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Topic Subject:Age of Empires 2: The Next Chapter
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posted 10-03-16 06:19 PM CT (US)         
Age of Empires 2: The Next Chapter

Progress: 37% Complete.

This is a total conversion mod for Age of Empires 2 HD Edition, which takes place in the colonial era. This is not an Age of Empires 3 remake, nor is it simply Age of Empires 2 set in the colonial era. There are new units, buildings, techs, and features which help it better fit into the colonial era.

ModDB Page:


It is for the HD version.

There are 18 Civilizations in total and their building sets are as follows:

13 Colonies

Eastern European


Native American:
Plains Natives Building Set
Forest Natives Building Set


In the Independance Age, the North American Colonies, Britan and france, and the Dutch, Germans, and Swedes recieve a more specialized set respectively.

The new Ages are:

The Exploration Age - 1492 - 1560
Represents the age of exploration, including famous explorers, and trade with Native populations

The Colonial Age - 1561 - 1699
The age when colonizing of the New World began

Fortress Age - 1700 - 1769
The age when world powers began fighting for control in the New World

Independence Age - 1770 - 1850
Represents events such as the American Revolution, and the War of 1812, when Nations became separate from European Empires. Also represents the era of Napoleon.

Some Key Changes:

All European and American Civilizations start with an explorer unit similar to the one in Age of Empires 3. All Native American Civilizations begin with a similar, Chief, unit.

The Native Embassy is the first buildable military building, replacing the barracks, and trains Native military units.

All new unique units and Civ attributes:


Get +10 of all resources for each destroyed enemy building (This encourages raiding, which was the official Comanche pastime)

Horse Archers fire 10/15/20% faster in 2nd/3rd/4th ages (Comanches, like the Sioux, were badass on the horse)

All units have 2+ attack vs civilian units (Comanches were brutal, even for normally brutal Native American warfare)

Unique Unit: Quahadi (Horse Archer with a large bonus vs buildings. Kinda like a horse siege weapon. The name comes from the last Comanche tribe to remain free on the plains)

Unique Tech: Warrior Culture (All units recieve +1 attack. The Comanches were very warlike, if you haven't gotten the message yet. They were at one time or another at war with almost every tribe on the plains, and any Europeans to venture into their territory)

Raiders - Quahadi receive massive bonus vs villagers

Team Bonus: All units receive +2 damage vs buildings (see above)


Villagers cost gold instead of food (The Portuguese colonies relied heavily on slave labor for sugar production)

Villagers have -50% less HP, but train 50% faster (Portuguese sugar plantations were brutal on slaves, even by slave plantation standards. One slave died for every ton of Portuguese sugar produced.)

Every villager killed gives 50+ gold (the Portuguese had a heavy reliance on the slave trade. Though they usualy relied on African allied nations to supply slaves, there are no African nations, and this is best for the Portuguese)

Every ship killed gives 100+ gold (Portuguese enforced their naval trade power by stopping trade ships and charging taxes and checking for licenses, slaughtering the crew if they didn't have said licenses)

UUs: Caravel (blazing fast ship with a large line of sight)

Jinete (Fast javelin-armed cavalry which is good against other cavalry.

UTs: Spyglass (All units have +6 line of sight), Cape Good Hope (Towers deal 15+ damage vs ships)

Most of the Portuguese's colonial riches were made off of abusing Indian ocean trade routes, and via the extremely cruel sugar industry. They established relations with African kingdoms to control the slave trade, and conquered Angola and took over Cape Good Hope for the same reasons. The slave trade was very important for the Portuguese, since slaves died faster than they had children, and had to be imported in large quantities.

The Portuguese have many economic bonuses for fighting, but few actual military bonuses besides their longer line of sight, which gives them a slight edge in finding villagers. They must raid early to get their economy going too since they start out with the same resources everyone else does. However, once this is overcome, they can become very strong quickly if they can get at their enemies' economy. They also excel at naval wars, if not for sheer force for their economic strength.


All units have 40%+ hitpoints, +4 attack, cost 2 population instead of one (the Swedish in their heyday had the most powerful army in Europe, known for its bravery and discipline. However, Sweden had a tiny population to draw from, and its army was never very big.)

Units become 10% more expensive, train 5% slower every age (Because of Sweden's low population, they could not afford severe losses)

Pikemen deal +3 bonus damage to infantry/whatever class the gunpowder unit line is (the Swedish focused on closing ranks as quick as possible, firing only one or two volleys before descending upon the enemy. As a result, pikes and swords were used in Sweden for a much longer time compared to the rest of Europe)

Town centers give +100 gold when built (the Swedish had a highly efficient bureaucracy, which greatly facilitated the rise of the Swedish state)

UUs: Carolean- a fast swordsman with high pierce armor and area attack (as stated above, the Swedish closed in and initiated close combat early in the battle. If possible, should look a bit like a musketeer)

Hackpell- light cavalry which only costs gold and cost half population (the Swedes used some auxillaries like this, but they weren't too prominent. This is just supposed to be a cheap supplement, so that they have a less pop-heavy choice)

UTs: Shock Tactics- Melee infantry attack 2x as fast (Swedes loved shock tactics, as explained above)

Allotment System- Each villager produced reduces millitary cost (The Swedes had an "allotment system", where small groups of peasants had to pay for a soldier. This allowed the Swedes to arm their soldiers for a fairly cheap price)

Team Bonus: All units attack 10% faster

Houses support 6 population

High conversion resistance

The Swedish were very religious, and pastors were the main source of both moral support and discipline on campaign- they were taught to be brave, since if God wanted them to die they wouldn't be able to do anything to stop it, so some religious Techs are still required.


New World Architecture - All building cost stone is reduced by 50% but 25% increased in lumber

Woodsman- Receive lumber camp upgades for free

Indian friendship - Canadian native warriors are 20% cheaper and train 10% faster

Trapper-fast infantry unit with great LoS and speed, but low HP (trash UU)

Coureur - Villagers recevie great boosts in attack and HP

Fur Trade - Canadian market rates are unchanged

All infantry units receive +3LoS



All university techs are 50% cheaper (University of Krakow is one of the oldest in the world, established in 1364)

Polish farms last 10% longer and are 15% cheaper (poland had strong agriculture economy in the middle ages)

Polish units are 75% harder to convert (polish people gained religious freedom)

Winged Hussar- Anti gunpowder cavalry


Copernicus - All techs are researched 100% faster

Golden Liberty - All units receive 10% HP

Villager gather from berries and fish 10% faster



Britons have a very small trickle of all resources (representing colonial wealth)

British ships have 15% HP and +2 Armor (naval empire)

British villagers build 60% faster (quick buidling of colonies,...)

Redcoat - a powerful musketeer with a bonus vs other musketeers units

Ocean Class - tough ship with huge health and attack but very slow with decent range


Piracy -British Ship gold cost becomes wood.

Trade Company - Britsh trade carts, trade cogs and other means of trade move 100% faster

Team Bonus
Gunpowder Infantry move 10% faster and has +1 attack

The 13 Colonies

Reduced price and training time of all gunpowder units by 35%, but lowering HP for 10% (The minuteman)

Houses have tiny ranged gunpowder attack

Farmers and Plantation workers work 25% faster

Colonial Militia - Cheap and fast produced weak infantry with minor bonus vs native units

Plantation - Farm that produces gold

"Smugglers (trade units have +4 armor/+4 pierce armor)

Landgrab - Mills, farms and houses are built 100% faster, are cheaper and receive massive HP bonus (Attack bonus for house too)

Technologies research 15% faster


Villagers/fishing ships/etc gather from all "natural" resources (fish, berries, boars,...) 25% faster
All Iroquois buildings are built from wood only, but have 15% higher price
Iroquois villagers and native units have 15% higher health
Iroquois build longhouses instead of houses. They can be garissoned (3 units) and provide 10pop. However they cost 55% more than a house

Mantlet - Anti building and anti infantry siege unit

*shared special barracks line with other forest natives*

Kinship - Native units have increased HP and attack (20%) as well as attack and movement speed (10%) (Close bonds of the 5 tribes and the oral knowledge passed on)
War allies - Iroquois barracks receive 2 special units, gunpowder infantry (Alliances with French/English/Americans

Team Bonus
Villagers are 5% cheaper


Building Health Upgrades give +20% more HP (The Dutch had their own style of architecture.)

Ships move 10% faster +10% HP but transport ships +10 Garrison (Dutch navy used to carry heavy loads. The fluyt was a dutch built ship.)

Markets give 50+ Gold when built (Dutch marketing has lot of investments in gold.)

Unique Unit: Halberider. Strong Pikeman good against other infantry

Fluyt - moderately fast and powerful military ship that is able to garrison soldiers

Unique Techs: Windmills (Farms stay better for longer and produce food faster)

Bank - When researched, markets begin to produce a slow trickle of gold

Team Bonus: Tradecarts/Tradecogs 33% faster (Dutch traded over seas with fluyts and transports)


Infantry and Siege civ

Villagers produced twice as fast, but gather 20% slower from natural resources (30 years war, destroyed lands, but quick repopulation)

Cannons fire 25% faster and have +10% HP

Town Centers have double HP


Landknecht - slow and powerful anti infantry swordsman

Uhlan - Fast and weak lancer with bonus vs siege and infantry


Imperial Reforms: All military is produced 20% faster and all gold income sources increased by 10%

Protestantism: German monk receive +1/+1 armor and all units are 50% more resistant to conversions

Team Bonus: Infantry has 20% HP


Villagers gather 30% faster, but also get 30% less resources

Cavalry +1/+2 armor per age starting in 2nd age, but cost raised by 5% per age

Ships are created 25% faster but have less hitpoints (trying to compete with British in numbers, but fail)

Town centres and houses built 10% faster


Cuirassier - Expensive and slow armoured cavalry with area attack and high health


French Revolution - Villagers get great boost in speed, health and attack, but lose some gathering effeciency, thus becoming efficient militia units

Napoleonic reforms - Cavalry gains +10% movement speed and cannons are produced 100% faster

Team Bonus
Transport ships (or whatever there shall be to replace it) carry +10 units


10% villager discount per age, starting in first age (total of 50%)

Military produced 30% faster, but it is weaker.

Technologies take 10% longer to research, but are 40% cheaper

Start with 4 extra villagers

Strelet - Cheap, quickly produced and weak infantry with a minor bonus vs infantry


Cossack Agreement - Russians receive Cossacks in their stables. A quick and reliable cavalry with a bonus vs villagers and gunpowder units

Peter The Great's reforms - Strelets and other infantry receive boost in health and attack, but take longer to create and have slightly higher cost

Team Bonus
Villagers receive +2 attack bonus vs infantry


Villagers gather from wild animals and herdables 100% faster

Melee cavalry moves 10% faster and has 10% HP increase per age (starting in second)

Houses are 60% cheaper, but provide 3 pop only

Rifle Cavalry - Quick cavalry with decent attack and health and a bonus vs ranged cavalry

Red Clouds War - Lakota cavalry receive nice bonus damage vs gunpowder infantry and siege

Black Hills - Lakota Cavalry cost no gold

Team Bonus
Cavalry trains 20% faste

Civs without Outlines

Cherokee - Chickamauga- A spearman with a bonus against
gunpowder units
Cree - Cree Tracker

*Note, Aztec, Mayan and Spanish remain mostly the same.

The Native Embassy has 3 unit lines:
Native Warrior (Melee)
Native Spearman (Melee)
Native Bowman (Ranged)
Native Rifleman is a stand alone unit availible in the independence age.

The Barracks is available to all Non-Natives, and trains the following:

Rifleman line
Stand alone Grenadier

The Stable trains Cavalry, two lines are present, but only one is available to different Civs:

The Hussar line is available to Europeans.
The Dragoon line is available to Europeans.
The Native Spear Cavalry is available to Natives
The Native Cavalry archer is availible to Natives

The Arsenal trains multiple cannons, including Falconets, Mortars, and 10 - Pounders

Native Civs do not have access to Barracks, but gain extra unit upgrades

The Elder's Hut is an all new building availible to Natives providing new technologies.

As Native Civs are quite overpowered militarily, they all have strong economic bonuses that reflect the real life native tribes, for example, the Iroquois receive farming bonuses

And last but not least the Mercenary Hut, a building which trains cultural units.

As the mod is not yet complete, any suggestions are very welcome!

Exploration Age Buildings for the Europeans:

The New, updated, Final Barracks unit line:

And a battle pic because why not? :P


Daniel Pereira - Cannons, European exploration Age building components
Achesun - Musketeer, Hoop Thrower, blow gunner - Made for pcm 2
Big Travis - Fusielier, Recoat, Dragoon
Dynasty_IV - Native buildings, Native Units
Taichi San - European exploration Age building components
monsterslayer - European Colonial and Fortress age building base
Possidon - Graphic components for American Archetecture
Ivenend - Landsknet
Jorgito - Reiter, heavy dragoon
Mahazona - Hussar, Native units,
Carcoma - Spanish and portugese building set
LiberatorDave - Colonial Millitia
The_Old_Breed - Gaurd Hussar
3dregenerator - Rifleman
Gwotyng - Eastern European Buildings
Abeb92 - Germanic, North American, and North West European Independence Age Building Set
Great_Artiste, Dr Roach - Civ outlines

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posted 10-03-16 08:31 PM CT (US)     1 / 190       
I have to say this looks like a very interesting mod.
I'll keep an eye on this project and I really like the houses you made for the Europeans!
Bala Arizalu
posted 10-03-16 08:33 PM CT (US)     2 / 190       
Maybe this mod is MIX between AOE II and AOE 3 :/

(id: TheBronyKing11)
posted 10-03-16 09:39 PM CT (US)     3 / 190       
Dragoons should be put in the Stable since they are technically a cavalry unit, also you should add either a heavy infantry or pikemen line to make playing Close-Quarters combat a thing (since Pikemen and melee infantry were used as far into as the mid to late 1600s)

I would like to see more generic units, and a better barracks equivalent for the Natives, they have a very small unit line, even compared to Age of Empires III, and Age of Mythology.

Lead Designer and Producer of Age of Mythology's biggest mod compilation:
posted 10-03-16 09:46 PM CT (US)     4 / 190       
Excellent work! Looks promising.
(id: Mashek)
posted 10-04-16 00:40 AM CT (US)     5 / 190       
posted 10-04-16 05:54 AM CT (US)     6 / 190       
Nice work you have done, Cactiguy!
I wish you success in your modding journey

The Portuguese Civ Mod III - Download at the Blacksmith
A mod that adds new civilizations, a new age, a new resource and introduces new gameplay features!
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posted 10-04-16 06:34 AM CT (US)     7 / 190       
Thanks everyone!

@XLightningStormL I definitely see what you mean. I will change the Dragoons over to the stable. Do you think possibly changing the crossbowman line into a pikeman line would work? That way it removes another shooting unit, and balances out the barracks units a little more. What suggestions do you have for improving the Natives?
Devious Dev
Official Professional Qualified Noob
(id: dragonslayermcmx)
posted 10-04-16 09:55 AM CT (US)     8 / 190       
Loving those graphics. This looks like something with great potential, and I'm definitely interested in how it progresses.

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John the Late
posted 10-04-16 10:00 AM CT (US)     9 / 190       
This is an interesting project! Quite different from pretty much any other mod.

I would also argue in favour of moving the dragoon to the stable, if only to make it have more than one unit available for training.
posted 10-05-16 03:30 PM CT (US)     10 / 190       
I have moved the Dragoon to the stable!

And in the meantime, here is a preview of the Native (Both American Native and Meso) Exploration Age buildings:

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posted 10-09-16 08:52 AM CT (US)     11 / 190       
The New, updated, Final Barracks unit line:

(id: TheBronyKing11)
posted 10-10-16 00:58 AM CT (US)     12 / 190       
Crossbowman and Pikemen are fine as separate units, as Xbows can just be cheap archers that cost Food and Wood, while the Riflemen cost Wood and Gold or something

Lead Designer and Producer of Age of Mythology's biggest mod compilation:
posted 10-10-16 07:05 AM CT (US)     13 / 190       
@XLightningStormL The X-bowman and pikeman both cost wood and food, while the riflemen cost food and gold.
(id: TheBronyKing11)
posted 10-10-16 05:04 PM CT (US)     14 / 190       
Pikemen should be a bit more expensive, and have more armor and attack than xbows, however xbows, mobility and hp, and have range on their side.

Lead Designer and Producer of Age of Mythology's biggest mod compilation:
posted 10-12-16 11:30 AM CT (US)     15 / 190       
Good luck with the mod. It's interesting but I gotta ask, why work on this when AoE3 pretty much covers this era, civs and techs?

Is it just to have the AoE3 world on an AoE2 engine?

From the ashes the Phoenix has arisen
posted 10-13-16 03:47 PM CT (US)     16 / 190       
@Hunyadi Yes, partialy to have it in the AOE2 engine, but also because alot of people didn't like AOE3, while they liked AOE2. SO this mod is kind of a way for them to enjoy A game like AOE3.

- Creator of Age of Empires 2: The Next Chapter, a total conversion mod.,44365,0,30

Progress: 37% Complete.
posted 10-17-16 08:09 PM CT (US)     17 / 190       
German Knight as an Unique unit? I would suggest Doppelsoldner or Landsknecht.
posted 10-18-16 03:44 PM CT (US)     18 / 190       
@Ivenend Sure! I like that better!

- Creator of Age of Empires 2: The Next Chapter, a total conversion mod.,44365,0,30

Progress: 37% Complete.
posted 10-19-16 09:30 AM CT (US)     19 / 190       
Canada is considered as an European civ???
All new unique units for each new Civ:

British - Redcoat - Powerful Rifleman,
French - Cuirassier - Powerful Cavalry, replaces Hussar
So, all UUs replace an original unit or just some of them do?

Do you know how to making unit graphic? Would you be interested in collaborate with me?

[This message has been edited by Ivenend (edited 10-19-2016 @ 09:54 AM).]

posted 10-19-16 04:02 PM CT (US)     20 / 190       
@Ivenend No Canada is in no way considered European, infact I am Canadian myself lol and so am not tryinng to bash Canada lol. It simply shares the European Building set with other European Civs.

And the unique units do not replace original units, infact the Hussar is a completely new unit line, and is the basic Sword cavalry, however the French can train the Currasuer instead of the last hussar upgrade.

And no, I suck at unit graphics lol, I can make decent building graphics, but I am getting others to make most unit graphics for this mod.

Putting the BMPs into AOE format is quite simple, and can be done with a program called Turtle Pack

However, could I possibly use your Landsknecht graphic for my German civ??

- Creator of Age of Empires 2: The Next Chapter, a total conversion mod.,44365,0,30

Progress: 37% Complete.

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Dr Roach
posted 10-19-16 06:46 PM CT (US)     21 / 190       
The native archers should be faster-firing than their gunpowder counterparts. One of the reasons why one powerful tribe, the Comanches, was so successful against the Europeans was because until the Colt revolver, the bow fired much, much faster than the musket did on a horse, and even if infantry fought the Comanches, they just danced around the infantry (on horse, of course) and mowed them down at range. Until the Colt, the best way for the Texas Rangers to fight the Comanches was to carry multiple loaded pistols at once. The casualties from these tactics was usually enough to make the Indians route, but not always.

Since most Plains Indians did NOT like to take casualties, the stats of Native American cavalry should be suited for raiding- fast-firing with high damage, especially against buildings, but with few hitpoints or armor. Bow units should also train slower than gunpowder units because they typically took much longer to train and arm than normal. Also, the Comanches should be a civ.

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posted 10-19-16 07:55 PM CT (US)     22 / 190       

Of course you can! But you need to wait until I find out how to make it into SLP. Before that, you could use this one by Chruchill, it is made from the same source model of my Landsknecht, but since it is converted from Civ3, its size is bigger than ordinary Aoe2 units and has some missing pixels, that's why I want to make my one.

Have you ever played the game American Conquest or Cossacks 1/Cossacks 3? They might be a good reference for you to design the 2nd and 3rd ages' units.

A wiki page of Cossacks3 units:

Can't find a website of the units in American Conquest which might be even more helpful.

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Dr Roach
posted 10-19-16 08:57 PM CT (US)     23 / 190       
I have an idea for a Cherokee UU:
Chickamauga- An archer/gunman/spearman (pick one) with a bonus against gunpowder units
The Chickamauga Cherokee were a particularly aggressive tribe, who were almost sworn enemies with the US. Hence, they have a bonus against gunpowder units (gunpowder units=Americans).

Also, a word of advice- it might be easier to build the tech tree first and then design the civilizations. Also, I have some knowledge in AGE data editing, so though I'm a bit rusty and have some schoolwork, but I can help a bit if you want.

[This message has been edited by Dr Roach (edited 10-19-2016 @ 09:05 PM).]

posted 10-20-16 10:19 AM CT (US)     24 / 190       
Edit: this one is an out of date version, check the new version here

Hey! It seems that making slp is much easier than what I have thought. The first unit has been done, before the Blacksmith download is available, you could download it here:


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posted 10-23-16 05:56 AM CT (US)     25 / 190       
I notice that in the preview image of Barracks unit line, the Barrack itself is available since the 2nd age. Is there any military unit available in the first age? Or the first age has only civil unit?
posted 10-23-16 12:48 PM CT (US)     26 / 190       
@Dr Roach Thanks for the ideas for the Native units! I like the idea of the Cherokee UU.

That is exactly what I have been doing, I have been getting all basic Units and buildings and Techs done first. I just wanted to plan ahead for the UUs and such, just so I have a complete idea of the whole mod.

@Ivenend Thanks for the Slp! And thanks for the game references, I think they will help a lot with the Cavalry units. If you ever make more unit graphics from this time era, let me know!

Also, in the first age, three military units are available. The Explorer from the town center, who has a dual mode attack, both ranged and melee, and the Native warrior and Native Bowman from the Native Embassy.

- Creator of Age of Empires 2: The Next Chapter, a total conversion mod.,44365,0,30

Progress: 37% Complete.
Dr Roach
posted 10-23-16 06:25 PM CT (US)     27 / 190       
Thank you Cactiguy! I'd be doing a mod like this myself, but you beat me to the punch

For the Carolina civilization, it was a crown colony of sorts founded by poor nobles who needed land. Maybe its UU could be something related to the English Civil War/a cavalier? The plantation is probably better suited for the Virginians anyway, who wouldn't have survived without tobacco plantations.

Also, maybe you could do some Asian Indian civilizations? I'd pick the Mughals, Mysoreans, and the Maratha Confederacy. The Indian civilizations should have a war elephant as a shared unit. The Mysoreans should be focused on artillery, and one of their UUs should be a Mysorean Rocket. Heck, you could even have the British East India company as a civilization (or just an "East India Company" civ for all those organizations)

[This message has been edited by Dr Roach (edited 10-23-2016 @ 10:35 PM).]

posted 10-23-16 09:45 PM CT (US)     28 / 190       
Here is my suggestion of the Cavalry units for the European(and also Colony perhaps) civs, which are inspired by the game Cossacks and American Conquest, and most importantly, Pike and Shot, a MTW mod. I also avoid the similarity to AoE3, which I considered as highly historical inaccurate, and I guess you don't want to make the mod an Aoe2 engine Aoe3?

Heavy melee cavalry line:
Men-at-arms(Age2) - Reiter(Age3) - Cuirassier(Age4)

*Men-at-arms: unlike the one in AoK, the phrase Men-at-arms here refers to the heavily armoured Knights/Lancers in 16th century. The Elmeti unit graphic is perfectly suitable for it.


Wikipedia, I think the Cuirassier unit graphic in the Portuguese civ Mod II is very suitable, maybe ask the author for permission?
"As a result of the development of military science, knighthood was replaced by cavalry. Individual fighters gave way to tactical squadrons made up of riders - heavy cavalrymen. Protected by heavy armour, they excelled in hand-to-hand combat. The number of armour plates they wore decreased, but the weight and thickness became greater. All these changes were intended to defend them against the rapidly developing firearms. Only a point-blank pistol shot or a musket shot from less than 50 steps away could pierce an armour. A sword or a sabre was virtually helpless against a plate armour, unless it happened to hit a joint. Cavalrymen were armed with quite expensive wheel lock pistols (2-6). In close combat they wielded swords, daggers, halberds and occasionally long lances (depending on tactics). A cavalryman was quite heavy - his armour weighed about 35 kg (77 lbs) and consisted of a steel helm, a cuirass, bracers and knee-length leg-guards. Riders wore jackboots. Their horses were strong but not very manoeuvrable. A rider's attack was initiated at a slow pace. Only in close vicinity to an enemy cavalryman did their horses fall into a faster trot. Heavy cavalry tactics varied and depended mainly on the level of battle training. Well-trained cavalrymen - e.g. Austrian or Swedish riders (in Gustaf Adolf's army) - wielded cold steel weapons. Poorly trained riders charged an enemy with pistols."


Cuirassier in 18c-19c is actually not something French exclusive, it is wildly use in various European nations. As a replacement of French UU, I would suggest Mousquetaires du Roi or Gendarmes.

Light melee cavalry line:
Demi Lancer(Age2) - ???(Age3) - Hussar(Age4)

*Demi Lancer: 16c Lancer with lighter armour.

*???: have not thought of a 17c unit for the light melee cavalry line, perhaps an upgraded version of Demi Lancer?

*Hussar: the AoE3 style Hussar, which should only appear after 18 century. In 16-17c, the word Hussar refers to a total different thing, a kind of Lancer armoured with heavy mail armour in Poland and Hungary.

Ranged cavalry line:
Mounted Crossbowman/Petronels(Age2) - Dragoon, 17th C.(Age3) - Dragoon, 18th C.(Age4)

*Mounted Crossbowman: It is easy to find a proper unit graphic, right? In case you don't like a ranged cavalry arms with cold arms, Petronels would be also a good choice in Age2, the Conquitor unit grapic in Jorgito's pack would be suitable for him.

*Dragoon, 17/18th C.: I know the name is dumb... But I can't find better name for Ranged cavalry of Age3 and 4.

In case you don't want to differenciate Heavy and Light melee cavalry, here is a suggestion of only one Melee Cavalry line:
Men-at-arms(Age2) - Reiter(Age3) - Hussar(Age4)

And I know, unit graphics do matters. But please take a look of the units these 3 thread:

They're authorized unit graphics converted form C1/AC to Civ3, and unlike the common Civ3 units, they all have walking anim instead of Running, which would be suitable for AoE. Perhaps you could learn to convert some of them to AoE2? It would not be very hard. Or I can try to convert in the future, but I don't have enough time in the next 2 months...

Regarding the walking anim of the Doppel, give me sometime and I would make it out.
Edit2: it is already done, check the Doppel thread.

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Dr Roach
posted 10-23-16 10:29 PM CT (US)     29 / 190       
That's pretty neat, though one could argue to not make the unit lineup too European so that the other non-european civilizations fit better. Just call the Dragoon line Dragoon, then Elite Dragoon. Ranged cavalry weren't much of a thing anyway because it was hard to reload even a pistol on a horse. Ranged cavalry for the Europeans should be a niche cavalry counter. Think camels from vanilla. However, cavalry archers should be much better, good against cavalry and maybe even infantry, especially for the Plains civs. Basically, Cavalry archers > dragoons.

Also, may I suggest changing the Native Embassy's name to something like "War Hut" or the like, at least for the Native civs? It doesn't make much sense for the natives to get all their units from a "native embassy". Maybe you could also make the Native Embassy only available to Europeans with a Native ally?

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posted 10-24-16 07:32 AM CT (US)     30 / 190       
@ Dr Roach I like the idea for your Carolina Civ, including the UU.

The Natives receive their own cavalry, so I wouldn't worry about them being to European.

That is exactly what the Dragoon line is called lol :P

I think I will change the name of the Native embassy for Natives, as You are right about it not fitting.

While I could make the Native Embassy only available to European Civs allied with natives, they would then not have any military units in the first age.

@Ivenend I like all of your suggestions for the European Cavalry! And also, I won't have a light and heavy line, simply one line.

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posted 10-27-16 12:26 PM CT (US)     31 / 190       
Its a nice initiative. However I am skeptical that there isn't variety in terms of civs. All of them are European/American. It will be much more interesting and diverse with Middle Eastern and Asian civs of that era such as: Ottomans, Safavids, Mamluk/Egyptians, Morroco, Chinese, Japanese, Indians

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Dr Roach
posted 10-27-16 06:02 PM CT (US)     32 / 190       
I think so too, but I'll just add them myself if he doesn't release them. The Indians should be split into at least two if not three nations. I suggested Maratha Confederacy, Mughal Empire, and Mysore, as well as maybe an "East India Company" group (not quite a civ, but exists to represent all the organizations who were powerful political forces in Asia). But in the end, if he doesn't add them, I'll add them in my own private version.
posted 10-28-16 05:27 PM CT (US)     33 / 190       
Dr Roach, you could create an expansion when its done if you want

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Dr Roach
posted 10-29-16 00:12 AM CT (US)     34 / 190       
Why, thank you! I would love to, though I kinda am planning my own thing right now. When the mod is released though, you'll be sure I'll be downloading it!
posted 10-29-16 07:29 AM CT (US)     35 / 190       
@ Dr Roach Cool! What kind of mod are you working on?

- Creator of Age of Empires 2: The Next Chapter, a total conversion mod.,44365,0,30

Progress: 37% Complete.
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