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Topic Subject:pop/lim? & strings?
LOB Bishop
posted 05-28-00 03:56 PM CT (US)         
Hi ya's,

I've got a custom scenario to finish, but for the life of me can't find in the scenario editor where to reset the population limit to it's maximum(150) instead of it's min(75). If I add houses before hand it doesn't change things. Can anyone help me? Also I've noticed all these boxes where strings may be placed, could someone give me any example of how to use a string? Couldn't I make a trigger so when u click on a knight he say's "You'd better protect me I'm King Arthur"? Please help me if u can I'd like to release this to ya'll so we can play it hehe.

Thanx :P

posted 05-28-00 04:22 PM CT (US)     1 / 6       
the pop limit cannot be directly edited, to my knowledge
I don't know what the strings do, exactly. It has something to do with AI, I think.

condition 0: object selected : knight
effect 0: display instructions: "I'm king arthur"

HG Angel
(id: shadows166)
posted 05-28-00 07:49 PM CT (US)     2 / 6       
check the faq's it will help you, I am guessing u r a newbie

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posted 05-28-00 08:45 PM CT (US)     3 / 6       
For the trigger to get the knight to tell you to protect him, use the following:

Trigger0: Whatever name you want
Condition0: Object Selected (click on the knight)
Effect0: Display Objective ("You must protect me, I am King Arthur" or whatever else you want)

That's it! You don't need strings (whatever they are, I think they're AI only)

Hope you figure it out


LOB Bishop
posted 05-28-00 09:51 PM CT (US)     4 / 6       
Thank u very much. What u told me, the example, waz exactly what I needed to move forward. I'm not worried about those strings anymore, nor do I need them for what I'd like to do. If the pop/lim isn't directly editable then how do u play test your map with that setting in mind? Another trivia question..heh. I've got an island map and the comp ai is set for migration. But the comp will not move unto another island and expand. What other map ia would an island map be? And the grand booby prize question of the hour....How do u customize a victory condition, where as it's conquest & if u loose a special/hero unit u fail?

These on the next conclussion of the ongoing saga.. "Bewildered Cannonier"

the great Alexander
posted 05-29-00 09:49 AM CT (US)     5 / 6       
The Question about the settling of the AI is not trivial.It may send troops to conquer other islands, but it won't settle there, no matter what Map Type is specified.I think there is also no custom AI at the moment that can do this.
Ok, now to the trigger:

Name:whatever you want
Starting state:ON
display as objective:you decide - but if you do, you should write a description to the trigger.

Condition0:Object destroyed: [select the unit]
Effect0: Declare Victory: Player:gaia (you can also choose any other player except the human one)

I'm sorry about my bad English.

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HG Alumnus
posted 05-29-00 01:35 PM CT (US)     6 / 6       
BTW; The max pop is 200!

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