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Age of Kings Heaven » Forums » Scenario Design and Discussion » French AoK site with Illegal (stolen) AoKH info...
Topic Subject:French AoK site with Illegal (stolen) AoKH info...
posted 05-26-00 05:11 PM CT (US)         
Targeted people:

Rasher, Ronin, me Agamemmnon, Cartographer(David), Stoyan Ratchev (who made Ai editor 1.6, ULT_Wild, and whoever else who's files were uploaded without their name mentioned

Check this site out.

The graphics on this French site, which were copyrighted, appear to be stolen from AoKH without permission from the webmaster Angel. Enrique Orduno pointed this out to me while on ICQ and I was dissapointed at how the guy uploaded 2 of mine and 1 of Ronin's mods at his site without EVEN mentioning our names. He also had the Rasher's Map Tricks template, ULT_Wild's modpack installer, and some scenarios by David. That's
illegal, uploading files to a site without mentioning the creators' names, isn't it? Just look in the "files" section of the site.

Enrique Orduno told me to post this sort of thread, because he felt it was an important situation that the webmaster of "Age of Death," as that guy called his site must be sued.

List of possibly files uploaded without permission on the AoD site:

1.Editeur d'Ia V.1.6 Le fameux éditeur d'intelligence artificielle... (Stoyan Ratchev's AI editor)
2.Les nouvelles unitées Deux nouvelles unitées pour Aok (Rasher's "Map Tricks" scenario)
3.Aok Modpack Install 2000 Pour installer vos modpacks en toutes simplicités ... (ULT_Wild's mod installer)
4.Falaises invisibles Fichiers scénarios qui contient des falaises invisibles ,pour personnaliser vos cartes petites uniquement ... (Not so sure what this is)
5.Volcan Fichier scénario donnant l'illusion d'un volcan . (Volcano Illusion scenario. I think it was made by Cartographer.)
6.Dauphins pour Aok Remplace un marlin par un dauphin ...(My Dolphin Mod)
7.Les quatres saisons Remplace les fleurs par des saisons ...(Ronin's Seasonal Foliage mod)
8.Le mode feu Remplace les torche par un feu ...(My Fire Mod)

Also, look in the "screenshots" section of AoD. Don't those 3 pics look familiar?

Crimson Wolf
posted 05-26-00 05:18 PM CT (US)     1 / 19       
I just went and checked it out. It's basically a french AoKH they have the same background and the boarder design (Kind of.) And I saw the Modpack section the Dolphin mod everything you said was there and they didn't mention your names.

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HG Angel
(id: shadows166)
posted 05-26-00 06:19 PM CT (US)     2 / 19       
It is almost a complete copy of AoK Heaven..have any of you contacted the Angels?

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James Thomas
posted 05-26-00 06:28 PM CT (US)     3 / 19       
Do you know if ES have the right to shut down sites?

Oh and I have seen the screenshots - some sort of sad excuse for Age2oons.
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RoNiN Jimbo
posted 05-26-00 09:01 PM CT (US)     4 / 19       
But shouldn't the site be called L'Age de Death? Age of Death is in English...

RoNiN Knights Homepage

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Enrique Orduno
posted 05-26-00 11:48 PM CT (US)     5 / 19       
Well, it's me eo.

More details about the stuff :

I emailed the guy today or I should say yesterday.
I didn't receive answer.

The site is called age of death cause age of kings(death). The game has the same title in french and english.

One of the many reasons, I'm talking about this is to give an exemple to a lot of sites who don't say where they took stuff. Currently, I'm working on Aok Univers. And a lot of guys are critizing the site and I'm hunting down these guys to stop this. They complain about sites while their sites get loads of illegal things(ie : mods, scns...).

posted 05-26-00 11:53 PM CT (US)     6 / 19       
This is very serious. I guess this could be considered plagiarizing? Seriously someone should email Angel Washizu. I'm certain the angels won't be happy, if you look at it it looks quite a lot like the main page here(in the frame design anyway.) How did you find this site, Aga?
And another thing, the guy who posted the magic carpet utility, has a pic of it on there.

Proud member of SCN PUNK.

creations of mine are coming soon.

Mats Molin
posted 05-27-00 04:07 AM CT (US)     7 / 19       
The site sucks!
It is a illegal copy of much stuff, and i hope ES can shut down the site!
It´s crap
The guy who made it is really stupid!

All Hail!!!!!!
Member of the PAX team

posted 05-27-00 06:10 AM CT (US)     8 / 19       
what about to contact their web-host?

It's a bigger chance to get them to shut down the site than ES

posted 05-27-00 07:20 AM CT (US)     9 / 19       
I AM french and heres some traductions of the site you mentionned:
1- Age of Death is Âge de la mort(he probably made his name english cuz it sounds cooler)my name is english cuz my old name EvilGood would have sounded like this in french: MéchantBon(not too scary!)
2-lediteur d'IA is AI editor
3-Falaise invisibles= invisible cliffs (yea that trick!)

I must say none of my work is there but i feel outraged to know that your work has been litterally stolen from you without even asking(nicely)! That guy's NEEDS to be shut down! If he has a forum i suggest that you flood it with your discontent! He wants to make others work pass for his that is plagiarizing! He should know! In every(good) french school copying is punishable by suspension or expulsion! DEATH TO AGE OF DEATH! I hope many people fill this thread so we can send it to him!

SCN PUNK campaign creation!

posted 05-27-00 07:30 AM CT (US)     10 / 19       
I just checked out the site and theres more you forgot to mention:
1-avi knight didnt somebody find that in the beta version? You know that old looking knight
2-Les musiques d'AOK! (AOK dance mix?)
3-Ecran de veille d'age of death(dont we have something similar on this site)
4- Same layout except for one thing you cant access the bottom links!(LOL rofwl hahahahahahaha 11)
5- some strategies seem to come from here! like the ''technique de départ''

If you want that %$?%$&?$ site to be translated email me at:

Luckily none of your scenarios are in there!

SCN PUNK campaign creation!

posted 05-27-00 11:33 AM CT (US)     11 / 19       
Not the first place to copy aokh
Well I told Washizu and I'm sure it'll go away

Has the greatest map making section
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(id: swp)
posted 05-27-00 12:18 PM CT (US)     12 / 19       
those were the b*stards i mentioned in a previous post!

those turds need a life!

.:: swp ::.
or u can just call me Steve

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posted 05-27-00 12:57 PM CT (US)     13 / 19       
The site was the most ugly site I every seen hmmm
It´s uglyer and mine first site it was only green

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Enrique Orduno
posted 05-27-00 01:10 PM CT (US)     14 / 19       
The guy is sorry and said he will mention the name and change his layout. I hope this will give a lesson to those who copy stuff. I showed him this thread.

The weak arm themselves with revenge.The righteous arm themselves with justice.
---Orduno, High Admiral of the Armada

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HG Alumnus
posted 05-28-00 10:21 AM CT (US)     15 / 19       
First, I've never published any volcano scenario (I think), so if it's mine he has to have cracked into my hard disk, and I don't think so. However, I was quite active in the discussion when the volcano first appeared on this forum, and I posted two screenshots of two diffrent volcanos, he might have copied one of them.

I'd say that it's a 95% chanse that this site is run by a kid that doesn't know the laws. If it's the other 5%, that's sad.

I've seen many diffrent sites with content on where no names has been mentioned, and also many sites where the names has been mentioned but where I am VERY thoughtful if he has asked the authors for permission.

And this is a message to everybody running a site, AoK or not AoK:

ALWAYS ask for permission from the author before you post ANY files. More often than not you will get a positive answer! (I've never had a negative one)

Will AoK:TC get out before September?

Qui vivra verra!

posted 05-28-00 02:48 PM CT (US)     16 / 19       
Why you are so angry about this site ? Its only a game. There are many private websites with scenarios and mods.
I am sure most people don't ask for permission..
(id: Jerusalem)
posted 05-28-00 03:00 PM CT (US)     17 / 19       
Age of Death (for creativity)
posted 05-29-00 10:23 AM CT (US)     18 / 19       
Somebody had BETTER tell Angel Washizu about this!!!

Invisible cliffs- weren't those my idea and creation?!?

HG Alumnus
posted 05-29-00 01:27 PM CT (US)     19 / 19       
Hey calm down! It's already down, even I never had time to see it!

And Ra, obviously you arn't informed about the law of copyright. It's a law that makes sure that if you creates something, no one else may steal it and take the credit/money for it.

Or you might just be aware of it but not understanding the width of this problem.

The biggest problem here isn't that he is stealing all the credit from the wonderful scenario makers, but that he has stolen AoK Heavens layout. If he hadn't taken it down when asked for it, AoKH could have sued him, and he'd get to jail, or at least pay a heavy fee. It's extremly important that these copyright laws are followed.

Let's for an example say that you have created this fun and entertaining book that you feel will sell in millions of ex. (ok, amybe a bit unrealistic, but hey, it's only an example!) 2 weeks after the realese you walks into a book store and in in the window you sees a thing that makes you say, "Hey, that's my book! But why has they written that ugly name on it!". Some one has simply copied your book, changed the authors name, and is now selling it for 10 cents below your prize. Now who will get the most custemors?

I'm aware of that the connection between this example and AoK Heaven's design isn't really easy to see, but beleve me, it's extremly important that these rules are followed. And that is for reasons I can't go in on now (would take too much space).

As to the scenarios and ideas with without credit, that's not as serious as the above. When it's with the wrong credit however, it's a LOT more serious. It's even more like the example above!

When I see something that's really mine, but withougt name on it, I email the auther asking him to correct it. If he doesn't, I'll threat him with going to court. Usually the first is enough. I've never had to use the second one. People out there isn't as mean as you may first think, the problem is that with the Internet growing so fast, many people aren't aware of the laws and rules that apply.

I once got an email which was about this. It was from a guy (don't remember his name, and if I did I wouldn't say) that liked my design and wanted it to apply to his page. I said that it was ok, as long as he didn't copied anything. The next day I got another letter which I really felt bad for. He wasn't really nice to me. Instead he said that he hadn't really needed to ask, and that the code is for free use anyway. Then he asked me how I made that thingie in the middle. ( Obviously he hadn't looked very carefully, and he doesn't seem to have much experience of HTML coding either. That kind of effect can't be made without a complex "network" of tables and pictures. I answered him that it was pictures and that he can't copy the code, actually I've written that as comments inside tha code of every document, Copyright 2000 David Eriksson, but that he still might borrow the design as long as he didn't copy anything, pictures or code. Since then I havn't heard from him.

Well, I could go on about this for years, but, I won't. Don't have the time to write it all .

Will AoK:TC get out before September?

Qui vivra verra!

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