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Topic Subject:Wrath of the Traibs - Download Now!
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posted 11-15-11 01:24 PM CT (US)         

Works-in-Progress Spotlight - January 2016

Wrath of the Traibs follows the story of a mercenary named Alexander who is hired by a king and sent on a rescue mission:

"The Xandrian war has been the worst conflict in Dystonia for over a thousand years. Fought between two tribes, the Xanders and the Traibs, the war has been going for four years, and both sides are starting to grow weary.

I one last push to gain the upper hand King Sebastian of the Traibs has sent his top solder, Drent to spy on King Yassen of the Xanders to find a weakness in his battle strategy. However, after three weeks he still hasn’t returned…

You play as Alexander, a mercenary hired by Sebastian. Your job is to spy on The Xanders, tell Sebastian everything you know and find out what has happened to Drent..."

The Story itself is split into Three Parts:
The Rescue
The Revelation
The Retribution

About the Scenario
I started this scenario back in early 2010 but I gave up after about a month of working on it and lost it. In about February 2011 I found all of my documents on it and thought; "Hey this could make quite a nice scenario" so I drastically built up the story and created an entire new map from scratch. After many years of on-and-off again designing, I finally finished and uploaded the scenario in February 2019.

The Scenario is built on a Giant map and uses The_Slayer90's Crusade Expansion. It is set in the fictional fantasy world of Dystonia. The map is split into five Countries: Ehr, Zandria, Uldûrh, Versali and Lars. All of the people of world worship two Gods called Zachadom and Saphadema.

A Giant Map of Central Dystonia, featuring the 5 Countries with many Towns, Settlements and Cities.
A huge Backstory about the History of the World, Religion and Characters.
Modded using The_Slayer90's Crusade Expansion.
Classic fantasy features such as magic and whole new fantasy world and strange beasts.
An Inventory System
Ability to Buy Buildings
Part 1 of a planned series
Music by awesome rock/metal bands such as: Skillet, Black Veil Brides, Biffy Clyro, Love Robot, & Epica.
Music by legendary orchestral groups such as: Immediate Music, Two Steps From Hell and X-Ray Dog, Future World Music & Audiomachine.
Music from epic film and TV composers such as: Hans Zimmer, Murray Gold, Howard Shore, Ben Foster and Nicholas Hooper.

Mapshot | Town of Greentree | Zandrian Mines | Zandrian Farms | Bandit Camp | Mountain Ranges of Uldûrh | Gallendale Cathedral

Map of the Known World
Timeline of Dystonian History

Sample Music
Click on the links to get a feel of some of the music that is featured in this scenario.
Skillet - Hero
Black Veil Brides - In the End
Future World Music - Eternal Love
Two Steps From hHell - A Hero's Return
Howard Shore - Misty Mountains
Hans Zimmer - Parlay

The The Dystonian Chronicles
This is the First Scenario in a very ambitious planned series. Obviously it is unlikely that many of these will not get made, but these are the stories that I have treatments written for. The series consists of three Single Player Scenarios - the main trilogy, various Prequel scenarios to explain various historical events in Dystonia from 40 years ago to 2000 years ago, numerous Spin-Off scenarios to explore the stories of some of the less seen characters, the unseen parts of Dystonia, and to see what the future has in stall for Dystonia. There is also a Non-Playable scenario to explore the largest city in Dystonia, and a multiplayer scenario for your own entertainment. They are...

The Wrath of... Trilogy
Wrath of the Traibs
Wrath of the Gods
Wrath of Uldûrh
Non-Playable Scenario
The City of Ardwaine
Spin-Off Scenarios
The Clearwood Troupe
Into the Wild
The Legend of The Friston
Over the Edge, and Over Again
The Bastard King
Alamore Defence
The Quad Cycle
A Shadowed Future
Minigame (Spin-Off)
Molten Treasure
Spin-Off Campaign
The Wymorian Tales
Life, Death & Immortality
The Slave Kings
Ho, Ho, Ho. It's Magic
Last of the Wilds
Zezema: The Curse of King Jorah
Bandit Blood
The Lands Time Forgot
Mariana... The Girl Who Would Be Queen
The Birth of a Nation
The Mystical Adventures of Joseph de Burbon
One Mans Plunder, Another Nations Wealth
Inside Man
Multiplayer Scenario
Conquest of Dystionia


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posted 02-02-19 11:46 AM CT (US)     211 / 220       
I've just completed a playtest and everything works practically perfectly. However, if anyone wants to go through this to give me a second opinion then let me know and then I can get it out.
posted 02-06-19 01:03 PM CT (US)     212 / 220       
Great to hear that you made so much progress on this map.
I am really looking forward to see how this map will play.

In your main post, you have included a mapshot and screenshots, but all links are dead. Might need to look at those.
So that people in the future dont end up clicking on dead links.

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posted 02-09-19 03:40 PM CT (US)     213 / 220       

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posted 02-11-19 10:00 AM CT (US)     214 / 220       

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posted 02-11-19 10:51 AM CT (US)     215 / 220       
I will definitely play it next, but it might be a bit since im out of AoC for the moment

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posted 02-11-19 10:54 AM CT (US)     216 / 220       
Congratulations on completing your longtime project - better late than never, and I look forward to playing!

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posted 02-11-19 01:53 PM CT (US)     217 / 220       
Please try and review it once you've played it. Also can a Mod please change the Topic Title to Wrath of the Traibs - Download Now. Thanks
posted 02-11-19 02:03 PM CT (US)     218 / 220       
Looking pretty good from what I've seen so far. Will probably play it once I get some free time.

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posted 02-12-19 11:53 AM CT (US)     219 / 220       
Hey Poss, congratulations on the release, better late than never am I right?

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posted 02-12-19 01:26 PM CT (US)     220 / 220       
Hey! One of the WiP spotlights actually got finished :P


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