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Topic Subject:Project: The Scrolls of Ytanji
posted 05-13-06 03:08 PM CT (US)         
The Scrolls of Ytanji
By Snail
------------------------------------------------------------ -----

546 AT, Second Age
The Hazaarn Empire has now taken control over the west parts of the Lunain Kingdom. It is now the biggest contry rules by one man ever. The Emperor, Lon Tyalinn, has gathered his forces in the new domains of the Lunain Kingdom and planning to once for all take out the forces of his enemy, King Ryan.
    But the Hazaarn Emperor don't know about Ryan's wizard. A man who one day knocked on Ryan's palace asking for favor, noone except the king knows what he asked but now he works for Ryan. The rumors says something about a scroll...

Prolouge - Travels in the time
Cutscene with playable parts. We leran to know our hero, Awan Nodd, a young knight who are intrested in the art of magic
Progress: Overall - 80%, Map design - 100%, Triggers - 60%

Part I - Ryan's Secret
RPG based screnario including the battle between the Emperor and King Ryan. Which side will Awan join?
Progress: Overall - 5%, Map design - 10%, Triggers - 0%

Part II - Untitled
Progress: Planning Stadium

I might decide to add more scenarios ltar but for now I aim at three.

From Prolouge:
In the mountains|In a forest|Finding a caravan|Entering camp|A Town
From Part I:
Forest in the begining
From Part II:
None yet.

Feel free to sign up, I'll have the first scenario sent out soon!

------------------------------------------------------------ -----

Estimated release time: During the summer.

posted 05-13-06 04:10 PM CT (US)     1 / 2       
- Wow, those screenies are amazing, especially the mountains and the town .
This looks great, nice storyline, it has a strong beginning.
I'd love to playtest for you if possible.

Chaos is upon us! The balance between "Good" and "Evil" will clash and the Earth will be covered in darkness!!
No Idea if this makes sense, just thought it sounded cool
Status: Online
Email me for more information on my scenario's.
Current Scenario working on...: Sir Hye Merfiable: Save the Past II & Sir Hye Merfiable: Heart of a True Champion
posted 05-13-06 06:23 PM CT (US)     2 / 2       
This sounds good, and the screenshots are good too. But I believe you would do well to have more information about your scenario. Best of luck nonetheless .

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