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Topic Subject:Fantasy Scenario Contest 2019
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Leif Ericson
Seraph Emeritus
posted 06-11-19 08:09 AM CT (US)         

Hello all, and welcome to AoKH's Fantasy Scenario Contest! The theme of this contest is Fantasy (shocking!), but that might take in more than you expect. Historical fiction with a slice fantastical, mythologies, legends, low fantasy, high fantasy, book adaptations, original stories, all are fair game! If you are interested and considering entering, please be sure to read all of the rules below before committing your name in a reply.

Submit all entries to the Single Player Scenarios category in the Blacksmith, then post here to let us know the scenario is to be considered an entry. All entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM EST, November 30th. It must meet the requirements listed below to be eligible for judging. Otherwise, you will face disqualification. As an added note, we will be approving the files in the Blacksmith as they appear, so don't worry about the long deadline. Our goal is to run the contests this year simultaneously with long deadlines, hopefully encouraging people to enter whatever they feel like and plan their designing hours accordingly.

In addition, please keep in mind that this contest is a newer addition to AoKH's lineup, and as such we encourage you to voice any concerns you have with the rules or format.

1. Cut-scenes are allowed, but must be contained within the scenario. Scenarios must include at least some playable portions.
2. One entry per person or per team only. Yes, team designs are allowed
3. The use of Userpatch and AOK:HD are allowed.
4. The Use of The Forgotten Expansion, African Kingdoms, and Rise of the Rajas is permitted.
5. Graphical or data mods are allowed. If your scenario uses an original modification, include it in the download file. If your scenario uses an existing mod (eg. Age of Chivalry or Tales of Middle Earth, please include a link in the file description to the download).
6. There is no trigger limit. However, the use of extra triggers will not necessarily warrant a higher score.
7. The use of custom soundtracks and sound effects is permitted and encouraged. If using custom sound files, please specify somewhere on which speed the scenario is to be played, as otherwise the soundtracks might overlap if the scenario is played on a speed other than what the designer intended, which will cause points to be deducted.
9. Please submit your scenario in campaign (.cpx) format.

Fantasy Theme
As noted, the scenario must be considered to contain some fantasy element. If you are having trouble deciding if your scenario qualifies, consider the following examples:

Scenarios that would be allowed:
1. A LOTR or Game of Thrones adaptation
2. A scenario based around Norse, Egyption, Chinese, Aztec, or Greek Mythology (among others)
3. A Robin Hood or King Arthur scenario
4. Ulio or The Kings Best Men (or I should say something like these, please no plagiarism)
5. Historical Fantasy, such as a Merlin based England scenario

Scenarios that wouldn't really qualify:
1. A highly historical version of Badon Hill
2. Religious scenarios
3. Historical fiction with no real fantastical elements. A Trojan War scenario which features the Greek gods would be allowed, for example, while something like the movie 'Troy' is mostly just pseudo-historical fiction.

All entries will be judged based on categories slightly altered from the review guidelines, as follows:

Enjoyment (15) - Simply, how much fun is the scenario to play?
Balance (5) - When played on the suggested settings, is the scenario well balanced? If there is more than one difficulty setting, do the levels scale appropriately? An easy or terribly hard scenario may still score full marks, if the judge feels his enjoyment was not hindered by lack of challenge or multiple saves/reloads.
Creativity (5) - Covers the creative elements you incorporate into your map, story, gameplay, and design. Creativity should be judged roughly as it is scored in a blacksmith review.
Scenario Design (15) - Covers your map design skills, your soundtrack, your bitmap, your presentation, the flow, the polishing...simply put, it's the skill on display at making scenarios!
Story (10) - Similar to the blacksmith, but with particular focus on how the fantasy elements of the story were implemented, or how the original story was adapted, the legend was re-imagined, etc.

(total of 50 possible points)

To be confirmed...

1. Popeychops
2. Kataphraktoi(?)
3. DeviousDev
4. Lord Basse

Some fantasy scenarios for inspiration:

Contestants: (contestants with finished entries in bold)

  • The Great Artiste
  • HockeySam18
  • Vardamir
  • Leif Ericson
  • TheRealGuardian
  • Talon Karrde
  • iLikeHell
  • Mr Zurkon

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  • AuthorReplies:
    Leif Ericson
    Seraph Emeritus
    posted 09-16-19 08:47 AM CT (US)     71 / 85       
    I'm still hopeful that I can finish my entry, but I'll have to speed up my process a bit to finish it in time. I'm excited to see the finished scenarios.

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    posted 09-16-19 10:38 AM CT (US)     72 / 85       
    Im not sure if Ill finish or not but Im working hard in the short periods of time I have and its coming along nicely.
    Mr Wednesday
    (id: matty12345)
    posted 09-17-19 10:34 AM CT (US)     73 / 85       
    I haven't technically entered my name, but if I can finish my PTC entry by mid october I might throw something together.

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    Leif Ericson
    Seraph Emeritus
    posted 09-17-19 11:55 PM CT (US)     74 / 85       

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    Talon Karrde
    posted 09-21-19 03:16 PM CT (US)     75 / 85       
    I'm making a concerted effort to invest more time and am aiming to complete the map by the end of the month, which will leave two months for trigger work!

    posted 09-30-19 05:36 PM CT (US)     76 / 85       
    For the music, can I use WoW soundtracks?
    The Great Artiste
    Serial No. 44-27353
    (id: Great_Artiste)
    posted 10-22-19 01:47 PM CT (US)     77 / 85       
    No entry this year, sorry guys.

    Co-creator and leader of Monsoon Studios

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    Talon Karrde
    posted 11-06-19 10:38 AM CT (US)     78 / 85       
    Well, it ain't happening! I've been inundated with more commitments than I expected a few months ago and definitely won't be able to get close to finishing by the end of the month. So unfortunately I'll have to pull out.

    posted 11-07-19 00:47 AM CT (US)     79 / 85       

    - Like I have told you before my contest entry will have 2 scenarios. First one will be hundred percent historical cinematic scenario. It will be about Robin Hood's historical cinematic story until he reaches the second floor of Nottingham Castle.

    - After Robin reaches to second floor of Nottingham Castle the next scenario will start with player's control in the second floor. Robin needs to close the dimension portal that is in the deepest floor for stopping the Demon invasion.

    - The second scenario has 3 difficulty settings. "Standard", "Veteran" and "Professional"... It is possible to lower the difficulty in anytime. ( If you have chosen a higher difficulty setting than "Standard" in the beginning ) Players can transform the current difficulty to lower difficulty setting(s) when they want. But if they do they can't return to higher difficulty setting anymore.

    - SEPERATE CUTSCENE SCENARIO PROBLEM: If judges think that we can't let any seperate cutscene scenarios I have a suggestion for them. I suggest them watching my cutscene scenario but they DON'T NEED TO JUDGE it. They don't need to give any points to my cutscene scenario. They only need to JUDGE my main action scenario. I suggest them watching the cutscene scenario because it contains important historical informations about Robin's past. If you start to main scenario by not watching the cutscene scenario you will miss "story connections" very much. You need to watch it to understand the main scenario's story connections.

    - THIS MEANS THAT: Watch the cutscene but don't judge it. Only watch it to learn the story's background. You need to judge the main scenario only. You don't need to give any points to cutscene scenario.

    - WHY IT IS SEPERATE: Because the cutscene scenario covered most of the blank map. So I had to create a new scenario to a different map for the main scenario.

    - MY CONCERNS: I hope that other people will also finish their entries like me. Otherwise I will the only person who will finish an entry for this contest.

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    (id: Al_Kharn the Great)
    posted 11-08-19 08:24 AM CT (US)     80 / 85       
    You guys should probably extend the deadline and open it up to the new Definitive Edition. There's a lot of new triggers and editor features that will enhance the design of these scenarios.

    Filthydelphia Creations
    Tristan & Iseult ~ 1st Place (tied), 2014 Historical Scenario Design Contest
    City of Peace ~ 2nd Place, 2014 Minigame Competition
    Dragon's Head, Serpent's Tail ~ 2nd Place, 2016 Defend the Spot Competition
    Ragnar's Raids ~ 2nd Place, 2016 Historical Scenario Design Contest
    Complete Campaign Collection
    posted 11-11-19 03:24 PM CT (US)     81 / 85       
    I finished my map, can i upload it?
    posted 11-12-19 01:03 AM CT (US)     82 / 85       
    I suggest you testing your map. Also open a notepad along with the game. When you encounter with a mistake or lack that needs to be edited from map editor write all these kind of lacks or mistakes into notepad one by one. Do this process until the you finish the game hundred percent. After that edit all problems one by one by editing your scenario from map editor. After making your all edits test your scenario again more one time and write all mistakes and lacks to notepad again when you encounter with a mistake or lack. This is a cycle. Use this cycle system to lower your game mistakes-lacks and improve your scenario. After very much improvement with no mistake-lack or mistakes-lacks that can be ignored you can upload your campaign here. Because you have still more than 2 weeks. It is a great time period to edit your lacks-mistakes and also improve your scenario.
    posted 11-12-19 01:39 AM CT (US)     83 / 85       
    I tested everything and corrected every mistake, I feel secure
    posted 11-14-19 08:03 PM CT (US)     84 / 85       
    I'm with Al_Kharn on extending the deadline and including the definitive edition. It wouldn't be a very fun contest with 2 competitors imo.
    Lord Basse
    MI6 Scenario-Making Machine
    posted 11-20-19 11:52 AM CT (US)     85 / 85       
    You guys should probably extend the deadline and open it up to the new Definitive Edition. There's a lot of new triggers and editor features that will enhance the design of these scenarios.
    If the currecnt contestants don't mind, I think this would be a good idea, and a good opportunity to advertize AoKH on the other AoE2: DE communities.

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