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Topic Subject:RM Object generation problem
Centurion 2004
posted 11-22-18 04:54 PM CT (US)         
Hello all!

Oh boy... was it long time ago I was here! 2004 at latest I think!

I have a couple of questions. All of which involve the AoE 2 HD (all DLCs) Steam version of the game?

1.) I made my random map, which I call "Village - WINTER", which works basically like a "Fortress" RM as a snow map, but with a palisade wall, some militias and a scout to boot. Unfortunately, for some players, it creates the Palisades at the center of the map! How come?

2.) Can ALL the objects from Scenario Editor (units/buildings included) be used in scripting an RMS? It would be a nice touch to add a Legionary, some Snow mountains, and certain types of rocks from Scenario Editor.

Thank you all in advance.

Here is my script by Dropbox link. (And yes, I am a beginner in this) - WINTER.rms?dl=0

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posted 11-25-18 03:50 PM CT (US)     1 / 1       

I didn't observe any players with walls in the center after generating the map a few times, but your script is probably having issues due to your use of two slashes as a comment marker.

RMS comments can only be made with the /* ... */ setup, and require white space around both symbols. For example, /*This is not a comment*/ will be parsed and probably cause issues, while /* This is a comment */ will not be.

All objects can be used in random maps scripts, though it's possible not all will have predefined constants. The full list of constants can be found at Age2HD\resources\_common\drs\gamedata_x2\random_map.def

A few units aren't there (e.g., the OUTLW, an archer that behaves like a wolf) but if you can find the unit ID (Advanced Genie Editor can help you with this), you can define your own consts with the same syntax.

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