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Topic Subject:Other resources in AoK
posted 05-07-06 10:10 AM CT (US)         
What's the best way of simulating other resources? Say, I want the user to be able to buy / sell clothing. How do I keep a record of how much the player has, which is also easily changeable during the game, both increasing and decreasing?
posted 05-07-06 10:13 AM CT (US)     1 / 9       
What would happen if said player didn't buy clothing?

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posted 05-07-06 10:13 AM CT (US)     2 / 9       
You can place walls or something in a unused corner of the map to keep the count. Use a line of dots to show the player how many he has got of the item.

You can also let it be represented by another resource.

posted 05-07-06 10:19 AM CT (US)     3 / 9       
That wouldn't work because I wouldn't know where to place the walls.
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posted 05-07-06 10:34 AM CT (US)     4 / 9       
Just place them in a part of the map that isn't used. Corners do well for that.

Busschof Happertesch
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posted 05-07-06 11:49 AM CT (US)     5 / 9       
You could also use the resources of another player, if it's a B&D. That way the player won't notice how much he has, though, which may go against your wishes.

Hussarknight, the problem with using walls is that it would be incredibly difficult if not impossible to decide where the next wall should be created, should the player get extra resources, and which one should be removed, in the case of him spending.

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posted 05-07-06 11:58 AM CT (US)     6 / 9       
Use flags if you are going to keep track. You can stack flags, so its very easy.

Magnum Pi
posted 05-07-06 12:17 PM CT (US)     7 / 9       
Flags would be easier than walls, but would still require a lot of triggers, that is one for each flag the player could possibly get. Also with the stacking; how would you get,say, only one flag to get removed, if all the flags are on top of each other?

Using TS, you could have attributes such as kills, razings, etc. count because they could get tributed back and forth, but that would have the same "invisibility" problem that Kor pointed out another player would. Also the acheievements screen would show an incorrect number because they were being tampered with.

Cesar Bernardi
posted 05-07-06 12:21 PM CT (US)     8 / 9       
Use AI. It's by far the safest way.
posted 05-07-06 12:48 PM CT (US)     9 / 9       
Are there variables in AI then? And interfacing between the two would be hard wouldn't it?

Being able to see how much you've got isn't really important. So I guess using other player's resources is the best idea, and have that player tribute to another player and back so that a value is stored. Thanks very much everyone.

Actually, come to thing of it could you do something where you have a unit for the new resource on an empty stretch of map, and you task him to one end to increase the value, and the other way to decrease the value. After a set amount of time (1 sec) a trigger stops him moving so that he only goes a little way each time. Then you could put a sign at each interval with the number written on so the player knows how much he has. Viable? Too complicated perhaps.

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