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Age of Kings Heaven » Forums » News Discussion » Userpatch 1.5 Progress Announcement
Topic Subject:Userpatch 1.5 Progress Announcement
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John the Late
posted 02-01-17 02:28 PM CT (US)         
Hello everyone! This is a progress report for the new UserPatch. The update will be UserPatch v1.5 and it is now feature complete and locked. Private testing and optimization are underway and public testing is expected to begin in a few weeks.

Highlights for UserPatch v1.5 include
- fixes for patrol behavior (click back and collapse) and group movement
- fixes for score and statistics issues caused by lost transport ships
- reduced repair distance for non-moving objects (except for scenario games)
- new low-delay multiplayer (closer to single player for low ping games)
- new network abstraction system (only host needs to forward ports, no P2P)
- new AI capabilities for precision micro, wall construction, and communication
- new custom real world maps and tournament "random" maps
- new RMS capabilities to enable extended game modes and victory conditions
- new scenario triggers, including Teleport, Civilization, and Random Percent
- new dynamic random map and scenario modding capabilities
- new direct messaging commands for in-game chat and direct AI taunts
- new Medium and High starting resources for Regicide and Death Match
- new self+team and enemy technology effects for use with a.g.e.
- new per-civ custom m3u music playlists for both the core game and expansions
- new touch screen control capabilities
- new environment effects including animated water rendering
- the double-negative id scenario trick will now work despite a bug fix
- improved scenario editor stability and map copy behavior
- improved multiplayer starting framerate (first ~30 seconds)
- improved mouse refresh rate for multiplayer games
- improved rec replay speed and built-in unit spy with dark fog
- additional fixes and features across the game
posted 08-01-17 02:44 PM CT (US)     51 / 68       
Can anyone help me get my AOK working. Disc 1 of the 3 disc set works after driver update, but I can't get AOK or ROR to play. I've installed patches 1.0, 1.4 and 2.0. Directions say on 1.4 to run in program files but it won't run. Says I do not have a purchased copy. The other 2 say can't find files. Compatibility modes do not help. Run as administrator does not help. I'd revert back to Windows 7 but my computer doesn't have the option. Any suggestions?
posted 11-05-17 01:45 AM CT (US)     52 / 68       
Will this fix the new Windows 10 pro 1709 problem? Since that Windows "upgrade", every time I Alt+Tab out of AoK it freezes the machine and I have to hard power off to recover.

And thank you so much for doing these upgrades! They are awesome!
posted 11-21-17 09:43 PM CT (US)     53 / 68       
The problem is to do with screen resolution. If I set my Windows resolution to the same as the game resolution, it doesn't happen.
Leif Ericson
Seraph Emeritus
posted 11-22-17 07:43 PM CT (US)     54 / 68       
Have you tried installing Userpatch once with windowed mode installed and once without windowed mode? Does the bug occur in both situations?

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posted 11-25-17 07:08 PM CT (US)     55 / 68       
I did try reinstalling the UserPatch, and that didn't help. I could try installing with windowed support, but I don't like to run it that way as I have to change my screen resolution before starting the game. I use 1360 x 768 normally, and 1920 x 1200 for AoK.

Update: I tried it with windowed support, and it didn't freeze, but half the screen is not visible off the side of the monitor. As an additional test, I tried running the game at 1360 x 768 without windowed support, and it still froze, although the game and screen resolution were the same. Interesting, as changing normal resolution to 1920 x 1200 prevents the freeze when the game resolution is 1920 x 1200.

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posted 11-25-17 08:51 PM CT (US)     56 / 68       
It's possible that the new "Windowed fullscreen mode" restricted feature will work by allowing for classic fullscreen mode in 32-bit color (it seems your GPU driver has an issue with 8-bit 256 color mode). To use this, please ensure that "Windowed mode support" is checked on the installer, press F5 to show the restricted features list, check the "Windowed fullscreen mode" box at the bottom, and then click Install to update.

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posted 11-25-17 09:42 PM CT (US)     57 / 68       
With "Windowed fullscreen mode", it does not hang, but the screen resolution stays at 1920 x 1200 when I Alt+Tab away from the game. So it's like it does the screen resolution for me, but I still have to change the resolution manually if I want to do other stuff while the game is running, and funny things happen if I go back to the game without changing the resolution back.

I have not changed GPU lately. The problem started happening with Windows 10 version 1709.
posted 11-26-17 06:54 AM CT (US)     58 / 68       
I'm also on 1709, but I don't see this issue. It may be because I went to the Settings app, Gaming section, and disabled Game DVR, Game Bar, etc. There's also an option you can find by right-clicking the age2_x1.exe file in the "Age of Empires II\age2_x1" folder, select Properties, Compatibility tab, and check the box to disable fullscreen optimizations.
posted 11-27-17 00:25 AM CT (US)     59 / 68       
Thanks for the suggestions. I have tried those now, and that doesn't avoid the issue either. Have you tried with your standard screen resolution significantly smaller than 1920 x 1200?
posted 03-17-18 11:03 PM CT (US)     60 / 68       

I'd like to ask if UP1.5 will enable some kind of "mod switcher", for example: if i have multiple mods at Games folder i execute age_1.5.exe and then select which mod i want to play.

posted 03-17-18 11:46 PM CT (US)     61 / 68       
Hi! There's currently no plan to create a mod switcher, as that can lead to unexpected issues. For example, PCM2 requires the use of an extended v1.5 exe, so launching with the standard exe would likely cause unexpected results. It's safest to launch each mod or expansion from its shortcut when available or create a shortcut by cloning the Conquerors v1.5 shortcut in the Support folder and adding the game=modNameHere parameter into the Target box. Sorry for the trouble!
posted 03-18-18 05:38 PM CT (US)     62 / 68       
oh man, don't apologize!

I can only say congratulations and thank you and all people involved in this creation!

I already gave a quick test on UP 1.5 and it's amazing, specially the moving water!

I play on linux, to install userpatch 1.5 and some mods i use a virtualmachine running windows and then copy/paste the files back to my linux. But UP works fine anyway!

Thanks for the tip i didn't know it was possible to alter the shortcut in Suport folder, i'll give it a try; That way i can have all mods in only one installed game instead of multiples Age of empires 2 folders for each mod.

Thank you for your attention!
posted 03-19-18 00:53 AM CT (US)     63 / 68       
What is the probability of having these features for Steam HD edition?
posted 03-19-18 07:38 AM CT (US)     64 / 68       

Install WololoKingdoms instead. Its HD Edition+UP1.5, and its free if you already own HD.

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posted 03-19-18 08:53 AM CT (US)     65 / 68       
Steam Workshop makes it so much easier to play mods with strangers.
posted 05-17-18 05:31 PM CT (US)     66 / 68       
Regarding my previous query

Will this fix the new Windows 10 pro 1709 problem? Since that Windows "upgrade", every time I Alt+Tab out of AoK it freezes the machine and I have to hard power off to recover.

The new winver 1803 seems to not have the problem. I can Alt+Tab in and out with no problems. It's only been a couple of days, but it is promising.
posted 05-19-18 05:33 PM CT (US)     67 / 68       

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posted 06-22-18 10:21 AM CT (US)     68 / 68       
uberhack2004(dsound.dll) is work in AOC 1.0C , that still can running 1.5 R7(UserPatch v1.5 (Beta, Build 6168, 2018/06/16)), most funtion is limit , but , that still can resign hack (F1) , stathack (F4) ,maphack (F6) .

I wish fix hack in 1.5 RC , thanks!!

If you need the hackfile to test, please E-mail to me .

my E-mail is
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