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Topic Subject:A topic of MY designing issues
posted 02-01-08 02:31 AM CT (US)         
if you play the expantion pack "The Conquerors", attila the hun campaign, i dont remember wich map i'l go check later: there is a palaside wall on the water (there is a small amount of ground there) and as i know the game the Gate is made of stone... but in that map there is a gate made of WOOD - just like the palaside wall... how can i make gates like that one?
John Mendl
posted 02-01-08 03:32 AM CT (US)     1 / 4       
I was going to post a topic like this!

I want to know how can we place palisade gate without using data files/mod packs. I want to place palisade gate for my current scenario-in-progress.
posted 02-01-08 04:19 AM CT (US)     2 / 4,37500,0,10


Also the search bar at the bottom of the page works good.

The Wall

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Emperor Alexander
(id: Alex Coles)
posted 02-01-08 04:59 AM CT (US)     3 / 4       
John, if you honestly don't want Sea Gates (even though I think it's just unlocking a load of BETA things like TWAL or Beta Knights) then simply map-copy from other maps. The first one coming to my head would be Ulio in I think the third or fourth mission.

"...there's a difference between offering constructive criticism and going out of your way to be a dick." - Aro
(id: Sword_of_STORM)
posted 02-01-08 08:28 AM CT (US)     4 / 4       
Search in the blacksmith for wooden walls and gates template.

Jatayu O===| /
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