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Age of Kings Heaven » Forums » Scenario Design and Discussion » Project: The Saga of a Viking Warrior
Topic Subject:Project: The Saga of a Viking Warrior
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Cesar Bernardi
posted 03-07-06 05:01 PM CT (US)         
This is a fictional Campaign. No historical events were included, only mentioned. Any similarity to real people or facts is merely concidental.

Having said that, here's the story.


(Norway, in the late 11th century...)

Verl Hagarthson, an old viking warrior, was extremely disappointed. He had lived his entire live ashamed... when he was young, he had seen the downfall of Viking civilization. He was in the battle of Stamford, when Harald Hardraade lost his life, and Baduwulf Haraldson (this name will change... I "borrowed" it from Byzan's campaign until I get more info on that) was forced to become a Christian in order to ally to William (also known as Wilhelm), Duke of Normandy.
He was ashamed for being a Viking, for his people had done much in the past (such as the discoveries of Greenland and Vinland, or the Danelaw, a great Danish kingdom stablished in the Isle of Britain), and there was nothing left. Viking culture had mixed with the culture of others... The Danes were christianized, and so were the Normans.
And Norwegians too.

There was not much Verl could do to restore old Viking power, to restore the fear that others had when they saw Drakkars and longships coming from the northern seas...
Because he was old.
And because he had a new life. He was no longer a warrior. He was father of two young men, Jarl and Wulfgar, and protector of a small farming village.

One day, this village was invaded by a large group of tax collectors. They wanted the locals to pay tributes for using King Edmund's (a local feudal lord) lands. When Verl tried to stop them, he was killed and his house burned down while his sons were sleeping...
But Jarl Verlson got out.

After killing the assassins, Jarl heard his father's last wishes... Verl wanted his son to do what he could not, and make the Vikings powerful once again.

But he could not do this all by himself...

And here is where your adventure begins.

Together with his childhood friends Skallagrim and Yatlan, Jarl decided to offer his sword and services to a small militia to the south... to take over it later.

Yes, I am restarting an old project. I have started the original "Saga of a Viking Warrior" somewhere around 2003, and recently (after a looong designing break), I've decided to start it over.

  • Features for the Full Version:
    - Sea monster, capable of destroying ships (working on it...). Yes, just like in Vinland Saga, only this time it'll be an Octopus;
    - Volatile gameplay: different events lead into different results (i.e.: the death of an important character will not end the map, but change it considerably);
    - An Interactive Readme file, in Flash. Walkthroughs and hints can only be opened by passwords (prevents the player from reading spoilers);

  • Features regarding Data Editing:
    - Ally players will be able to create Mangonels using villagers (you don't train a single siege unit in the game...);
    - A new healing system for the main character. After fighting, the character will regain his health if he rests for a while. But if the player does not rest, the healing does not happen (I got inspired by Battlefield 2, in which you don't have hitpoints, and when you get hit you must rest);

  • Progress:

    About 20%.

    Cutscene: "Prologue: A Dying Old Man"
    Almost completed. Although I'd rather finish Map 1 before finishing this one.

    Map 1: "Part I - The Militia"
    - Map design and landscaping:
    Completed. Might change a bit if requested by playtesters.
    - AI programming:
    - Trigger work:
    Working... new version will include extra dialogues and a better gameplay.
    - Overall progress:
    New version will be released soon!
    - Data and Hex-Editing:
    Eternally changing.
    - Screenshots:
    |Mountain Trail|Enemy Base|Militia Fortress|Fishing Village|Feud|Keep out!|

  • Playtesting schedule:
    - BrandNewCar - Version 1.1 sent 04/06/2006. Deadline: 04/13/2006.
    - Byzan - Version 1.1 sent 04/06/2006. Deadline: 04/13/2006.
    - cat - Version 1.1 sent 04/10/2006. Deadline: 04/17/2006.
    - D421K_S4U120N - Version 1.1 sent 04/10/2006. Deadline: 04/17/2006
    - i like cheese - Review received.
    - Map_maker_tester Removed due to request
    - Mashek331 - Review received.
    - MeGaIdIoT - Removed due to request
    - PaulC2001 - Version 1.1 sent 04/06/2006. Deadline: 04/13/2006.
    - Snaily - Version 1.1 sent 04/06/2006. Deadline: 04/18/2006. (changed due to request)
    - You! Sign up now!

  • Playtesting Rules and Notes:
    - Reviews must be sent to the email adress within 1 week after the map is sent, unless provided with a good reason. The deadlines will be listed here.
    DO NOT post your reviews. I shall disregard any reviews posted here;
    - Reviews must be as detailed as possible, regarding playability, difficulty and terrain design. Play in all difficulty levels;
    - If you get stuck at some point, there's a walkthrough file included, therefore do not stop playtesting. The game ends when you get a message saying "Well, the game is over". If you do not get that message, e-mail me and I shall help you;
    - Take notes of whatever bugs you may find, any bugs (i.e.: a unit that gets stuck and prevents the game from moving on). This way I can improve the game;
    - Every map will have at least 3 playtestable versions;

  • NEWS:
    - 03/22/2006: Healing system fixed, working and 100% effective;
    - 03/24/2006: Main post updated. New versions yet to be sent;
    - 03/27/2006: Main post updated. New section: Playtesting Rules and Notes;
    - 05/04/2006: Version 1.1 sent to all playtesters;
    - 06/04/2006: CPX file sent once again. Added 1 extra day to the deadline;

  • Estimated release date:
    - Unknown. I had 2 maps almost completed, and all of a sudden I decided to restart the campaign from scratch.

    [This message has been edited by Cesar Bernardi (edited 04-10-2006 @ 03:27 PM).]

  • AuthorReplies:
    posted 03-07-06 05:08 PM CT (US)     1 / 69       
    Looks good, best of luck with that. I'll offer my humble services as playtester for you. Email in the sig.
    posted 03-07-06 05:15 PM CT (US)     2 / 69       
    Sounds very interesting... especially the sea monster, I've been thinking about a way of making one, too. But the one I have in mind wil be pretty hard to make destroy ships, and there are som troubles with different screen sizes, also.

    Sorry, I almost go off topic.

    As a Dane, I must say that I find it hard to believe that you just invented Danegæld and it only coincidentally fits with history

    I wish I could playtest, but unfortunately, I'm pretty busy right now. But I'll surely play it when you finish and upload it.

    posted 03-07-06 05:21 PM CT (US)     3 / 69       


    - Sea monster, capable of destroying ships!

    Is this going to be similar to the one in the ES campaign? Because if you can make a montster like that, using water brushes...I'll give you a pat on the back.

    Cesar Bernardi
    posted 03-07-06 05:29 PM CT (US)     4 / 69       


    As a Dane, I must say that I find it hard to believe that you just invented Danegæld and it only coincidentally fits with history

    Sorry. I meant that the campaign was fictional. I'll mention Viking history throughout the campaign (I'll use the "History" section for that)...

    posted 03-07-06 08:32 PM CT (US)     5 / 69       
    Pretty good, I like the screenies.

    I would playtest but I am working on my own project right now(~Algeth~).
    But good luck anyway, looking good.

    ___~ Super Cell 51 ~___
    "Live every day as though it was your last."
    posted 03-07-06 08:37 PM CT (US)     6 / 69       
    Yay, someone used my campfire. I like the "Keep Out" screeny by the way. Good job.

    posted 03-08-06 02:35 AM CT (US)     7 / 69       
    LoL, Thanks for Including Baudwulf (even though he was a fictional character), damn i havent worked on the scens in a while :S. Anywayz Ill playtest for ya if u want me in.

    [This message has been edited by ByZaN (edited 03-08-2006 @ 02:37 AM).]

    posted 03-08-06 02:38 AM CT (US)     8 / 69       
    Sounds interesting, but I do believe -judging from your pictures- that your terrain and Settlements need a more detailed and perhaps much more nature ridden and dark age feel.

    [This message has been edited by Mashek331 (edited 03-08-2006 @ 02:41 AM).]

    posted 03-08-06 02:42 AM CT (US)     9 / 69       
    The Monatain Pass looked ok in terrain, and what is that Wooden thing with a Trebuchet Fireball in it??
    posted 03-08-06 10:34 AM CT (US)     10 / 69       
    Byzan-its a campfire.

    ___~ Super Cell 51 ~___
    "Live every day as though it was your last."
    posted 03-08-06 11:17 AM CT (US)     11 / 69       
    I think it's a cool story, and I would like to playtest. But I would disagree on the name, as Jarl was a title and not a name!
    Cesar Bernardi
    posted 03-08-06 01:02 PM CT (US)     12 / 69       
    I know that Jarl is a title (means commander).

    I've put that on purpose .

    EDIT: Byzan and Map_maker_tester, I need your email adresses.


    Quoted from Mashek331:

    that your terrain and Settlements need a more detailed and perhaps much more nature ridden and dark age feel.

    Don't worry, there's plenty of nature, I just focused on taking pics of important places...

    About the Dark Age look: I'm not a big fan of it, because it seems rather "unpersonal"... I mean, there's no "specific" buildings in Dark Age, regardless the civ they all look the same.

    [This message has been edited by Cesar Bernardi (edited 03-08-2006 @ 01:13 PM).]

    posted 03-08-06 01:56 PM CT (US)     13 / 69       
    Ok, I see the connection now (lol). And here's my e-mail:
    posted 03-08-06 02:51 PM CT (US)     14 / 69       
    I would like to playtest:
    but the enemy base doesn't look very good because of the king/shah was an outline
    Cesar Bernardi
    posted 03-08-06 02:54 PM CT (US)     15 / 69       
    Don't worry, he'll enter the tower...

    It's just that I took the screenie too soon...

    posted 03-08-06 03:11 PM CT (US)     16 / 69       
    I would like to playtest, it is the first time but I have a long experiance of AoE2, so I think I could make it fairly good.

    Please sent it to both these emails since i've got some problems with recvive at my hotmail account.;

    Cesar Bernardi
    posted 03-08-06 03:24 PM CT (US)     17 / 69       
    @ D412k_S4U120N:

    I sent you an email. However, some time later, I got a message that said that your email adress don't exist.

    Therefore, send me an email, I shall send you the file in a reply.

    i like cheese
    posted 03-08-06 03:38 PM CT (US)     18 / 69       
    I'll playtest:

    Signature Pending.
    posted 03-08-06 06:33 PM CT (US)     19 / 69       
    Ok, here goes...

    Started off well, nice opening cutscene creates intrigue and excitement. Great opening sequence with the old tower trick. Quite tricky, had to reload once or twice. It is quite annoying when the player is kicked from the tower once you enter, but I know this happens with the change of ownership. Maybe you could have a trigger to just pop him back in the tower when he's kicked.
    Ok, great, I killed the guys, then I got the objectives to kill the people around the camp. Cool. I killed the few people dotted around, then killed a tarkan with a new name, don't remember what it was. You'd used the freeze object trigger, so he just stood there and took the punishment til he died. Oh well.
    I then explored, met an enemy camp, ran like hell til i found a friendly village, who did nothing to help me, but my persuers gave up and left me alone. You might want to make them stay close to the base or something.. I went to the bandit leader, got some gaia units, went to a guy with a horse and atransport ship, but none of them did anything so I assume that's as far as you've designed.
    Whenever I garrisoned in aother player's building, I had to do the polo cheat to escape. You might want to do a looping unload trigger for all garrisonning buildings and that transport ship...
    I like the idea of health regenerating immediately, so you can battl;e lots of opponents, but not at once. It adds great new levels of strategy that I thought were pretty well done. The downside is that I periodically lost selection of my unit every time it happens, which is quite annoying especially when running for my life.
    Map design is nice, but lacks imagination and variation. Maybe there should be some patches were the snow has melted a bit. Block of some areas of map where there is nothing, coz exploring nothingness whether you have 6 axeman on your tail or not is slightly tedious.
    Overall, apart from pretty much everyone on the map doing pretty much nothing, ( I won't blame you for that, it is unfinished after all) quite alot of walking around, slightly tedious (but pretty)terrain, this was an enjoyable, if short scenario experience. I can see good things in your future for this scenario andthe rest of the campaign...

    Cesar Bernardi
    posted 03-08-06 07:38 PM CT (US)     20 / 69       
    @ Paul:

    Kill the guys in the camp. Then kill 3 greenies. Then look for the Tarkan. You will talk to him.

    You'll get a warning when the playtesting ends.

    Please, do not post your reports. Send them by mail.

    [This message has been edited by Cesar Bernardi (edited 03-08-2006 @ 08:03 PM).]

    posted 03-09-06 02:13 AM CT (US)     21 / 69       
    Hey Cesar, mind if I playtest?

    posted 03-09-06 02:52 AM CT (US)     22 / 69       
    alright, will have another go.
    posted 03-09-06 03:57 AM CT (US)     23 / 69       
    Me E-Mail is
    (id: Dark_Reign)
    posted 03-09-06 04:16 AM CT (US)     24 / 69       
    Pardon me for my off topicness, but nice sig ByZaN, lol

      _ » Downloads_. . . .________             
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    posted 03-09-06 04:22 AM CT (US)     25 / 69       
    Thanks! LoL
    posted 03-09-06 01:56 PM CT (US)     26 / 69       
    The E-mails been sent Cesar
    Cesar Bernardi
    posted 03-09-06 07:44 PM CT (US)     27 / 69       
    Haven't got it yet... I'll check it tomorrow...

    (OT: damn, I went for work and suddenly every single thread got billions of posts!)

    Cesar Bernardi
    posted 03-10-06 04:22 PM CT (US)     28 / 69       
    I shall make changes to my map as soon as I get everyone's playtesting reports.

    (sorry for the double post, I just couldn't allow this thread to sink...)

    And I still don't have your email, D412K_S4U120N!

    posted 03-11-06 08:00 PM CT (US)     29 / 69       
    I have just sent your playtest review Cesar. Good game.
    posted 03-12-06 04:07 PM CT (US)     30 / 69       
    Ceser, it's been sent, should come soon.

    Just in case is your email: or

    HG Alumnus
    (id: BrandNewCar)
    posted 03-12-06 05:09 PM CT (US)     31 / 69       

    Discworld Designer!
    MY DESIGNS:-] 2002PTC Honourable mention, collaboration with Qazitory
    Troll Bridge v1.3, Dragons Lair v1.1
    Project Page
    Cesar Bernardi
    posted 03-12-06 07:15 PM CT (US)     32 / 69       
    My email is (brazilian server).

    AOL Brazil actually declared bankruptcy and closed, because IT WAS CRAP (AOL is crap, but you know what I mean...)!

    posted 03-20-06 02:13 PM CT (US)     33 / 69       
    Hey, I can't give feedback because I haven't got it yet and I can't access my inbox.
    (VIP) Reverie World Studios
    (id: pEpsIdUDe_123)
    posted 03-20-06 11:21 PM CT (US)     34 / 69       
    It looks nice
    Cool screenshots.

    [This message has been edited by Pepsidude_123 (edited 03-20-2006 @ 11:21 PM).]

    Cesar Bernardi
    posted 03-21-06 11:56 AM CT (US)     35 / 69       
    Topic post edited.
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