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Topic Subject:Stand on position>>>>>>>>>>
Syed Anwar
posted 07-21-08 02:48 AM CT (US)         
How can I let the enemy hero to stand on the fix position which I gaave him and only be on defensive stance.Although I did the stop unit trigger and the task object trigger but he still comes out of city and comes in the first attack into my city .....................
posted 07-21-08 03:43 AM CT (US)     1 / 2       
Use freeze unit, not stop unit.
+ make the task object trigger looping.
(id: Mashek)
posted 07-21-08 05:12 AM CT (US)     2 / 2       
Hey Syed,

This is the 6th topic from you in a month, and while it's good to ask questions, it's not very appreciated to keep posting a whole new topic every time you have one. In future, please edit your previous posts and ask the questions there. Thanks.

Regarding the question, perhaps you could create a dummy player, set it to immobile AI so that its units will not move. Then you can create the hero under the dummy player, and the unit will not move unless by tasking effects. When you want the hero to move, you can use the change ownership effect to switch him from the dummy player and to his respective team so that he will begin to move.

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