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Topic Subject:HELLO Everyone
(id: Angel Park)
posted 10-19-00 11:36 PM CT (US)         
Well this is a useless post for some people but I haven't been able to access AOKH for at least 2 weeks now and its good to see it again

BTW I'm seraph now of Empire Earth Heaven (pretty cool I can make the link go in a popup window)

posted 10-20-00 09:16 AM CT (US)     1 / 11       
Well Congratulations but I will still think of you as Park305 ok?? I think this is very nice and welcome to the Angels :-)
(id: Jerusalem)
posted 10-20-00 09:36 AM CT (US)     2 / 11       
Hey Park, you're looking a little orange! Jell-o and congrats!
HG Alumnus
(id: Angel Rasher)
posted 10-20-00 10:05 AM CT (US)     3 / 11       
Hey Park, glad to see you got your wings! You look rather good in orange
posted 10-20-00 02:13 PM CT (US)     4 / 11       
Yeah, I always thought Park would look nice in blue though..

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Elite Raider
posted 10-20-00 03:42 PM CT (US)     5 / 11       
Lol - looks good Congrats !
Demolition Ship Captain
posted 10-20-00 04:23 PM CT (US)     6 / 11       
the server move was pretty rough...

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posted 10-20-00 07:27 PM CT (US)     7 / 11       
Never thought you'd become a Cherub?

Well, now you're a Seraph! That's 2x better!

Congrats, and good luck with your site.


(id: Al_Kharn the Great)
posted 10-20-00 10:25 PM CT (US)     8 / 11       
Nice, Park... and you were going to leave AoK Heaven forever...

but i always wondered... did you request to be an angel? or did Omnivac ask you to be one? i always wondered how it worked.


(id: Angel Park)
posted 10-20-00 11:01 PM CT (US)     9 / 11       
Thanks for the comments
Anyway I'm not sure who Omnivac is name sounds familiar never talked to him, I just more gave a suggestion and it grew but I had the oldest Empire Earth Site before anyway so its good for both sides
(id: Al_Kharn the Great)
posted 10-20-00 11:21 PM CT (US)     10 / 11       
oh my bad... Washizu replaced Omnivac like a year ago... i keep on thinking of Omnivac... got to get back into thinking of the mods on AoE heaven (ie- Washizu) as replacing those here...

and i'm sure, even though Omni was here for such a long time, not too many people remembre him... i mean it's like no one's left from back in 98-99 and all


posted 10-21-00 07:44 AM CT (US)     11 / 11       
Whoa, you must've broken ARR's record for fastest time to getting to Seraph from the way bottom!

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