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Topic Subject:AI scripting in Visual Studio Code - Extensions
posted 01-10-19 02:05 PM CT (US)         
This is a carry over from the aiscripters forum.

For people who are interested in writing AI scripts and want something a little more powerful than notepad, but not so involved as the dedicated scripting programs ScriptEd and AIStudio, I've put together a short extension for Visual Studio Code (vscode for short) for basic syntax highlighting. All you have to do is:

1. Download/install vscode (it's free and open source)
2. Inside vscode, click the extensions tab (looks like a cube on the left hand column) and search for "Aoe2 AiScript".
3. Click the 'install' button on the extension (again the extension is free and open source)
4. Now click the 'reload' button.
(works on windows, mac and linux)

You should then be able to load your '.per' files in vscode and have some small amount of syntax highlighting hopefully making it easier to visually inspect your scripts. Here's a sample using the 'Dark+' color theme in vscode:

You can also install different color themes from the extensions tab to change how the script is colored. You can checkout the extension here and the github repository here. Feel free to fork the github repository, make changes, submit issues, etc...

Why did I do this?
I like visual studio code and I wanted a syntax highlighter for writing/viewing ai scripts in it. I've never used or tried to use AIStudio or ScriptEd, so this is in no way a criticism of them. If you have questions or comments feel free to let me know
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