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Topic Subject:How can I...
Mr Unknown
posted 04-30-06 10:41 PM CT (US)         
Make an Allies team farm.
It's like this, I want the other teams villagers to farm at the beginning of the match. (I have Immobile Units ON)
Is there any trigger's to make an allies villagers farm, or chop tree's ect..?
posted 05-01-06 00:07 AM CT (US)     1 / 5       
Task Object...

And be sure to set a Patrol trigger on the farm (not the villager) so that the farm doesn't run out of food.

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posted 05-01-06 09:31 AM CT (US)     2 / 5       
I have made a modified version of the immobile units. It's really simple. Just alter the gather values as you will...

(set-strategic-number sn-maximum-food-drop-distance 20); how far villagers go for food. Make sure farms are inside this radius and no other food sources.
(set-strategic-number sn-maximum-wood-drop-distance 30); wood... the same as above
(set-strategic-number sn-maximum-gold-drop-distance 7); and gold
(set-strategic-number sn-maximum-hunt-drop-distance 0); and hunting (disabled here)
(set-strategic-number sn-maximum-stone-drop-distance 0); stone... (also disabled)

(set-strategic-number sn-food-gatherer-percentage 60);% villagers gather food
(set-strategic-number sn-wood-gatherer-percentage 40);% villagers gather wood
(set-strategic-number sn-gold-gatherer-percentage 0);% vilalgers gather gold
(set-strategic-number sn-stone-gatherer-percentage 0);% villagers gather stone
(set-strategic-number sn-cap-civilian-explorers 0)
(set-strategic-number sn-percent-civilian-explorers 0)

(set-strategic-number sn-percent-enemy-sighted-response 100)
(set-strategic-number sn-hits-before-alliance-change 25)
(set-strategic-number sn-number-explore-groups 0)
(set-strategic-number sn-percent-attack-soldiers 0)
(set-strategic-number sn-task-ungrouped-soldiers 0)
(set-strategic-number sn-number-attack-groups 0)
(set-strategic-number sn-enemy-sighted-response-distance 10)
(set-strategic-number sn-total-number-explorers 0)
(set-strategic-number sn-relic-return-distance 0)

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Mr Unknown
posted 05-01-06 07:16 PM CT (US)     3 / 5       
Thanks, is this possible?
Lets see I have some farmer named Joe right?
And lets say If I come near him, he will buy food off of me.
How do I make it so that he will buy my food if I have any, or he won't buy any food if I don't have any??
Stabby Slashy
posted 05-01-06 09:18 PM CT (US)     4 / 5       
Well I haven't touched triggers for a few months now, so my memory isn't that good but I think it'd be something like...

Looping OFF
Starting ON
Condition0: Objects in Area, player1 units 1
Condition1: Accumulate Attribute, player1 Food (-food amount goes here-)
Condition2: Object Selected to Farmer(assuming you use the click-talk system)
Effect0: Display Instructions to say something like, 'JOE(wait, what kind of person in the medieval era was named Joe?) THE FARMER: "Hey kid, wan' some coin? I'll buy tha' food off of ye." Click on the farmer to buy the food.'
Effect1: Activate Trigger1
Effect2: Change Ownership(anything so the farmer is unselected)

Looping OFF
Starting OFF
Condition0: Select Object on the farmer
Effect0: Tribute from player1 to some other player for (-food amount-)
Effect1: Tribute from player1 to some other player for NEGATIVE(-gold amount-)
Effect2: Display Instructions: 'FARMER: "Aye, it be nice doin' business with ya."'

EDIT: You need to copy&paste the "-" sign into the trigger, but it's worth the trouble as it looks neater since it doesn't show up on your screen when you recieve the tribute.

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Mr Unknown
posted 05-01-06 10:18 PM CT (US)     5 / 5       
Well, I don't know much about medievel times heh.. but I was trieing to use a quick example ^_^. Well, most of that is pretty clear, and you have a good memory, thats for sure!

So.. If I had put in the amount of food in 'accumulate atrribute' condition to about 20, will he still buy the food?
wait nevermind... sorry that made no sense, and I just figured out a way...

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