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Topic Subject:A series of dark, bloody events...
posted 05-01-06 08:27 AM CT (US)         
The History of the Kretharn Wars

A Game/ story by Mashek

What you see here is a series of events describing the two shortlived wars between Krethár and Erertiya.

Political World of Erertiya and Krethar

YD = The Year of the Dragon. Much like AD –Anno Domini, the Year of our Lord. It is a century of unprecedented religion in Erertiyan culture dedicated to the White Dragon, Hilűn. A time of superstitious beliefs and great festivals dedicate to the White Dragon. On the other hand, the Krethárns do war dances and such to celebrate their God, Hargorath.

AKW = After Krethárn Wars.

-A Series of Events-

806 YD – Civil war in the already weakened Kingdom, Durnas.

808 YD – Grustik born with no father. Mother dead at his birth.

813 YD – Durnas Kingdom overthrown. Reform follows.
- Krethár established as a Kingdom. It replaces the Old Kingdom, Durnas.
- Galimak crowned King of Krethár.

820 YD – King Tyronis born.

830 YD – General Hamandis born.

830 YD - King Galimak of Krethár is murdered. Grustik suspiciously succeeds the throne at twenty-two.

830-856 YD – Grustik conquers lands around the small Kingdom of Krethár eventuating in the creation of the Krethárn Empire. He is noted as a ‘great’ conqueror, and a fierce man, one that his people rejoice at the sight of.

832 YD – Count Jaerith Born.

836 YD – King Tyronis succeeds his father, Tynderius (who died of natural causes) at 16 and immediately becomes a great King. In the coming years he will make his Kingdom the greatest there is to see.

840 YD – Wardrick born, son of Grustik, heir to the Krethárn throne.

856 YD - Krethárn borders expand until they collide with the borders of the Dragondom of Erertiya. Ten years of tension between the two.

866 YD - Krethár invades Erertiya in a quick offensive. Outbreak of first Krethárn war. Krethár sends to hell “everything”! Krethárn offensive to be compared with Germany’s ‘Blitzkrieg’ or “Lightning Strike” during World War 2. The Krethárn army is an extremely fast force, able to move thousands of troops tens of miles across snowy land in a single day! The lightly armed and armoured soldier of Krethár makes this possible.

867 YD – Krethárn forces under leadership of King Grustik assault the fortress of Prethonia. Grustik Assaults Prethonia
- Led by Count Jaerith of Prethonia, the defenders valiantly hold of the 30 000 Krethárn warriors. Failure to do so would leave an open path to the capital, Argeron. Battle in Prethonia
- Battle ensues and in the fight Jaerith’s wife, Joanes is slain by King Grustik.
- King Tyronis and 10 000 Erertiyan warriors, as a relief force come up behind the Krethárn army and force them out onto the field where they are "literally" slaughtered.
- King Grustik, the greatest King to ever rule Krethár is slain by Count Jaerith in revenge of his fallen wife. Wardrick, his son vows revenge. Battle before Prethonia
- Krethárn Empire weakened internally. Much corruption, poverty and famine.

868 YD - Unable to continue its existence, the Krethárn Empire disbands into a series of many smaller, disputing states.
- Wardrick, the son of King Grustik, heir to Krethár goes into hiding for a short while.

876 YD - Wardrick, Grustik's son and heir succeeds the old Krethárn throne gaining popularity on all sides.
- Krethárn Empire 'forged with blood and revenge'. The Empire vows for 'revenge' against her archenemy, Erertiya.
- Erertiya becomes nervous.
- Wardrick given the epithet “ironn”, being Wardrick Ironn, named because of his will of ‘Iron’ to succeed in “any” given task.

876-889 YD - The Krethárn Empire rebuilds her economy and army. She vows revenge against a nation “for what she had committed against them over two decades ago”.

877 YD - The Great Plague sweeps down from the Far Northern Countries and into Erertiya and her staunch ally, Merdía. Both countries lose thousands of their people. Economies bankrupt and society left shattered in its wake.
- Erertiyan "Heroes" of First Krethárn War grow old.
- Erertiya's army is barely a few thousand strong.

884 YD - Seven years after the Great Plague, Erertiya and Merdía recover slowly. Both countries are left in poverty and famine.

889 YD - Krethár Invades Merdía under Erertiya's nose. Erertiya is too diverted with the years of plague and poverty in her own borders to take any notice.

890 YD - Count Jaerith celebrates his birthday at Prethonia alongside friends, General Hamandis and King Tyronis. He is 58 this day. Hamandis is 60 and Tyronis 70.
- Wardrick Ironn, like his father before him secretly invades the Dragondom of Erertiya and assaults Prethonia's walls with a vanguard of 2 000. 22 000 slowly come up from behind. Battle before Prethonia once more
- Outbreak of the Second Krethárn War.
- Siege of Prethonia. Results in Krethárn loss. Nearly 2 000 deaths including their King, Wardrick Ironn, slain by Count Jaerith just like his father, Grustik.
- Merdía almost conquered.
- Akxarix, Wardrick's son vows revenge and takes up Krethárn throne.
- Akxarix and his army merges with the army of his father forming a total of 42 000 warriors. 40 000 infantry, 2 000 cavalry. Add this to the ten or so thousand in Merdía and the many thousands in surrounding conquered Kingdoms and at home, and it brings the army up to about 65 000.
- The 40 000 marches for Argeron, the capital of Erertiya, also the Dragondom’s last hope of existence. It is the city in which Count Jaerith, General Hamandis and King Tyronis and survivors of Prethonia are running to so that they may defend from there.
- Death of King Tyronis. Rides out to meet the enemy of 2 000 cavalry as they come up behind the survivors of Prethonia a few hundred metres from the walls of Argeron.
- A few nights later General Hamandis grows increasingly anxious and depressed at the loss of his King and an army so vast about to besiege his city. He suicides that night from despair. King Tyronis was the only man Hamandis could draw strength from. With him gone, Hamandis thought, what could he do?
- Siege of Argeron, Erertiya's capital in which 40 000 warriors of Krethár descend upon on all sides.
- The battle seesaws all throughout the day, when near the end of the day the Erertiyans are finally beaten back by the Krethárn army, albeit at the cost of 10 000 of their warriors lives. The Erertiyans keep on fighting, after a morale rising speech by Count Jaerith in the last ring. Their time over, the Erertiyans still charge out of the last ring and send to hell the Krethárn army. But the Krethárn numbers count against them. When all seems lost King Akxarix, furious because the Erertiyans just won’t die rides out and duels Jaerith. The King is slain, and Jaerith falls to the ground, his life slowly being sucked away from him because of his wounds, staring up at the people of Erertiya, farmers and all, charge from their homes brandishing whatever weapon they can get their hands on and charge into the Krethárn army’s flanks. The impact is astounding and caught between foe on both their north and eastern sides begin to panic and retreat.
- Count Jaerith dies of wounds during the end of battle.
- Remaining Krethárn army slaughtered by Erertiyan farmers and soldiers as they flee back into their lands.
- Merdía is victorious as they defeat a total of 10 000 Krethárn warriors. Merdía had just 2 000 men, all inspired by their Lord's un-expectant return.
- The Second Krethárn War ends, and the era that was Krethár’s hold over the surrounding world.

- Prince Tylehr, Tyronis' son succeeds Erertiyan throne and inspired by Count Jaerith becomes a great King of his people.
- No successor of Akxarix to take Krethárn throne. Krethár horribly weakened. Tens and tens of thousands of her soldiers in the war never came home.
- Many revolts in outlying Krethárn-occupied territories after hearing of the great Empire’s loss in the north.

993 YD – With most of her Empire lost from war or revolt, Krethár disbands once and for all, signing 'treaty of peace' with Erertiya and Merdía. However, war still ensues with surrounding and revolting Kingdoms who were under Krethár’s hand of dominance.

995-1000 YD - Krethár no longer exists, and so disappears much of her warlike culture and God, Hargorath. Krethár disbands into a fresh lot of smaller Kingdoms.
- Original countries retake land of Krethárn occupation.
- Erertiya and Merdía are stabilizing after years of plague and war.

1000 AKW – Erertiya and Merdía form the ‘Two Kingdoms’ alliance, a powerful alliance where the two Kingdoms are able to form a strong economy.

(c) Mashek 2005 - 2006.

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Lord Basse
MI6 Scenario-Making Machine
posted 05-01-06 01:26 PM CT (US)     1 / 19       
Great Story!
I wish you good luck in your TSKW campaigns! I just downloaded A Day Of Hatred And Lost Memories, but I haven't got time to test yet. I'll do that tomorrow.
BTW, I like the Feud Between Two Kingdooms movie.

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posted 05-01-06 01:45 PM CT (US)     2 / 19       
You should make the map revealed in the screenshots. (Sorry, too much text )

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posted 05-01-06 04:45 PM CT (US)     3 / 19       
-Lord Basse-
Cheers and thanks.

I would have but I was randomly taking pictures as I was watching the cutscenes so I didn't really think of it, though the shroud doesn't look so good.

It is alot of text, but you should take the time to read it .

posted 05-01-06 04:58 PM CT (US)     4 / 19       
Sounds awesome. Can't wait till it comes out. Dantares (lol) will be so excited. I think you know what I mean Mashek.
Cesar Bernardi
posted 05-01-06 05:08 PM CT (US)     5 / 19       
militia mouse
posted 05-01-06 06:39 PM CT (US)     6 / 19       


Wardrick Ironn, like his father before him secretly invades the Dragondom

Hey, Masheek - You've accidently almost given me a cameo there in a twisted sort of way How did you know my father did that?


drop in to eleven:11 - my gallery
posted 05-02-06 01:05 AM CT (US)     7 / 19       
Wow, talk about a grim title for your campaign! I like it!


posted 05-02-06 01:25 AM CT (US)     8 / 19       
-The_Slayer90 and Cesar-
Thanks . And Slayer, I do believe he will be happy, lol. Just can't wait to see his outburst when 'The Night of Long Tears' is released, which is by the way looking great.

-militia mouse-
lol, I did get Wardrick from Warwick. The name "Ironn" is quite a funny story. I was in bed one night and I was staring up at the bunk bed top. On one of the slats it said "Hercules Ironn". I then thought.. 'hmm, Wardrick Ironn. That sounds great!'

Glad you liked it. For some odd reason I like to try and make my campaigns, or at least TSKW, as dark as possible. I have the nature of the gameplay dark and the music and the title dark. Have you played the campaign? Or watched the cutscene for that matter? The threads are above if not.

militia mouse
posted 05-02-06 02:16 AM CT (US)     9 / 19       
@ Masheek

and it's not a big stretch from Ironn to Brown, which is my surname.

unfortunately Hercules isn't my middle name


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azure skies
(id: ThUnDeR77)
posted 05-02-06 03:33 AM CT (US)     10 / 19       
Mashek, this campaign looks awesome. Can't wait to play it.
posted 05-02-06 03:52 AM CT (US)     11 / 19       
-militia mouse-
lol, you got killed by the same man who killed your father and who is about to kill your son

cheers. But i'm afraid you'll have to wait some more...

The timeline has been updated at the start and end of the list. By the way, could I please get some comments regarding what I said in the last paragrah about a First kretharn War game? It would really help.

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posted 05-03-06 06:03 PM CT (US)     12 / 19       
The First Kretharn war sounds really good.When you first came out with TSKW I wondered if there was a first Kretharn war, but i searched and there was not. Now with hearing the History of Grustik on "A day of Hatred and Lost Memories" I thought it would be cool to have a first Kretharn war and now I find out you might make it. I say go for it, It would make the rest of the game seen more "finished".

Edit: BTW Dantares is standing here with me and he wanted me to say, that it sounds great. lol

[This message has been edited by The_Slayer90 (edited 05-03-2006 @ 06:04 PM).]

posted 05-04-06 03:12 AM CT (US)     13 / 19       
-The_Slayer90 and Dantares-
Cheers fellows. I think I will make it. As far as I'm concerned the game is near complete, but TFKW will make it much more varied and interesting. Will start on it very soon when APTW demo is complete and TSKW cutscene (the new one) is near completion, as it just about is.
posted 05-05-06 07:19 AM CT (US)     14 / 19       
@Mashek, Is this a scenario? Cause if it is, I can't wait till its released, coz I loooved Second Kretharn War scenarios, even tho that last one u made lagged alot, coz of the amount of men, anyway, cant wait.
posted 05-05-06 08:27 AM CT (US)     15 / 19       
The one me and slayer are discussing is... well it could be. I haven't completely decided yet.
posted 05-05-06 05:52 PM CT (US)     16 / 19       
Might want to post the map you made...
posted 05-05-06 06:27 PM CT (US)     17 / 19       
The map I made is only the fortress of Prethonia. So do you mean host it myself (which I don't know how to do) and let people download it from here?
posted 05-05-06 06:41 PM CT (US)     18 / 19       
No i mean you had a map with merida and the sea and that stuff it was like the over world map i know you posted it some time...
posted 05-05-06 06:52 PM CT (US)     19 / 19       
Oh, right -I remember now, will do.

EDIT: The Map is up. It shows only the Political boundaries of Kingdoms, not the advancements of the Kretharn Empire as shown in the previous pictures, although I may put them up soon.

You can find it at the top of the page, just before the list of events.

Thanks for telling me Indesstructable.

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