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Topic Subject:First custom game with triggers
posted 02-12-19 02:18 PM CT (US)         
So I've been working on a scenario for a few days now in my spare time. Inspired by the TV show 'vikings'. I'm aware there is already a campaign made about this by another user. I haven't played it but I'm going about it in a different way. This scenario will be impossible to complete playing by yourself. 2 players minimum, 3 players ideal/maximum.

I just started messing with triggers but have been learning quickly as I go.

The first player will play as Ragnar lothbrok. The second as floki. Those are necessary. Third player will play as Rollo and while he will not be necessary to play, persay, it will be extremely difficult to achieve victory without him.

In the scenario cooperation between the players will be vital. For instance, some units are only available to one player, and are needed to complete the objectives. (ie- floki is the only one that can build ships, so the other 2 players must utilize floki in order to get their warriors to distant shores)

So basically, an exclusively 3 player multiplayer campaign based around the show vikings. Hoping to have the first scenario done by the end of the month - (I work a lot and have kids).

Open to suggestions, advice, and criticism.

Note: the motivation behind having a 3 player campaign that relies heavily on cooperation is the fact that I'm making it to play with my 2 brothers. We live thousands of miles apart and the only time we really spend with each other is playing games.

Note 2: I have downloaded trigger studio but can't seem to figure out how to use it. Any advice would be great.

Note 3: I already have the first map populated, with only minor additions still needed. And have about 20 tested and working triggers. Pretty much at this point all I have left to do is add all of the triggers, which I have outlined in my notebook and just need to physically insert them. As of right now I am just using the aokhd scenario editor as I have yet to figure out how to use trigger studio.

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posted 02-12-19 08:11 PM CT (US)     1 / 5       
Sounds like an interesting idea!

I'm old school and don't use TS. You can make a great scenario without it, but from what I gather it can make designing life easier.

Tell us a little more about your triggers, what the goal/style is (RPG, B/D, etc?), any problems you're having? Do you have some images of the map you'd like to upload?
posted 02-12-19 10:13 PM CT (US)     2 / 5       
Hey Genecyde. Got Steam? If so add me there, same name. Ill help u out with trigger studio. Great idea.
posted 02-13-19 08:45 AM CT (US)     3 / 5       
Well for instance, creating the characters - Ragnar, floki, Rollo, etc. Triggers change their name, speed, attack, armor, hp.

Then, for instance, in the beginning, floki Rollo and Ragnar meet and there has to be dialogue. Haven't done that yet, but there becomes an objective for Ragnar and Rollo to collect resources and tribute them to floki. Floki then has the objective to build ships to carry the raiding party.

Until now, barracks are unavailable but the allied npc 'kattegat' has several barracks in the area.

Once the resources are tributed to floki, the barracks change ownership from kattegat to each player, and the players receive the objective to recruit 10 warriors.

Once they all have 10 warriors (own objects condition) there is a change view trigger to lindisfarme - the first settlement that gets raided-and a reveal map object.

Then an objective to raid the settlement.

Then there is a trigger that once all of the monasteries are destroyed, a monk will spawn for Ragnar, change name to athelstan, and some dialogue.

I would like to make it so the dialogue doesn't appear all at once, I think I can just make the first dialogue trigger activate another dialogue trigger? Or is there a way to set timings?

I've never really used forums. I'll try to figure out how to upload pictures.
posted 02-13-19 08:15 PM CT (US)     4 / 5       
Here's how I make dialogue triggers in the editor:

Trigger 1
Condition (whatever you want, timer, select object, bring object to area, however you want the dialogue chain to start)
Effect: Display Instructions (time X)
Effect: Activate Trigger 2

Trigger 2
Condition: Timer X
Effect: Display Instructions (time Y)
Effect: Activate Trigger 3

Trigger 3
Condition: Timer Y
Effect: Display Instructions (time Z)
Effect: Activate Trigger 3

Etc.... where each trigger is a "line" of dialogue. Adjust the timers based on how long each line is if needed(more words = more time).

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posted 02-13-19 09:56 PM CT (US)     5 / 5       
Im actually working on this as we speak, and that worked really well, thanks!

update: rough draft of the first scenario should probably be playable this weekend, going to get my brothers to help me test it and see what needs tweaking.

Its difficult to test triggers that involve 3 players when 2 of those players are ai controlled xD (but I managed!)

Added a 33% chance every 60 for Rollo to spawn a berserk, since he really doesn't have much purpose other than added muscle right now.

Got the objective triggers working, took some trial and error.

One issue I'm having is after athelstan spawns, he has to pick up a relic and return it to kattegat. As soon as he picks it up though he reverts to 'monk with relic' and loses his name and custom stats. And when he drops the relic off he reverts back to normal monk. Is there a way to have him keep his name without just setting another trigger to have him Change back after he delivers the relic?

Thanks in advance!

Update 2

45+ Triggers created and tested.

Map updated and all screenshots can be found here-
Campaign Map Overview

Got some testing in, Fixed some bugs and worked on some balancing issues.

Rollo is now imperative to completion and the game will not be playable without 3 players.

Thanks to LoCoDon for walking me through Trigger Studio, and helping me figure out the character change state issue!

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