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Topic Subject:Finally made it back to the forum...
posted 05-29-00 02:40 PM CT (US)         
Hello everybody,

First of all I would like to say that I have been gone for about 5 weeks (exams, essays, looking for a job,...)so I apoligize for my (perhaps) weird questions.
And again I start with my latest problem wich isn't solved: the trading carts.
Is there anyone who has a neat sollution? I mean no palissade walls, the cart must be standing still (somekind of freezing, it is not necessary to move around!). In case nobody knows, I think I'll have to use the Emperor in a barrel.

Next one; is it possible to play the game with units in a different color. Example, player 1 in red and player 2 in blue. I tried with the settings 'either' in the 'player'-section, but it didn't work. I was only able to play with player 1 in the red colour. I would use those colours to give my men a name like:

player 1 > blue > berserk > stephen
player 2 > red > huskarl > james
player 3 > cyan > jannisary > ...
(names are just finctional!)

Last one, when will it be possible to fetch 'The conquerors'? When I look at those previews, I can hardly wait!! It would be in the fall, but which month??

Bye and sorry for the possible mistakes.

PS: What's the weapon of the War Wagon (wich looks like the Scythe chariot in Aoe, of course whithout the man in it.) It only has one window on its side...

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Enrique Orduno
posted 05-29-00 10:34 PM CT (US)     1 / 4       
2 : To change color, go to player and then chose the player and go under color.

3 : TC is due for september.

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posted 05-30-00 02:48 AM CT (US)     2 / 4       
Well I think you didn't catch my problem with the players.

I want to use both player 1 and player 2, just with another colour. (so I can control both of them!)

the great Alexander
posted 05-30-00 08:15 AM CT (US)     3 / 4       
2:The player isn't supposed to have control of more than
one civilisation.If he has got units, they all have one
color (what is a good feature in my opinion).The only
possibility would be to let another player control that
unit, and use triggers to task it.I think the easiest way
to move it around would be to create a "dummy" unit, and
make a trigger that taks the other unit constantly to
that "dummy" unit.To give him other commands would be
more difficult, but there is surely also a solution.Of
course all this wouldn't look to elegant, but it should
solve your problem.

1:I'm not sure whether that will help.The "emperor" in a
barrel is in fact a trade cart with lightly changed
statistics.You can trade with him, just as any other cart,
and so I think the AI just handles him like any oter cart.
I think you would have to find another way.You meant
visible walls, didn't you ? If so, you could use the
invisible walls trick - but that would cause the problem
that they are possible if under the fog of war - you
could solve this by setting a flag next to the cart when
the player discovers it.In case you don't know, the
invisible wall trick is to make any kind of wall in the
scenario editor and to make a trigger that removes (not
destroys !)that wall immediately when the scenario starts.
Or you could make a looping trigger that tasks him to
that location.It will maybe move a bit, but it shouldn't
move too far away.

I'm sorry about my bad English.

posted 05-30-00 01:26 PM CT (US)     4 / 4       
Thnx for answering!!
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