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Topic Subject:TF type scenarios
posted 10-24-03 04:23 PM CT (US)         
are team fortress type maps worth making? i'm thinking of making a scenario that gives each player 1 unit. Kills get them upgrades. And the point is that u have to kill all enemies in a certain time limit.

i'm going to add things like teleportation areas, heal areas, and towers that can be owned by different players*.

*using triggers if a player has a unit garrisoned in the gaia owned tower then it will be his/hers. But if there's no one in the tower then it's gaia owned again.

The map itself will be giant. Some parts will have a maze and some others will have open areas, wolves will be put in (they will respawn after 'x' seconds).

if u think TF is crap go ahead and say so...if a map like this wouldn't be fun then go ahead and say so as well. I need opinions as to whether or not i should make this map.

posted 10-24-03 05:40 PM CT (US)     1 / 3       
Welcome to SD
Your ideas are good and from what I have read, you may have a nice idea going.
If you need any scenario design hints you can get them at these sights:

These sights should give you some helpful tips on triggers and map design. Remember a good map needs good ideas, triggers, design.

And remember to use the search button before asking any can be found at the bottom of the page

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posted 10-24-03 05:42 PM CT (US)     2 / 3       
I don't understand the team fortress bit. Do you mean like bases? Also, setting the towers to gaia will not work as it will be reassigned to the player who has just exited. I suggest that you have an extra player, make him allied with all other players, then any character can garrison in that teams tower. I assume you are talking about a multiplayer map. If not then you will struggle because as far as I know, computer units (except kings in regicide and villagers) don't appear to garrison in towers.


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posted 10-25-03 02:57 PM CT (US)     3 / 3       
I guess TF was the wrong thing to put in...the players won't have any bases at all, and standard TF gives players bases or allows them to build bases. If the players don't have bases then they won't have to worry about defending their base and then they can wander around looking for kills.

Thanks WildCardDoW for the tips...i'm not new to the forum. It's just i haven't been here for a while (i'm starting to lose interest in this game).

and dark_blade, i'm going to make this a multiplayer map (no comps unless needed for triggers). Do u know how to create a trigger that will let multiple players own a tower?

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