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Topic Subject:My Project - 'The Fugger'
posted 04-27-06 09:54 PM CT (US)         
Don`t ask me why i open this Thread, basically i am looking for Opinions or suggestions, but feel free to flame me

What i plan to do is some sort of trading simulation in a certain sourrounding.

It is not nessessarily happening in Germany around the Time of KARL V. - it is BASED/inspired on the game "fugger" from good ol' C64
(mainly only the frame concept as the game itself is completely text-only)

the scn i have in my mind will/should definately support both multi and single-player

so there will be at least one Player and one DIRECT computer Opponent that can be also controlled by another player.

the player starts with a little trading outpost including a market and several trading carts, perhaps already in a city - there he can make intial trade with a local market.

both traders will start in differetn cities, controlled by different CPs (different "kingdoms" which are basically at war with each other). with increasing amount of carts and money the player can develop other trading routes with more profit and or achieve other abilities (for example hire troops to guard/ambush) in small steps and also influence on the political landscape.

the final goal is to have direct influence upon the kingdom and bring the war to an end. the player who manages its "trsing empire" best should have best chances to support its kingdom to be victourious.

of course i also plan to include quests that may give additional profit, or probably just little adventures, discovering some secrets and so on - however of course it will be GOOD and make profit if you do em

and things like to visit the "tradingguild" to get ceratin abilities/status or perhaps get support or whatever

so basically there will be

2 Players (inclusing a possible CP opponent)
2 Kingdoms(at start allied with one player, neutral to other)
2 Armies of the Kingdoms (neutral to one player, enemy to other)
1 Bad Guys (enemy to all)
1 Good Guys (allied to all)

the bad/good guys can also include some other AI-stuff to manage some things

wish me luck with it - basically i have enough Ideas/Concept

- a good and interesting MapDesign is by far the most challenging part for me -

(beside the problems i am not aware of atm)


there is of course also the variant that there is only one kingdom and all other players are direct opponents in the same kindgom and the goal is just to get the hightest possible rank (and therefore most influence) before all other opponents -
in that case up to three or four players are imaginable)

or maybe other variants, i made occasionally thoughts about it over the yers, but never got to work on it REALLY, i have some very poor Map tries though -

however, thats the BASIC Idea, the whle concept may change -

it will be basically a "trading simulation" with action of course and the goal to get influence and status

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(id: Dark_Reign)
posted 04-28-06 01:18 AM CT (US)     1 / 5       


feel free to flame me

That's just ASKING for trouble lol

A Trading Simulation... You may have just come up with a completely orriginal idea... Which is hard to do nowdays, good luck with it, I will be happy to playtest for you

EDIT: It also might help if you explain a bit better the things you can do... Becausewhen you put it like that, it sounds well... Boring, but i'm willing to give it a chance

Good Luck

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posted 04-28-06 01:51 AM CT (US)     2 / 5       
hehe, i will take you by word

First i may make a basic thing that work, probably on a poor map with no events and quests, not much background information -

just a very raw example - to check the gameplay in general -

hope this can be done in an overseeable amount of time
(will try to knock something like a basic version together to see if the concept may work)

but then you will be surely informed and can start to playtest then - and tell me your opinions

and after that things may get added -

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posted 04-28-06 02:26 AM CT (US)     3 / 5       
This kinda thing's been done before, but not in the level of detail you seem to intend on using... Good luck with this, it should be an interesting finished product.
Primus inter pares
posted 04-28-06 12:32 PM CT (US)     4 / 5       
There was a trading sim started quite a while back, but was never finished.

Hope this works out, for the only feature i miss from AoE was "real trading" when you trade you have to use a rescource to get the gold, like trading. Hope you can expand this and make a brilliant trade sim, and yes it is orignal.....

Just please God dont put cameos in it :P

And "Fugger"......well, say it really fast over and over again

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posted 04-30-06 04:35 AM CT (US)     5 / 5       

well, after spending some Hours in a bad map design again i guess i need another attempt.

i learned that i should design the Maps around the position of the (possible) trading outposts - and not based on whatever -

... and somehow i had a problem with some rivers - they messed up the market values, even if i put land under the bridges, but i may be also wrong with this as it works with the new map ....

on the other hand i had enough time thinking about a concept - ... and selecting some nice background music ...

definately this is a dream of me, and i really want to make it happen

btw, i can tell one thing so far - i still take the concept of AOC - you send a Cart and it comes back with gold -

in the end it is not that important if you need to buy or produce things first and then transport them to more distant places to sell them for more profit, or vice versa, that you buy/produce at distant places certain things and transport them "home" to sell them for profit -

in the end you have more gold than before -

so on this matter i stick with "deathshrimp"
"Anything that hurts gameplay will be blindfolded and shot."
-- Greg "DeathShrimp" Street

but there are of course other things so trust me, of course i don`t tell too much about the concept at its current stage, the things mentioned in the first post are more or less meaningless -

only that this is a dream/vision i want to realize

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