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Topic Subject:Edwards Story Project
posted 04-28-06 07:07 PM CT (US)         
~Edwards Story~

This is my next project.
This campaign will have:
- Prolog
- act1
- act2
- act3
- Ending
Edwards town has been attacked by bandits who take him to be a slave. his father was killed defending the town. Edward then makes some friends in the slave camp and they make a plan to escape. Edwards friends die in the escape but edward gets away. He meets up with an other slave escaper and together they escape the slave island. But when sailing back a storm hits. After the storm they end up on an island they have never herd of. Can they get back revendge Edwards dead father and friends?
~I Need~
I need, as all good designers do, play testers.
If you can playtest just leave your name and email and i will add you.
Also if you have any ideas please say. I have some idea as to what i want but ideas wont hurt.
- Prolog = 100%
- Act1 = 20%
- Act2 = 5%
- Act3 = 1%
- End = 10%

The Wall

coming soon

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posted 04-28-06 07:11 PM CT (US)     1 / 4       
Didn't you have "a massive project" goin' on?

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posted 04-28-06 07:38 PM CT (US)     2 / 4       
Am I right assuming this is the "massive Project"?

Signature Pending.
posted 04-28-06 07:58 PM CT (US)     3 / 4       

Quoted from Last post on "Massive Project Thread":

Well people i got board of waiting untill 12 so i started early.
Result: Failure. I think what i tryed to do was a bit to big and i had never done that sort of thing befor. i got about 60% done but ran out of time.
Problems: Biggest=time
when creating a scenario its a fact that it takes time. I tryed to prove that fact wrong but in the end the fact won. Another big problem is that ive never done what i was trying befor. maybe next time I will practise that sort of thing befor i try it. It was going all right until i saw the time then i think i rushed it and it wosnt the best things ive created.
Anyway now that this is over i can get underway with my next project. Dont worry I will take my time with it. I will open another thread on it later.

posted 04-28-06 08:05 PM CT (US)     4 / 4       
yes thank you newidea read it people that will tell you why this has been started

UPDATE: the prolog is now finished after much hard testing of the triggers fixing the triggers and fixing the triggers some more.
You should be able to download it soon at the blacksmith.

The Wall

coming soon

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