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Topic Subject:Filling the Shelves
Leif Ericson
Seraph Emeritus
posted 12-28-16 04:34 PM CT (US)         
And two days later we have another University update!

We have a total of six new articles added to the University: two strategy articles, one modding article, and three design articles.

The first article is 5 Surprising Facts About AoE2 by Iso. Shared by Possidon, one of our staff members, this article lists some interesting facts you might not know about your favorite RTS game.

The next article is HockeySam18's Wolf Rushing On a Gold Rush Map. This article shows a very unique strategy for one of the maps in the game. Next time you play Gold Rush, experiment with this strategy!

Our modding article is in fact a huge reference about one of the rather understood files in the game, the interface file, used to store icons, civilization skins, menu images, and more. Jan dc and Daniel Periera compiled this Interfac.drs Reference for your use!

One of the limits of the scenario editor is that you can only place buildings and units on a grid. However, thanks to Userpatch, this is no longer a restriction. In How to Make Units, Buildings, and Objects Placeable Everywhere, Mike Oxhard (also known as Arnas) shows you how to use these new capabilities.

Have you ever seen designers use units that you didn't know existed? The game has hidden units, sometimes called beta units, that you can use in your scenarios. Mr Mew shows what units are available and how to use them in Hidden Units Unleashed.

Lastly, Rewaider shows how to Make Unselectable Objects. Unselectable units can have some great uses, such as in cinematics. See what creative uses you can come up with!

That's all for now in this University update. Stay tuned for more!

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CK knows firsthand how effective it can be

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Top job!

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