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Age of Kings Heaven » Forums » Scenario Design and Discussion » The Continuous Screenshot Competition X - Current theme: "Wolf Pack" - Voting open until April 14!
Topic Subject:The Continuous Screenshot Competition X - Current theme: "Wolf Pack" - Voting open until April 14!
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John the Late
posted 04-17-14 10:34 PM CT (US)         

Welcome to the The Continuous Screenshot Competition X - The Original Continuous Screenshot Competitions Around HeavenGames Since 21st May 2006!

______HOW IT WORKS______

Lo and behold!

I present to you, the tenth episode of our beloved, one and only, Continuous Screenshot Competition, which as its name blatantly applies, is where we hold a continuous screenshot competition. Yeah, for real. It's a continuous screenshot competition, where a continuous series of screenshot competitions take place. Quite original, don't you say? I never even thought of the idea that one could hold a continuous screenshot competition in a continuous screenshot competition thread! This is truly a magnificent discovery, a crowning achievement of mankind! It even compares to the discovery of sliced bread, and even the discovery of Albert Einstein! There's no doubt that it will go down in the pages of history. Because you see, as quoted from The Free Dictionary, history is defined as "a usually chronological record of events, as of the life or development of a people or institution, often including an explanation of or commentary on those events". Did you notice that I put an emphasis on the bold text? Yes, this is certainly a development of us, the AoKH people, of the AoKH institution. Age of Kings is just your ordinary medieval strategy game, what's the big deal about it? It's got sucky 2D graphics made of properly-designed pixels. And what's even worse is that players don't have the capability of constructing a spaceship, creating a naked female villager without having to mod those VMDLs *now that's a good idea*, or electing Julian Assange as president. So what is it that keeps it strong, after 11 years and many people are still infatuated by it? What's the reason? Well, I have no time to answer that question now, because this thread is where we submit screenshots from the game, not to have an pointless discussion about it. Seriously, why did I derail this monologue to that bit? Wasn't I talking about cranberry sauce? Oh, never mind. No one would read rants like this, anyway.

Anyway, I have to explain the rules, as did the CSC hosts who have passed the throne until it eventually comes to my grasp. Here's how this competition works: Everyone who wishes to enter must take a screenshot that they made which is relevant to the current category, the screenshot can be related to the title literally or abstractly, as long as you can give an explanation of why you say your screenshot relates to the category in hand and doesn't defy any of the rules stated below, it goes in. Make your screenshot as literal, creative or imaginative as you like - as long as it's related to the category in at least one way! OK, so you’ve got your screenshot all in and ready, what happens next? After the given time, which is usually 5 days if we've got enough entries to be competed (obviously it's not a competition if there's only one entry), the time for entrants will be closed, and then people who did not enter can vote for the screenshot they like. After around three days on average, the person with the most votes is the winner, and they chose the next category - which is why it is a continuous cycle!

There you have it! Enjoy the competition while it lasts!
- Andanu Trisatya, former CSC host

For more information; click here!

_________CURRENT COMPETITION_________

337. Category: Wolf Pack - Graphical mods permitted: ?
Status: Voting (closes on the 14th of April at 11:59 PM forum time.)

  • Vardamir - 1 (Knaber)
  • Knaber - 3 (Mash, HockeySam18, John the Late)


  • No category may be used twice.
  • If a Category has not been used for 100 Rounds it CAN be used again.
  • You may only enter one screenshot per category.
  • You may only enter as an individual; no team efforts.
  • The previous winner cannot compete in the competition he/she set the category for. (For that person would of had an advantage otherwise)
  • In the event that the winner cannot choose the next category a: Super Special Bonkers Bonus Round” will happen, this basically means there is no category and any screenshot can be entered as long as it conforms to the other rules.
  • If there is a tie in the voting, the person who picked the category (last round's winner) will cast the tie-breaker vote.
  • No pasting pictures into your screenshots of anything, period (text is an exception).
  • When it comes to editing your screenshot in a program like Paint, you can remove toolbars/change them to a new border for decoration, but you may not use effects or the program to edit the base of your sceenshot. This includes creating comic-strip photos with multiple screenshots. Any text or effects must not interfere with the screenshot, and these will only be added for presentation, for example giving your screenshot on a wide-screen background would only add to presentation. Voters are reminded the content of the screenshot is what is being judged, not editing it afterward in a paint program.
  • No mapshots. (In other words, no using a full map shot of an entire scenario/map)
  • MODPACKS: The winner of the last round also selects whether mods including graphics are allowed. If he decides against it, no modpacks that add in new unit graphics are allowed. This includes downloads from The Blacksmith, or Steam Workshop. If he chooses that mods should be allowed in the following round, then any modpacks are allowed, even when they add graphics.
  • The use of AOK: HD Edition IS Allowed. The Use of new graphics from the expansions The Forgotten and African Kingdoms, however, falls under the restriction of a category with mods allowed.
  • Forgotten Empires counts as a mod in this regulation.
  • AokTS, Renaissance, GeniED, and other forms of data editing are allowed
  • When it comes to data editing you may use it to your advantage when making a screenshot however when it comes to creating and/or unlocking new/hybrid the usage of new SLPs is not allowed.
  • No taking screenshots from campaigns/scenarios that you did not create.
  • This is an open competition. No need to sign up, just post a screenshot that abides to the selected category.
  • Screenshots must be made only for this competition. No using screenshots previously taken for any reason. You may, however, take screenshots from your campaign in the works that you have announced, but it must be taken specifically for this competition.
  • The usual time for entries is 5 days, but if there have been less than 2 screenshots submitted, it will get extended.
  • Competition and voting statuses will close at 11:59pm forum time on the designated deadline.
  • The previous winner and the selector of the category MAY vote.
  • If you are participating in the current competition, you CAN vote for fellow contestants if you want (when you're feeling so humble), but you CAN NOT vote for yourself for obvious reasons.
  • No editing of your screenshot once it has been posted as an entry for the competition (no editing the content/scenery). However Editing typos/spelling errors in text included with/in your screenshot IS allowed
  • If you are caught trying to make smurf accounts or getting people to sign up to AoKH so they can vote for you, and they never post and they only use their registration to give you a vote, you will be disqualified from the week, and for a further length of time based on my discretion . All voters must have an open account at HG. Trying to fix the ballot is a very serious rule, and any attempt to break this rule will have serious consequences.
  • No flaming to other forummers. Criticism of people's work must be constructive.
  • Don't whine if you did not win, better luck next time.
  • Have fun, and try hard!

    _________Special Rounds_________

    We have decided to add some new Special one-off rounds to celebrate the work of some of the most commit AOK designers - The Modders. These people put years of work into making detailed graphics effectively giving the AOK player an almost brand new game to play. These Special Rounds celebrate the release of some of the biggest Mod Packs released to the AOKH Blacksmith. We are using these rounds as a way of celebrating the exception abilities of AOK Modders and the fantastic way that people are able to expand our beloved game even 10 years after it's initial release. It also opens up our long standing contest to those scenario designers who don't necessarily like the vanilla scenario editor of AOK.

    Each Special round focuses on one Mod Pack chosen by the Host. There are no theme's for these rounds however, each entry must show the new graphics and features of the Modpack.

  • Follow all CSC rules unless otherwise stated here.
  • There is no theme in the Special Rounds but you must...
    Use the Mod Pack chosen for the Special round
    Show at least one new graphic from the new Modpack
  • Anybody can enter a screenshot - Even if you won the previous round
  • These rounds are Special Rounds. The winner will not get to choose the new theme but instead, the winner of the round before will choose the theme.
  • If there is a Tie and the previous winner has enter a screenshot the voting will go to Deadlock and the head judge (the Host) will decide on the winning screenshot.

    _________Useful Info_________

  • To take a screenshot, press the "Print Screen" on your keyboard - the picture will be then saved under "Screenshots" in your AoK files (My Computer -> Progam Files -> Microsoft Games -> Age of Empires II -> Screenshot)
  • F11 removes the game time from view. F4 removes the player scores.

    Some image hosters that DO NOT require REGISTRATION:
  • (recommended)

    Some image hosters that DO require REGISTRATION:

    _________Hall of Fame_________

    1. Category: City Scene. Winner: PaulC2001 (4 Votes)
    2. Emotional: Corey Barrett (6 Votes)
    3. Exploration: King Bob VI (4 Votes)
    4. Home Sweet Home: Hussarknight (4 Votes)
    5. Indoors: SOK_He11s_Angels (7 Votes)
    6. Hunting Trip: Boosh (3 Votes)
    7. A Royal Caravan: King Bob VI (7 Votes)
    8. On The Edge Of Death: PaulC2001 (6 Votes)
    9. The Last Stand: Surge (2 Votes)
    10. A Funeral: SOK_He11s_Angels (6 Votes)
    11. Back to School: newIdea (6 Votes)
    12. Under Siege: Surge (5 Votes)
    13. Bazaar: Oliver (5 Votes)
    14. The Last Outpost: Dark_Reign (4 Votes)
    15. Next CSC Host: Scud (10 Votes)
    16. Supernatural: Julius999 (7 Votes)
    17. A Carnival: Scud (6 Votes)
    18. The Power of God: Byzan (10 Votes)
    19. Historical Battle: VonCorgath (7 Votes)
    20. An Island: Lord Basse (4 Votes)
    21. The End of The World: NewIdea (12 Votes)
    22. Winter Wonder Land: militia mouse (8 Votes)
    23. The Rescue : Surge (7 Votes)
    24. How I found God: Stephen Richards (3 Votes) (+1 Tie-breaker)
    25. The Meeting: Hussarknight (10 Votes)
    26. On The Run: Stephen Richards (5 Votes)
    27. A Journey into the Unkown: Scud (5 Votes)
    28. War And Peace: Lord Basse (5 Votes)
    29. Dreamworld: matty12345 (10 Votes)
    30. The New World: Scud (7 Votes)
    31. A Castle: Styrophome (8 Votes)
    32. The Tragic Climax: Trebuchet (5 Votes)
    33. The Final Battle: Styrophome (8 Votes)
    34. A Shipyard: Julius999 (6 Votes)
    35. A Murder: newIdea (6 Votes)
    36. April Showers: Colo the Great (6 Votes)
    37. Artillery Position: Julius999 (6 Votes)
    38. Seen Better Days: morgoth bauglir (5 Votes)
    39. Modernization: Julius999 (6 Votes)
    40. The End Of The Road: Styrophome (8 Votes)
    41. Through the Night: Lord Basse (7 Votes) (+1 Tie-breaker)
    42. An Idyll: VonCorgath (6 Votes)
    43. The Crossing: Julius999 (7 Votes)
    44. Town Square: Hussarknight (5 Votes)
    45. An Accident: Scud (5 votes)
    46. Pirates: oliver (6 Votes) {*}
    47. Mirage: matty12345 (6 Votes)
    48. The Crusades: Crusader_7 (4 Votes)
    49. Vikings: Julius999 (5 Votes)
    50. A Monastery: FattyBryce (11 Votes)
    51. The Holy Roman Empire: Lord Basse (6 Votes)
    52. The 21st Century: newIdea (7 Votes)
    53. Water Fall: Jatayu (4 Votes){**}
    54. The Choice: Jas the Mace1 (7 Votes)
    55. Assault of the Fortress Wall: Julius999 (8 Votes)
    56. Super Special Bonkers Bonus Round: ZayanK (3 Votes)
    57. In the belly of the beast: Cesar Bernardi (4 Votes)
    58. A film spoof: Crossbowman (6 Votes)
    59. Misanthropy: sly_guy (9 Votes)
    60. Shipwreck: Scud (8 Votes)
    61. Crime and Punishment: Crusader_7 (6 Votes)
    62. The Countryside: Jas the Mace1 (3 Votes)
    63. Seaborne Invasion: Fattybryce (5 Votes)
    64. The Phalanx: Scud (7 Votes)
    65. Christmas: militia mouse (4 Votes) (+1 Tie-breaker)
    66. Too Late!: Julius999 (13 Votes)
    67. Just In Time!: Fattybryce (7 Votes) (+1 Tie-breaker)
    68. The Barbarian Invasion: oliver (6 Votes)
    69. Against all odds: Quaazi (4 Votes)
    70. The Triumph Of Science: Jas the Mace1 (6 Votes)
    71. Magic Wins/Loses the Battle: thepunkguy (4 Votes)
    72. The Rebellion: Andanu Trisatya (11 Votes)
    73. An Unfortunate Truth: The Black Petard (10 Votes) (+1 Tie-breaker)
    74. Why Everybody Hates Frank: VonCorgath (15 Votes)
    75. Ambuscade!: Andanu Trisatya (8 Votes)
    76. What a mess: Julius999 (12 Votes)
    77. Skirmish at the Bridge Lord Basse (15 Votes)
    78. Colonialism: Julius999 (9 Votes)
    79. How Did Jim Really Die?: Styrophome (8 Votes)
    80. Funniest Screenshot Julius999 (7 Votes)
    81. Celebratory Round - Happy Birthday!: Julius999 (5 Votes)
    82. Farmland: Styrophome (5 Votes)
    83. The Secret Weapon: Julius999 (7 Votes)
    84. Country Town: Turty (5 Votes)
    85. Planetary Core: Styrophome (5 Votes)
    86. The Mystical Gateway: Andanu Trisatya (9 Votes)
    87. Paradise: n8mac (8 Votes)
    88. Olympics: Andanu Trisatya (7 Votes)
    89. Battle Royale: Lord Basse (5 Votes)
    90. The Greatest Love: Thunder77 (4 Votes)
    91. MCSN: Scud (3 Votes)
    92. The Raid at Dawn: Lord Basse (7 Votes)
    93. A Hero Comes Forth: Scud (7 Votes)
    94. The Birth of an Empire: Andanu Trisatya (8 Votes)
    95. Prehistoric: Fattybryce (5 Votes) (+1 Tie-breaker)
    96. Dead Serious: newIdea (4 Votes) (+1 Tie-breaker)
    97. Surprise Me: Fattybryce (8 Votes) (+1 Tie-breaker)
    98. Frustration: Andanu Trisatya (6 Votes)
    99. Happy Holidays: Scud (8 Votes)
    100. Never Ending: Jas the Mace1 (4 Votes)
    101. Mini-city: Fattybryce (7 Votes)
    102. Finally: TheLaughingMule (4 Votes)
    103. Festival: YoshiX100000 (4 Votes)
    104. A Fantasia: TheLaughingMule (8 Votes)
    105. Politics: Julius999 (4 Votes)
    106. Oriental: Mapppp (6 Votes)
    107. Relic: Figgy (9 Votes)
    108. Reunion: Mapppp (5 Votes)
    109. Fishermen: Jas the Mace1 (7 Votes)
    110. Leap of Faith: paperclip007 (5 Votes)
    111. The Execution: Andanu Trisatya (8 Votes)
    112. The Greatest Treasure: SkullandCrossbow (7 Votes)
    113. Jousting Tournament: paperclip007 (6 Votes)
    114. A Fork in the Road: Mapppp (6 Votes)
    115. Generic Fantasy Story: Dtrungle (9 Votes)
    116. I Spy: Turtov (4 Votes)(+1 Tie-breaker)
    117. Redneck'd: Dtrungle (4 Votes)(+1 Tie-breaker)
    118. Death Approaches: paperclip007 (4 Votes)(+1 Tie-breaker)
    119. Loneliness: Andanu Trisatya (5 Votes)
    120. Sin: Fattybryce (4 Votes)
    121. The End: Guthan (12 Votes)
    122. Next CSC Host: Turtov (6 votes)
    123. Evolution: TheLaughingMule (6 Votes)
    124. Autumn: Guthan (6 Votes)
    125. Along came a: Turtov (9 Votes)
    126. A Courtyard: Courtjester1 (5 Votes)
    127. Greed: Dark_Reign (11 Votes)
    128. A Stray Arrow: Andanu Trisatya (12 Votes)
    129. Sacrifice: Courtjester1 (7 Votes)
    130. A Wasteland: paperclip007 (4 Votes)(+1 Tie-breaker)
    131. A King is Made: Lord Basse (7 Votes)
    132. A Village: Turtov (9 Votes)
    133. AoKH: Dead_End (7 Votes)
    134. Medieval Santa: YoshiX100000 (10 Votes)
    135. Impressionism: Leif Ericson (4 Votes)
    136. Trek Through the mountain Pass: Andanu Trisatya (4 Votes)
    137. Lost: Jecon (4 Votes)(+1 Tie-breaker)
    138. Assassination: The Black Petard (5 Votes)
    139. Down With the Ship: Guthan (8 Votes)
    140. What if...: paperclip007 (12 Votes)
    141. Never Again: Panel (9 Votes)
    142. Witchhunt: Dtrungle (7 Votes)
    143. Farm: Guthan (4 Votes)
    144. Illegal Operations: Fattybryce (12 Votes)
    145. Hell: joshua4missions (5 Votes)
    146. If only...: Findig (8 Votes)
    147. The Sluice: Leif Ericson (6 Votes)
    148. The Cave of Mysteries: MaFa (10 Votes)(+1 Tie-breaker)
    149. Rice Fields: Dtrungle (4 Votes)
    150. Ugly Buildings: MaFa (7 Votes)
    151. Lighthouse: Fanica (8 Votes)
    152. Architecture: paperclip007 (6 Votes)
    153. From Far Away: panel (4 Votes)
    154. Caught in the Middle: paperclip007 (9 Votes)
    155. The Road Less Traveled: Guthan (5 Votes)
    156. I've left this unmanaged for too long...: Julius999 (8 Votes)
    157. The Long and Winding Road: joshua4missions (5 Votes)
    158. I finally made it, uh oh?: Watson (3 Votes)
    159. The Braggart: Fattybryce (6 Votes)
    160. Remake of a Previous Winner: Julius999 (6 Votes)(+1 Tie-breaker)
    161. City Square: paperclip007 (2 Votes)(+1 Tie-breaker)
    162. Dystopia: Thunder77 (9 Votes)
    163. King of Those Who Know: Turtov (6 Votes)
    164. Fresh: Basse (6 Votes)
    165. Caves: Turtov (5 Votes)
    166. Super Special Bonkers Bonus Round: jernside (4 Votes)
    167. Germany: Watson (4 Votes)
    168. The Discovery of Flight: Fanica (12 Votes)
    169. Stone Age: paperclip007 (9 Votes)
    170. The Operation: joshua4missions (6 Votes)
    171. Multiplayer: TheLaughingMule (4 Votes)
    172. Hunting Camp: tripp eev (10 Votes)
    173. Unsuccessful Assassination Attempt: The Unconvincing Spook (6 Votes)
    174. Next CSC Host: Trisatya (7 Votes)
    175. Marooned on an Island: Lord Basse (6 Votes)
    176. The Unknown: paperclip007 (5 Votes)
    177. The Fall: Julius999 (6 Votes)
    178. The Glory Days: Fanica (3 Votes)
    179. Prototype: paperclip007 (6 Votes)
    180. Standoff: Fanica (3 Votes)(+1 Tie-Breaker)
    181. Merciless King: Possidon (8 Votes)
    182. Outlaws: NowhereT (4 Votes)
    183. The Ritual: Trisatya (6 Votes)
    184. Coup d'état: Fanica (3 Votes)(+1 Tie-Breaker)
    185. Something's Missing: panel (9 Votes)
    186. Hypocrisy: Fanica (4 Votes)
    187. Next CSC Host: Possidon (7 Votes)
    188. Super Special Bonkers Bonus Round: Turty (7 Votes)
    189. Paranoia: NowhereT (7 Votes)
    190. Rediscovery: Basse (5 Votes)
    191. Dungeons: Commander Scipio (3 Votes)
    192. The Perks of Nobility: Trisatya (7 Votes)
    193. The Hunter & The Hunted: Leif Ericson (8 Votes)
    194. Down by the Riverbank: NowhereT (3 Votes)
    195. Setting Sail: Trisatya (6 Votes)
    196. Nature: Lord Basse (6 Votes)
    197. The Great Discovery: The Unconvincing Spook (3 Votes)
    198. Industry: Warlord002 (5 Votes)
    199. Trial: dragonslayermcmx (5 Votes)
    200. The Fall of a Hero: CarolKarine (3 Votes)
    201. The Calm Before the Storm: dragonslayermcmx (2 Votes)
    202. The Return: RladalFatih (7 Votes)
    203. Apocalypse: Panel (6 Votes)
    204. Next Generation: RladalFatih (7 Votes)
    205. New Strategy: CarolKarine (2 Votes)
    206. Snowy: RladalFatih (6 Votes)
    207. Naval Battle: Lord Basse (6 Votes)
    208. Through the Swamp: NowhereT (5 Votes)
    209. Smugglers: Teotl (11 Votes)
    210. Ancient Ruins: NowhereT (4 Votes)
    211. The Palace: Panel (4 Votes) (+1 Tie-Breaker)
    212. Anarchy: Possidon (2 Votes) (+1 Tie-Breaker)
    213. In the Name of the King: Devestator (7 Votes)
    214. A Walk in the Park: Jernside (9 Votes)
    215. The Tavern: Possidon (5 Votes)
    216. Underground: monsterslayer (3 Votes)
    217. Zombies: Basse (3 Votes)
    218. Prison: Fanica (4 Votes)
    219. Assassins: Devestator - (4 Votes)
    220. Treasure Hunt: monsterslayer - (2 Votes)
    221. Jousting: Leif Ericson - (3 Votes)
    222. Primative Island: Felix36 - (2 Votes)
    223. Travelling Minstrel: Tetsuo Shima (2 Votes)
    224. The Streets of Sin City: Possidon (2 Votes)
    225. Religion: Panel (11 Votes)
    226. Superhero: Lurker (5 Votes)
    227. Another World: YoshiX100000 - (7 Votes)
    228. A Battering Ram, How Quaint: Leif Ericson - (5 Votes)
    229. The Blue Flag: Lurker - (7 Votes)
    230. Stalkers: Biro - (7 Votes)
    231. The Dark Ages: Lurker - (8 Votes)
    232. Adrift: Tetsuo Shima - (5 Votes)
    233. Wrong Place, Wrong Time: Dark_Reign - (4 Votes)
    234. The Plague: Lord Basse - (8 Votes)
    235. The Grave: Possidon - (6 Votes)
    236. Special Round - The Tales of Middle Earth: Possidon - (4 Votes)
    237. A Secret Long Forgotten: Dark_Reign - (5 Votes)
    238. Last Words: Youmuu - (7 Votes)
    239. Deep in the Forest: Jernside - (8 Votes)
    240. Special Round - Forgotten Empires: Dark_Reign - (7 Votes)
    241. Pig in a Poke: Panel - (8 Votes)
    242. YOLO: Guthan - (8 Votes)
    243. ...Seriously?: Dark_Reign - (10 Votes)
    244. At Midnight Possidon - (3 Votes) (+1 Tie-Breaker)
    245. Special Round - Age of Chivalry: Hegemony: Possidon - (7 Votes)
    246. A Biblical Event: Dark_Reign - (6 Votes)
    247. Red vs Blue: John the Late - (3 Votes)
    248. War!: HockeySam18 - (3 Votes)
    249. Valor & Honor: Dark_Reign - (3 Votes)
    250. Victor the Viking: Possidon - (5 Votes)
    251. Saviour: Youmuu - (3 Votes)
    252. Docks: Dark_Reign - (5 Votes)
    253. Sammy the Samurai: Schwartz_Lizard - (5 Votes)
    254. Medieval Tourism: Jernside - (9 Votes)
    255. The "AgeArena": Youmuu - (5 Votes)
    256. The Rocky Road to Dublin: John the Late - (7 Votes)
    257. Misery: Zetnus - (4 Votes)
    258. University: Jernside - (10 Votes)
    259. The Sheep and The Wolf: Knaber - (5 Votes)
    260. Tornado: Dark_Reign
    261. Drunken Adventure: Reganknight1597 - (6 Votes)
    262. World War One: Possidon - (4 Votes)
    263. Doomsday: Mithril Knight - (4 Votes)
    264. Thanksgiving: Jernside - (4 Votes)
    265. Christmas Market: Knaber - (8 Votes)
    266. Fireworks: Schwarz_Lizard - (9 Votes).
    267. Riot: Scud - (5 Votes)
    268. 'Will No One Rid Me of This Turbulent Priest?': DelCrosB - (6 Votes)
    269. Horse Race: Jernside - (8 Votes)
    270. The Frozen Lake: Youmuu (5 Votes)
    271. Castle Jam: Dark_Reign - (3 Votes)
    272. Entering the Dragon's Lair: Reganknight1597 - (3 Votes)
    273. A Foolish Decision: Rewaider - (7 Votes)
    274. A Village in the Mountains: Knaber - (4 Votes)
    275. Next CSC Host: John the Late (7 Votes)
    276. Pikemen 5 o'clock: Jernside - (4 Votes)
    277. Underwater: Devestator - (6 Votes)
    278. Allow AoF?: No - (15 Votes)
    279. Underworld: Zetnus - (7 Votes) (+1 Tie-Breaker)
    280. Underdog: Reganknight - (6 Votes)
    281. Outgunned: Lildbehr - (4 Votes)
    282. Radio Broadcast: Zetnus - (5 Votes)
    283. The Queen: Lurkur - (6 Votes)
    284. Last Resort: John the Late - (7 Votes)
    285. Germany: Zetnus - (4 Votes)
    286. Deadline: John the Late - (5 Votes)
    287. Peace: Lurkur - (8 Votes)
    288. Wishing Well: jernside - (6 Votes)
    289. Silly Season: Lildbehr - (2 Votes)
    290. The Old Bridge: jernside - (3 Votes)
    291. Breakfast: Possidon - (6 Votes)
    292. nin: Julius999 - (5 Votes)
    293. The Old Town: Zetnus - (6 Votes)
    294. Winter is coming: Devestator - (3 Votes)
    295. Surprise!: Lildbehr - (4 Votes)
    296. Attack From The Sea: Devestator - (6 Votes)
    297. Super Special Bonkers Bonus Round: Zetnus - (4 Votes)
    298. We Three Kings: Jernside - (6 Votes)
    299. Chinese New Year: Knaber - (7 Votes)
    300. Snow Storm: Possidon - (6 Votes)
    301. Legion of the Beast: Knaber - (4 Votes) (+1 Tie-Breaker)
    302. Friday 13th: Paul_TD - (3 Votes) (+1 Tie-Breaker)
    303. The Golden Age: Knaber - (7 Votes)
    304. Inception: Aleph - (7 Votes)
    305. High Tide: Zetnus - (7 Votes)
    306. Monks in a Hurry: Lildbehr - (5 Votes)
    307. King Without a Crown: Paul_TD - (4 Votes)
    308. The Duel: Possidon - (6 Votes)
    309. The Secret Service: MrMew - (6 Votes)
    310. Utopia: HockeySam18 - (7 Votes)
    311. The Heat of the Battle: Aristeides - (5 Votes)
    312. The Northern Crusades: Possidon - (7 Votes)
    313. Oblivion: Knaber - (9 Votes)
    314. The Eye of the Storm: Possidon - (4 Votes)
    315. Dead by Sunrise: Darth Sarek - (7 Votes)
    316. Genesis: Zetnus - (3 Votes)
    317. Symmetry: Devestator - (4 Votes)
    318. Civil War: Zetnus - (2 Votes)
    319. Africa: HockeySam18 - (5 Votes)
    320. Norse Saga(s): GuardianReborn - (3 Votes)
    321. Rebellion: andrscs - (1 Vote)
    322. Religious Ritual: Possidon - (2 Votes)
    323. Sci-Fi: Al_Kharn the Great - (7 Votes)
    324. Historical Revisionism: HockeySam18 - (7 Votes)
    325. Steppe Nomads: SaintCurious - (3 Votes)
    326. Gothic Horror: D4Ra4Aracks111 - (3 Votes)
    327. The Prophets: Jernside - (7 Votes)
    328. UEFA EURO 2016: TriRem - (7 Votes)
    329. Brexit: Kor - (3 Votes)
    330. A Midsummer Night's Dream: Schwarz_Lizard - (6 Votes)
    331. Border Guard: Tarsiz - (3 Votes)
    332. Warrior Princess: Krosis - (4 Votes)
    333. Oh, the horror!: HockeySam18 - (3 Votes)
    334. Winter Warfare: jernside - (3 Votes)
    335. Second Chance: Zetnus - (6 Votes)
    336. Spring: Dark_Reign - (4 Votes)

    {*}: (Confusion caused by one vote that did not comply to the rules and was not spotted until a later date. Note; week 47 was not picked by oliver, week 50 was picked for by oliver to make up for this.)

    {**}: (A miscalculation in the counting of the votes led to Jatayu being declared the winner, when it was really a tie. Nothing was done afterwards.)

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  • AuthorReplies:
    posted 04-03-16 01:53 PM CT (US)     1366 / 1682       
    Now that the deadlock is broken, I'm going to take the liberty of choosing a theme for the next round, if there are no objections.

    New theme: Steppe Nomads

    Mods allowed? Yes.

    ~ Forgotten Empires ~

    Storm on the Steppe | Galderton Hill RP | Proud member of Stormwind Studios

    "Deyr fé, deyja frændr, deyr sjálfr it sama; ek veit einn at aldri deyr, dómr um dauðan hvern." - Hávamál 77.
    posted 04-18-16 01:08 AM CT (US)     1367 / 1682       
    Kicking off things.

    "With the city gates in ruins, the citizens of Zhongdu would discover exactly what a bunch of nomads from the Northern Steppes were capable of."

    (id: Mashek)
    posted 04-18-16 01:16 AM CT (US)     1368 / 1682       
    posted 04-18-16 03:41 AM CT (US)     1369 / 1682       
    posted 04-18-16 08:40 AM CT (US)     1370 / 1682       
    I love the way the acacias mix with the East Asian buildings. The use of the barricades to simulate rubble is great too

    ~ Forgotten Empires ~

    Storm on the Steppe | Galderton Hill RP | Proud member of Stormwind Studios

    "Deyr fé, deyja frændr, deyr sjálfr it sama; ek veit einn at aldri deyr, dómr um dauðan hvern." - Hávamál 77.
    (id: Lildbehr)
    posted 04-18-16 01:16 PM CT (US)     1371 / 1682       
    The use of the barricades to simulate rubble is great too.
    I know, I'm brilliant.

    (The above poster is right, did you know that?)
    Proud associate of Monsoon Studios
    posted 04-23-16 02:36 AM CT (US)     1372 / 1682       

    Time of Tea
    Still in the Dark Age
    Don't be a melodramatic clown. ~Mr Wednesday
    (id: Mashek)
    posted 04-23-16 03:28 AM CT (US)     1373 / 1682       
    posted 04-23-16 08:38 AM CT (US)     1374 / 1682       

    Voting open until April 28th.

    ~ Forgotten Empires ~

    Storm on the Steppe | Galderton Hill RP | Proud member of Stormwind Studios

    "Deyr fé, deyja frændr, deyr sjálfr it sama; ek veit einn at aldri deyr, dómr um dauðan hvern." - Hávamál 77.
    (id: Lildbehr)
    posted 04-23-16 09:11 AM CT (US)     1375 / 1682       
    Vote: MrMew

    (The above poster is right, did you know that?)
    Proud associate of Monsoon Studios

    [This message has been edited by Lildbehr (edited 04-23-2016 @ 09:12 AM).]

    (id: Al_Kharn the Great)
    posted 04-23-16 09:27 AM CT (US)     1376 / 1682       

    posted 04-23-16 10:01 AM CT (US)     1377 / 1682       
    Vote: Al_Kharn the Great

    As usual I'll try to do a brief analysis of each screenshot so as to provide some feedback to the authors of each:

    Al_Kharn the Great:
    The screenshot makes excellent use of the mixing of the new African Kingdoms terrains interspersed with yurts, rock formations, elevation, bare trees, and bushes to present a realistic steppe landscape. The trick with the walls and towers on the Great Wall is a nice touch (though I personally prefer the method of removing wall pieces and creating towers in the empty spaces in the midst of the wall, but it is nevertheless well done). Extra points go as well for relevance to the theme and a nice humorous touch.

    Simple yet effective, this screenshot could nevertheless benefit from a bit more variety in terrain mixing and elevation. The AoK alpha lancers look a bit out of place next to the AoE2 units and objects, but do contribute nicely to a level of variety and relevance to the theme. The trick with the campfire is also quite nice.

    More than anything, this screenshot demonstrates remarkable skill in building placement, and the city design is bolstered by the use of acacias, bushes, and barricades to simulate rubble, although the use of the dirt paths in the middle of the road doesn't do the design any favors. Overall I had trouble choosing between this one and Al_Kharn the Great's, and eventually made my decision based on a tiebreaker of sorts derived from a combination of the minimalistic yet pleasing nature of Al_Kharn's screenshot combined with the humor value.

    It's also nice to see so many people making effective use of my lion statues trick. I nearly gave SaintCurious my vote on that alone

    ~ Forgotten Empires ~

    Storm on the Steppe | Galderton Hill RP | Proud member of Stormwind Studios

    "Deyr fé, deyja frændr, deyr sjálfr it sama; ek veit einn at aldri deyr, dómr um dauðan hvern." - Hávamál 77.

    [This message has been edited by HockeySam18 (edited 04-24-2016 @ 07:56 AM).]

    Devious Dev
    Official Professional Qualified Noob
    (id: dragonslayermcmx)
    posted 04-23-16 03:19 PM CT (US)     1378 / 1682       
    Vote: SaintCurious. All three are great though, good job guys

    D E V A S T A T O R
    Paradise Lost ~ Scored 1st in the ACSC12! ~ Voted Best Cinematic Scenario of 2013 ~ Official Rating: 4.7
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    Proud Member of BlackForestStudios
    My AoE2 Youtube Channel
    Mike Oxhard
    (id: Arnas)
    posted 04-23-16 04:23 PM CT (US)     1379 / 1682       
    Vote: MrMew

    (id: Mashek)
    posted 04-23-16 05:17 PM CT (US)     1380 / 1682       
    posted 04-23-16 06:03 PM CT (US)     1381 / 1682       
    I'm not good with editing so it's very simple
    posted 04-23-16 06:16 PM CT (US)     1382 / 1682       
    For the record, voting is already open (and thus it is too late to give entries), but just this time I'll allow this one. Nice work!

    ~ Forgotten Empires ~

    Storm on the Steppe | Galderton Hill RP | Proud member of Stormwind Studios

    "Deyr fé, deyja frændr, deyr sjálfr it sama; ek veit einn at aldri deyr, dómr um dauðan hvern." - Hávamál 77.

    [This message has been edited by HockeySam18 (edited 04-23-2016 @ 06:19 PM).]

    (id: Mashek)
    posted 04-23-16 06:22 PM CT (US)     1383 / 1682       
    I like it Aracks. Hmmm... I wonder what the lovely raiders are having for supper?
    posted 04-23-16 07:44 PM CT (US)     1384 / 1682       
    it's like a little party.
    posted 04-23-16 11:45 PM CT (US)     1385 / 1682       
    AoE I lancers Sam? I'm pretty sure they're from AoK alpha or beta. Definitely not AoE I.

    Time of Tea
    Still in the Dark Age
    Don't be a melodramatic clown. ~Mr Wednesday
    Mike Oxhard
    (id: Arnas)
    posted 04-24-16 02:27 AM CT (US)     1386 / 1682       
    They're from AoE I

    Jan dc
    (id: Den cekke)
    posted 04-24-16 02:56 AM CT (US)     1387 / 1682       
    They're from AoE I
    I converted all aoe1 units to aoe2 and I'm pretty sure I didn't see the lancer in there. The style is also typical aoe2 beta.
    posted 04-24-16 03:16 AM CT (US)     1388 / 1682       
    I believe you are mistaken Arnas, I double-checked the RoR editor and couldn't find it. Here are all of RoR horse units:

    How is the conversion going Jan? Just like some can't wait for ToME, I can't wait for AoE I where I can rally units and use formations.

    Time of Tea
    Still in the Dark Age
    Don't be a melodramatic clown. ~Mr Wednesday

    [This message has been edited by MrMew (edited 04-24-2016 @ 03:18 AM).]

    posted 04-24-16 07:45 AM CT (US)     1389 / 1682       
    Vote: Saint Curious

    ~Finished Projects~
    5 Christmasmaps

    some Minimaps and other stuff
    posted 04-24-16 08:40 AM CT (US)     1390 / 1682       
    Vote: Aracks

    [This message has been edited by TheDumbLegionary (edited 04-24-2016 @ 08:40 AM).]

    posted 05-10-16 05:55 PM CT (US)     1391 / 1682       
    I'm going to cast a tiebreaking vote and name SaintCurious the winner of this round. Feel free to choose the next theme!

    ~ Forgotten Empires ~

    Storm on the Steppe | Galderton Hill RP | Proud member of Stormwind Studios

    "Deyr fé, deyja frændr, deyr sjálfr it sama; ek veit einn at aldri deyr, dómr um dauðan hvern." - Hávamál 77.
    posted 05-10-16 06:13 PM CT (US)     1392 / 1682       
    Awesome! Thanks to everyone who voted!

    Hmmm... How about we go with the theme Gothic Horror?
    posted 05-11-16 06:24 AM CT (US)     1393 / 1682       
    There was no need for the tie breaker Saint Curious had three votes and I only had two, aha.

    Time of Tea
    Still in the Dark Age
    Don't be a melodramatic clown. ~Mr Wednesday
    posted 05-11-16 06:49 AM CT (US)     1394 / 1682       
    Gothic Horror?. it is some goth ruins or vampire,another goth myth?.
    posted 05-11-16 09:42 AM CT (US)     1395 / 1682       
    Accepting entries until May 18th!

    ~ Forgotten Empires ~

    Storm on the Steppe | Galderton Hill RP | Proud member of Stormwind Studios

    "Deyr fé, deyja frændr, deyr sjálfr it sama; ek veit einn at aldri deyr, dómr um dauðan hvern." - Hávamál 77.
    posted 05-11-16 06:08 PM CT (US)     1396 / 1682       
    Mod allowed?
    posted 05-12-16 08:04 AM CT (US)     1397 / 1682       
    Seeing as SaintCurious has not designated either yes or no, the answer defaults to yes.

    ~ Forgotten Empires ~

    Storm on the Steppe | Galderton Hill RP | Proud member of Stormwind Studios

    "Deyr fé, deyja frændr, deyr sjálfr it sama; ek veit einn at aldri deyr, dómr um dauðan hvern." - Hávamál 77.
    (id: Lildbehr)
    posted 05-12-16 12:17 PM CT (US)     1398 / 1682       
    My entry.
    It's been a while since last time.

    (The above poster is right, did you know that?)
    Proud associate of Monsoon Studios
    posted 05-13-16 08:40 AM CT (US)     1399 / 1682       
    I have no Idea about this.
    posted 05-13-16 09:12 AM CT (US)     1400 / 1682       
    Interesting stuff, guys

    ~ Forgotten Empires ~

    Storm on the Steppe | Galderton Hill RP | Proud member of Stormwind Studios

    "Deyr fé, deyja frændr, deyr sjálfr it sama; ek veit einn at aldri deyr, dómr um dauðan hvern." - Hávamál 77.
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