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Topic Subject:How to lock teams in scenario?
posted 07-27-08 09:15 PM CT (US)         
Is there any way to lock the teams in a secenario? I'm trying to make a custom campaign.

Dantares IV
posted 07-28-08 05:57 PM CT (US)     1 / 5       
I know there is a way, but I fail to remember how to do it.

You (Dantares) also made a good impression with your campaigns. So many hours, wrestling with idea's. Playtested tons and tons of other work of other people.
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(id: Lord_Fadawah)
posted 07-28-08 07:20 PM CT (US)     2 / 5       
I take the brute force approach and loop-set everyone's diplomacy using triggers.
posted 07-28-08 08:11 PM CT (US)     3 / 5       
Yeah, as soon as I saw the title of the thread, I thought of what L_F suggests. It would work just fine; as soon as a player (Or AI) changes their diplomacy, the trigger would change it right back to where you want it.

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posted 07-28-08 09:18 PM CT (US)     4 / 5       
You could go to Standard game load up the Scenario and select the lock teams option.

With the triggers: Be aware that sometimes the Ai is so determined to make you or somebody else a enemy that it will change diplomancy over-and-over.

Senior Member

Know god, No fear
No god, Know fear
posted 07-29-08 05:53 AM CT (US)     5 / 5       
Create AI that has no intentions under any circumstances to change its diplomacy.
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