suddenly become conscious of itself. This, truly, is the greatest mystery of all." - Rama
(id: Tonto_DaVe)
posted 09-11-03 01:44 AM CT (US)     22 / 38       
No, just a good Ai.

(id: Lt_Surge99)
posted 09-11-03 01:59 AM CT (US)     23 / 38       
I think I'll download it, I mean, this guy has worked his butt off.

"Especially awe-inspiring is the fact that any single brain is made up of atoms that were forged in the hearts of countless stars billions of years ago... These atoms now form a conglomerate – your brain – that can not only ponder the very stars that gave it birth but can also think about its own ability to think and wonder about its own ability to wonder. With the arrival of humans…the universe has suddenly become conscious of itself. This, truly, is the greatest mystery of all." - Rama
Doktor Mabuse
posted 09-11-03 01:59 PM CT (US)     24 / 38       
Load this one down,

Bugfix 9/11/2003:
------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------
Correction: Version 9/11/03 V2.2:
- set back to old gather-Sheme the new one(from 9/10) was
buggy and not well-tested - my fault. Sorry for inconvieniences.
Hope this is okay so far. Compared the whole Day the old and the new
before realizing that it is signifikantly weaker. So i set it back.

(id: Lt_Surge99)
posted 09-11-03 02:04 PM CT (US)     25 / 38       
I was just clicking download when I saw that reply...

I think I'll wait a few weeks so every bug is fixed

"Especially awe-inspiring is the fact that any single brain is made up of atoms that were forged in the hearts of countless stars billions of years ago... These atoms now form a conglomerate – your brain – that can not only ponder the very stars that gave it birth but can also think about its own ability to think and wonder about its own ability to wonder. With the arrival of humans…the universe has suddenly become conscious of itself. This, truly, is the greatest mystery of all." - Rama
posted 09-11-03 03:33 PM CT (US)     26 / 38       
Sorry, but I don't really have time to read all that, and I have a headache. COuld you summarise what this AI does?


posted 09-11-03 03:56 PM CT (US)     27 / 38       
My guess - it makes u lose horribly

Orien's Conquest 8%
(id: Tonto_DaVe)
posted 09-12-03 01:29 AM CT (US)     28 / 38       

;Coven of Scill 2003

;Alliance Thunda Zenith
;Artificial Opponent for AgeOfKings Conquerors Expansion


;(C) 2003 by Luzifer

;Greetings to
;ES-Studios for their great Game,,,
;,, AOK-AI-Colloseum
;all other AI Scripters - finally KingO, Aragorn for testing and tipps.
;This Ai
;was inspired by(and never completed without):

;DIFFICULTY SETTINGS - Pro Players should battle against two or more AI
;HARD: as MEDIUM-DIFFICULTY - Medium Players
;EASIEST: AS EASY -NEVER TESTED IT, THOUGH - Never played RealTimeStrategy

Surge, Mabuse will never stop updating his Ai. He's a hard worker, you realise?

Doktor Mabuse
posted 09-28-03 02:24 PM CT (US)     29 / 38       
Hi !!!!

Another Update, maybe it is the last for a few Weeks...
However there were many many Bugs in it, and i had to fix some of them.

Whats got fixed so far:
(and there are still some Things i gave up for now - so you can test it -)
AllianceThundaZenith V2.3
Artificial Opponent for AgeOfKings Conquerors Expansion
Changes AllianceThunda/T Zenith VersionII.3:
------------------------------------------------------------ -----

POST-Preview Fixes II.3:

- fixed Briton Performance: TownCenter is build regular.
Works now as desired ....

- Rams will always be build if there are enemy-buildings-in-town
+ finally it get the rams like it should

- Imperial researches only done if Gold.
If not CP will only do the LOW-Gold Researches (Pike, Halberdier etc...)
Alliance can play MAPS without any Gold/Relics at a fair Level
This was the desired Performance. Tested on all starting Ages.
+ finally it can play without Gold on all possible Settings

- hmmpf, fixed IMPERIAL-START BUG. CP builded a Barrack right from the
Start on - which was not desired.... grrr... i get mad about this...
Fixed this.... all Imperial/PostIMperial Starting same as CastleStart
All Starting Ages work now as desired.
+ at least it will play now on all Starting Ages without being a shame

- fixed LOW-Gold-Section: (attacking)
1. Always make sure that CP can build a Camp
2. Make sure that CP is able to attack
CP did sometimes not ran enough Units to attack - this was Bug, sorry.
+ it will even attack now ... if no more Gold... praise the Lord

- King of the Hill Attack only if we are not currently rising to Imperial
if we do so delay Attack till primTechs are researched
also Attacks are not maintained if we already keep the HILL, instead we`ll
continue garrisoning it, by sending Soldiers to the Center
Effect: Stronger Attack in Imperial, better Defense while Rising
+ Maybe it is more Fun to play KING OF THE HILL now

- if CP detecs Enemy LightCav it will not train M@A instead it researches
Pikeman - ...
Effect: Hopefully better Defense vs LightCav Combos
+ now it wants Pikes to defend against LightCavCombos

- fixed Bug`s concerning Teutons, also Teutons will train some
Scout-Cavalry if Bloodlines and excess Food-Condition while low Wood
(use if Low-Gold Condition)
+ they look odd, but there is no alternative

- fixed Aztec and Mayans Low-Gold Armies. Militia now always count as Low
Gold Units (if low Wood, a certain GoldLevel and we have plenty of Food)
+ also odd, but anyway there is no alternative

------------------------------------------------------------ -----

Preview Fixes II.3:

- Fixed here and there a few Bugs....

- Fixed and changed KING-OF-THE-HILL settings. CP now attack if MONUMENT-TIME is
nearly used up
+ Gameplay FiX King-of-the-Hill

- the Limit for minimum Gaia Items deteced increased when building
additional Camps - for Wood(40), Gold(4) and Stone(4) - before it was a flat (1)
Effect: Avoid odd Camp-Placement later in the Game
Adapted Cart/Cog Trading and Villager Deletion Rules
+ improved late Game Performance

- Improved/Bugfixed HIGH-Resource Start (and similar).
1.CP will gather Gold early to maintain Army.
2. First Castle will be build very clsoe to the Base
Effect: Stronger High Resource Performance
+ improved HighResources Start (and similar SCN) Conditions

- some early Scorps if we have pretty Wood and Gold
Effect: Some more Ranged Units a bit earlier for better CombatAbility
Also more Siege for several Purposes. Enemy Walls, TC`s etc...
+ Ranged Siege Units early (if fair Resource Condition)

- If there is no better reason for the Longsword-Research than having a
few M@A, the CP waits now till it has the resources to research Pikeman
(So if Pikeman are desired CP will get them before Longsword in every Case)
Also this research get delayed a bit and due to this other important Upgrades
could be made eventuall earlier...
+ slightly improved CastleAge

- fixed little Bug concerning Hunting.
Effect: More Hunters if the CP is Hunting
Note: This was not so important - however there was a little Logic-Failure
and i fixed it.

- Fixed LATE-GAME Armies - CP trains now a TRASH-UNIT-MIX
instead of building Pikes only - if no more Gold available
(This was however a BUG-Fix - now all works like desired)
Effect: Mixed Armies if no more Gold - also Limits for low Gold
set now for the Ages
+ improved UNit mixes at low Gold Condition

- FastCastle speed Up if enough Food at certain Condition
Normaly the CP does a 30+2/3FC. If it has 500+ Food if may do a 28/29+2/3
Saving some 10-40secs for Castle. In Games with higher starting resources than
Standart/Low it will take them into account anyway - and do a 20+ FastCastle
Effect: Aztec, Teuton may be bit faster, MediumResourceStart and BoarCheat
speed up a bit.
+ Faster Raid if good Situation

- upgrade for Rams, CappedRams always if there are Rams and we have some
Resources, Siege-Rams if we have plenty Resources or no more Gold on Map
Effect: More Siege to destroy Enemy Settlements
+ Always get RAM-Upgrades, alway get RAMS

- fixed Bug that the 2nd Lumbercamp was somtimes not build.
Effect: All work like desired - no Wood delay
+ fixed buggy Economy

- CP is able to research Bloodlines now before Raiding
Though it occur only if the Stable is build very quickly after rising to Castle
So Civ`s like Hun, Teuton will get it more likely than other...
+ TopCavalry (rare)

- Fixed Bug-Infested Villager-Deletion Section and slight Changes
Also Villagers are now only deleted if there is need to do that.
So the Maximum Villager-Count is now hold a bit longer to get more Resources
Effect: Improved Economy and better use of the late Produced Villagers
+ Economy Upgrade

- semi-stop Feudal-Attack if Enemy StoneWalls detected.
Activate Castle-Progress Option in that Case - to get ASAP Hvy. Units
Effect: Faster Castle to push Economy and better Units
+ Gameplay FiX all MAP

- semi-stop Feudal-Attack if Island-to-River Condition (detected Islands
but Enemy on same Continent/Landmass)
Effect: Semi-stop means that the Feudal-Attack is brokenUp a bit earlier and
faster Progress to Castle is given to achieve earlier Hvy. Units and Ships
+ Gameplay FiX ARCHIPELAGO and similar SCN

- earlier Dock-Build at River Condition (activated earlier if we have a certain
Number of Vils)
Effect: If previous Flush, the Ships will be build earlier.
+ Gameplay FiX all MIXED and similar SCN

- better strategical Behaviour due to improved MAP-DETECTION
CP now keep Track of Allies MAP-ChangeStatus and detects Enemy Settlements
on same Continent better.
Effect: Teamed CP`s will inform their Ally`s if they have detected Enemy
(and therefore relativated their MAP-Detection), so that the other CP can better
decide when to activate the coop-information to avoid false Behave - also
changed a bit the Relativation Indicators
+ Gameplay FiX all MIXED and similar SCN

- In late Games when the CP has no more Gold, good Wood or Food, better Military
Status or at least good enough to get Offensive - the CP sells Wood/Food to get
the Gold for at least 1 RAM to backup his Pikemen and Skirmishers with Siege.
The CP prefers Food to sell.
+ RAMS always backup late Armies

- fixed MAP/WATER-DETECTION. Values for SHORE/DEEP-SEA-Fish are now:
TINY: 40
LARGE: 140 (before: 145)
GIANTIC: 160 (before: 175)
+ Gameplay FiX all MIXED and similar SCN

- improved Boat Defense. In critical Situations the CP will launch attack-now
Commands to mobilize all Boats for Defense. Altered Triggers for BoatDefense
Also Scoutng is set-OFF if town-under-attack
+ Tactical Upgrade at all ISLAND and similar SCN

- research Loom at Islands in Dark or if we have some Docks
to prevent Villagers eaten by Wolves - the CP tends to build Docks
everywhere - so lone Viles will walk long Distances...
Effect: No more Villagers losses on WateryMaps due to Dock build
+ Security Upgrade at all ISLAND and similar SCN

- Improved Scouting on Islands, CP seeks now ASAP for Enemy Docks
Effect: Find Enemy earlier
+ Seek and Destroy Upgrade at ISLANDS and similar SCN

- Gatherer/BuildUp Changes/Corrections on Island Maps
Effect: Better Economy, Stabilized Age-Progrression, Tactical Improvement
+ New BuildUP at Islands and similar SCN

- Builds more Farms if Resources on Map run low
Try to use the idle Villagers as Farmers
- stop Building Lumber camps if Wood on Map is nearly used up
Though Time-consuming to test these Conditions in practice
Effect: Better use of Villagers
+ Gameplay FiX at late-Game/low-Map-Resource Condition

- build Towers always near the Base no matter Islands or Land
The Placement of the Towers is difficult to handle....
Towers anyway mainly used to defend against early Invasions
Effect: Avoid odd Behave
+ Gameplay FiX all Map

- Packed, Deleted some useless/packable Sections


(id: Lt_Surge99)
posted 09-28-03 02:27 PM CT (US)     30 / 38       

You really are a hardworking man.

"Especially awe-inspiring is the fact that any single brain is made up of atoms that were forged in the hearts of countless stars billions of years ago... These atoms now form a conglomerate – your brain – that can not only ponder the very stars that gave it birth but can also think about its own ability to think and wonder about its own ability to wonder. With the arrival of humans…the universe has suddenly become conscious of itself. This, truly, is the greatest mystery of all." - Rama
posted 09-28-03 02:59 PM CT (US)     31 / 38       
If you put this amount of hard work and dedication into a scenario, I'd download it immediately.

Keep up the good work!

(id: Lt_Surge99)
posted 09-28-03 04:39 PM CT (US)     32 / 38       
It's an AI Paul

"Especially awe-inspiring is the fact that any single brain is made up of atoms that were forged in the hearts of countless stars billions of years ago... These atoms now form a conglomerate – your brain – that can not only ponder the very stars that gave it birth but can also think about its own ability to think and wonder about its own ability to wonder. With the arrival of humans…the universe has suddenly become conscious of itself. This, truly, is the greatest mystery of all." - Rama
posted 09-28-03 11:49 PM CT (US)     33 / 38       
He knows. He's saying that if this much work were put into a scenario, he'd d/l it.

zyxomma100- Age of Kings Heaven forumer
Proudly thwarting Dark_Aro's evil plans since 2002
"There is nothing more sad than watching a teutonic knight chasing a petard."
posted 09-29-03 02:10 AM CT (US)     34 / 38       
I guess that sentence could be interpreted in two different ways...
(id: Lt_Surge99)
posted 09-29-03 04:30 AM CT (US)     35 / 38       
Ach, I understand now. Sorry.

"Especially awe-inspiring is the fact that any single brain is made up of atoms that were forged in the hearts of countless stars billions of years ago... These atoms now form a conglomerate – your brain – that can not only ponder the very stars that gave it birth but can also think about its own ability to think and wonder about its own ability to wonder. With the arrival of humans…the universe has suddenly become conscious of itself. This, truly, is the greatest mystery of all." - Rama
Doktor Mabuse
posted 09-29-03 10:58 AM CT (US)     36 / 38       
Forget that weak shit - there was really need to improve Combat Abilöities instead focussing on the "other" Things.
So this fixes first of all TEAM-Performance. A real improved AI will show up the next Days.

ATZ23 Version B

Okay, Okay, the Day of Updating has just begun !! After downloading and testing
the new KOSMOS1.20 i got several Defeats straight in a Row !
In TEAM-Games, and as you might know this is a resort where ALLIANCE will
never go back without showing what it is really worth it.
So test out AllianceThundaZenithV23b in TEAM-GAME. In Team-Games it will not
longer build a Monastery so early, instead it will train Knights like crazy
to destroy any Opponent quickly.
(And this could be of course made harder - i tested it already, however i will
show you this Version, only to keep Alliance in the Race - wait for the C-Version)

(To perform TEAM at its Optimum take the "T"-Versions. It will play without any
strategical-cheats and keep its FastCastle even if the TEAMS are NOT LOCKED.
The "AT"-Versions will if you not LOCK the TEAMS play several Strategies.
But i prefer FastCastle-KnightRaids in Multiplayer)
Watch out for AllianceThundaZenith23c(ombat), it will be enhanced in SinglePlayer also.

CU on the Battlefield -

POST-Release-FiX: AllianceThundaZenith23b:
- CP do not build a Monastery before a certain amount of Villagers is
reached if it has an ALLY - instead it will concentrate mainly on its Army
Effect: Stronger Raid in Team-Games


Doktor Mabuse
posted 10-01-03 08:43 AM CT (US)     37 / 38       
ATZ23 Version B2

ONly two little changes ( before Version C, and that all may work correctly)

- put 2 Villager on Stone in TeamRaid to get the Stone for the 2nd TC earlier
- save the Wood if we have enough Stone to build a 2nd TC before spending it for UNits

Thats it.
Version C is in Progress.

P.S.: Can anybody state a comment if the Download is currently working... Maybe try tomorrow and post here if it is working
I load the whole Time Up and i think... nothing happens....
Anyway.. I loaded i up in a new Slot - maybe this works.. if the older eill work..
i put the next Updates in the new one (which is of course not up now)

... Hmm, maybe i have a bit Time to really improve something.


Doktor Mabuse
posted 10-26-03 04:32 PM CT (US)     38 / 38       
AllianceThundaZenith Version 2.3 COMBAT Version
Artificial Opponent for AgeOfKings Conquerors Expansion
------------------------------------------------------------ ----
T-Zenith Version23c designed for AI-Wars.
CIV Land: 1HUN, 2TEUTON, 3SPANISH, 4CHINESE recommended
(Mixed is Rivers, Continental, etc)

use the CIVS in their Order please. From 1v1 to 4v4
1v1 Land take Hun for Example, 2v2 Land HUN+TEUTON, 3v3 Land ....
1v1 Water take VIKING, 2v2 Water JAPANESE+VIKING, 3v3 Water ....
T-Zenith contains some free Slots for special Tournament Resign Rules,
but not many.(2-3max)
Can play all CIV. This is for AI-Wars (Tournament).

AT-Zenith Version designed for FUN-Match vs Humans.
AT-Zenith contains strategical Cheats which allows the CP to check
your Buildings, Units (It does not make to much use of this though).
Enable Boar-Cheat with Taunt 237. Does not cheat with resources by default-
except HARDEST-DIFFICULTY (500 of each resource at begin of every AGE (8000
total in a DARK-START-GAME).
AT-Zenith Version has NO free Slots for any new Rules. Do not add any Rules.
(Except you know what you are doing - you are of course allowed to edit this AI
for your Pleasure and do anything you want with it)
------------------------------------------------------------ --------
- smooth Castle Time

- Bugfix Islands: Gold at Castle+ Start, University, general Progression

- Improved Island: Economy, Age-Progression, Tech Research, Scouting, Rush

- general Bugfix: PlateMail now researched

- MediumRange TS to clear off Buildings in Area at certain Condition

- Monastery build at TeamPlay now earlier if Enemy Monastery detected

- general improvement Economy at standart Map Conditions

- some Upgrade changes

- low Gold now set OFF if we have a certain amount of Trading Carts/Cogs

- no more Stone-Walls/Palsisade Walls at 20 Tiles, Stone at 30Tiles with
Taunt/Signal 42 still available

- more changes i cannot remember - i did not keep track this Time....

Have Fun and search for Bugs.
Mail me if you think something could work better. THX.

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