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Topic Subject:Let's talk about carts - anyone
posted 05-06-00 08:00 PM CT (US)         
How to stop them? Research in progress...

Recently I made several experiments:

During one session:

1)On my side I had a market surrounded by a wall. I think the wall was 3 squares away from the market.

2)On the comp side I had a market, a cart, and a villager.

I used the AI 'Movenot', because the visibility range has been set to minimum.

I tasked the comp villager right next to the walls surrounding my market. The villager didn't detect my market. Therefore, the comp cart didn't rush towards my market.

I also noticed that the comp cart always moves a certain distance from the comp market. By tasking the comp cart, I moved it again close to the market and it moved away again.

Then, I deleted the comp market and created a new one in the same place of the original.
Again, I tasked the comp cart towards it's one market, but this time the comp cart didn't move away.

In conclusion:

If you don't want the comp carts rushing towards your market, make sure the comp units don't detected.

As for the second annoyance, delete the original comp market and create another one.

Just something to discuss!!!!
Anyone's point of view?

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posted 05-27-00 02:26 PM CT (US)     1 / 7       
I apologize for the statements made between the red faces!

Well, since no one commented about it, I guess nobody tried out.

Corrections and updated research:

a)You should instead delete and create your market not the comp. More on this later.

b)I included the same mistake in the conclusion.

---Well, lets start from the beginning okay!---

[The comp uses the AI none]
1)Problem: I Want to stop the comp trade carts from rushing towards my market. This only happens if the comp units detect my market. (I'm not sure if comp buildings are used to detect my market. I recently created a testing scenario, in which I have a comp castle near my market. I moved a villager lateral to the market and the castle killed the villager. If it detected the villager then it should had detected the market. The comp castle didn't detect my market, because the comp trade carts stayed still.)

I'm sure you've noticed, when the scenario starts the comp trade carts move away a certain distance from the comp market and from each other.(They spread out!)
By default the trade carts always spread out. You can try either to freeze or task them.

Okay, so what do we have so far?(Trading works only in ally or neutral stance, from the comp point of view. You can trade with an enemy, but your trade cart runs the risk of being destroyed.)

You create a scenario among which there're two markets and trade carts. You have one market and the comp another plus some trade carts. Scenario starts. You notice that the comp trade carts spread out. Soon or later the comp scout unit detects your market and the trading starts(ally or neutral).

One way to stop the trade is set the stance to enemy.

Before we get into it:
a)If you're using an AI which freezes the comp units, then you don't have to hide your market from the comp units. Just make sure when you task the comp units they don't travel near your market.

b)If you're using an AI which doesn't freeze the comp units, then you should wall in your market with a gate.
You have to do some tests in figure out the furthest LOS. Then, build a wall around and at a certain distance from your market so that the furthest LOS doesn't detect it.

Now the good stuff:
I'm going to divide this section into two parts.

a)Part 1: The comp units have not detected your market and you want to bring the comp trade carts near the comp market.
Furthermore, you want to keep them from spreading out.

b)Part 2: The comp units have detected your market. You want to stop the trade carts without changing the stance to enemy.

Part 1: Create a comp unit near your market. The comp unit near your market detects it. Trading starts. Now, remove your market and the comp unit near it(You can remove the comp unit even if it starts moving.). At this point the comp player knows you don't have a market and the comp trade carts move toward their market and stay there until a comp unit detects your market again. Go ahead and create your market again. This is done by using one trigger. Create comp unit, remove your market, remove comp unit, create your market. This trigger is very fast, so make sure that there are no other comp units around. Specially trade carts.

Part 2: Basically do the same as in Part 1. Again, make sure there are no trade carts near your market when the trigger goes off. If there are, they will re-detect your market and you have to use the trigger again.

If you with like a scenario with an example email me at:

or leave yours.

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posted 05-27-00 10:24 PM CT (US)     2 / 7       
Hehehe I'm not up to figuring out this at the moment. You can send me the scenario if you like,

Sounds like somebody is letting AoK get to their head


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posted 05-28-00 01:24 PM CT (US)     3 / 7       
Why don't you just ban them from building carts!

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posted 05-28-00 02:40 PM CT (US)     4 / 7       
That's not the point!!!

The purpose of the post was to stop the comp trade carts so that you can apply triggers to them in your scenario.

For example:

You have a scenario where you want a comp trade cart to follow you to some location.

posted 05-28-00 08:36 PM CT (US)     5 / 7       
i gotta tell, this is hilarious watching this guy trying to figure, whatever the hell is trying to do
posted 05-28-00 09:27 PM CT (US)     6 / 7       
Dear: alanlerchs

The reason I posted this post is because alot of people in this forum have encountered this problem before, including my self. If you don't recognize this problem, is because you're either a new member or just don't care about creating sceanrios.

Here are some posts concerning TRADE CARTS:

freezing trade carts!
Why can't I get trade carts to do anything???
Patrolling Trade Carts
Problems tasking trade carts to specific markets

I'm only trying to help, but it seems i'm not appreciated for my efforts. Well, you've heard the last from me!!!

The Khan
posted 05-29-00 08:56 AM CT (US)     7 / 7       
Arggh! Doesn't anybody this trick? It's sooo simple. It is done with triggers.

StandStill: Objective=No/Looping=Yes/Enabled=You decide
Effect 0 - Freeze Unit (Area=All around the AI's market. You'll have to set player and stuff like that.)

Or do you mean freeze them in a Random Map/Regicide/ Deathmatch game? If that's what you're talking about, then I can't help you. Sorry.

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