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Topic Subject:Please consider...
posted 04-30-06 08:25 AM CT (US)         
Greetings fellow gamers,

I do not want to boast but I ask you to please consider my game. "True Kingdom Revealed 1. Expansion" received a respectable review from 'Mashek'. Some of you may have played it, but to those new to my scenario I ask you to please consider. I have just uploaded act II Preparation. I wish to choose my words wisely, I know that any game posted cannot please all, but even if you wish to use my guts for garters, please I ask you to download this game. I am certain act II will fulfill peoples expectations on one level or another.

I wish to take this opportunity to write about a little about this scenario.

* I prefer to speak about characters traits on screen rather writing about them, to save player getting bored quickly.
* Everything you see IS the game, and IS the story line!
* I wish all my games to be highly detailed, I cannot promise you the world, but I have tried!

Story line.

There was a time, where the Grand Lord sent out his most loyal subjects to the corners of the world. The were given the task to build kingdoms in their Lords honor. But as they left their lords kingdom, they were exposed to unfamiliar coverings. But as they began to build, they wished kingdoms for themselves. They wish to glorify themselves, the became known as the Dlrow. Time gave birth to the Dekciw, they were not satisfied with kingdoms of their own, they desired the glory of the Grand Lords kingdom. A kingdom divided once more. Kings and Queens, rich and poor, they have become there own lords.

The Grand Lord has only one heir to his throne, Haissem. Haissem and the Grand Lord are one in the same, a loyal son to the end.

This more than a silly civil war, there is more to this then meets the eye. No not look outside the square, look outside the paper the square is on!

Please download Act I FIRST! or nothing will make sense!


Iím not to sure if this is the right place for me to write this, but could you please consider.

True Kingdom Revealed

1. Expansion
2. Preparation

Thank you for your time.


HG Alumnus
(id: Gordon B)
posted 04-30-06 02:13 PM CT (US)     1 / 2       
Moving to SD...
posted 04-30-06 02:18 PM CT (US)     2 / 2       
Oh cool it's this one with like the best charecters ever... Now i have something else to wait to get it.


I can't wait for this.

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