Continuous Screenshot Competition


The Continuous Screenshot Competition (often abbreviated to the "CSC" among the community) does what it says on the tin, it is a continuous competition. But what does this mean in reality? Every week a category is chosen by the winner of the previous round and then people can submit a screenshot (there is no need to register or sign up to the competition as it is open to everyone, all you have to do is post a screenshot in the thread). Once the time for submission is over, the winner is voted upon (again this is open to anyone apart from those who entered the round) and then the winner pick's the category for next round. As you can see, it's a continuous cycle.

A Brief History of the CSC

The contest has been running for well over six years now and proudly posting over 200 rounds of contests (at the time of writing this of course, due to the never-ending nature of the contests, who knows what round number it'll be up to if you are reading this). A short history, back May 2006, (the 21st, it 'twas a Sunday to be exact), Thunder77 decided to open the thread and introduce this new format to the community, some wary and unsure about how long it will last, but these worries were was soon dispelled as entries were submitted, rounds were won and the 'Continuous' Screenshot Competition lived up to it's name. Fast forward a few months to 5th October, of the same year, where the second thread in the archives of the "CSC" was opened - this time hosted by Scud (as voted on by the community) due to Thunder having limited time to carry on the responsibility of hosting the thread. Scud hosted the CSC for about 3 years, during which he opened 4 CSC threads, before feeling it was the time to hand over the responsibility. Another vote was held and the responsibility was handed over to fellow forumer and cherub, Turty. Turty open the sixth CSC thread in 2009 and continued to host through to December 2010. He also hosted the archives during this time. Just over a year later, another voting was held to find a new host and veteran forumer Andanu Trisatya was the victor to be the 4th CSC host. However, Trisatya’s CSC reign was short lived when he decided to leave AOKH in April 2012, only to decide to return a few months later. Anyhow, after just about 7 or 8 months of hosting the CSC yet another voting was held, after which Possidon was chosen as the new host. Possidon went on to host the competition for just over three years, after which the torch was passed to John the Late, the current host of the competition. In conjunction with this, John the Late now also hosts the CSC Archives.

The Archives

The CSC also has its own Archives thread to store all of those submitted screenshots and to show how many votes each entry received. The archives also have a rankings table to see who has one the most victories and a gallery of other screenshots that weren’t entered into a round but found their way into the CSC. The first Archives were created by Lord Basse in 2007. Since then there have been a number of different hosts, actively updating the archives until passing the responsibility onto another. Lord Basse hosted from March 2007 through to January 2008, when he passed to power to ViperIV, who hosted from January to October. The next host turned out to be a future CSC host, Andanu Trisatya. Andan hosted the archives until April 2009 when he faded away from AOKH due to "personal reasons". After having no updates for some months the archives were opened again by Turty, after he had become the new CSC host. Turty continued to update the Archives until he disbanded as CSC host. A new host was found in Possidon, who would later go on to host the competition itself. After four years of updating the archives, Possidon resigned and the archive was taken over by John the Late, the current host.

The Rules

Anyway, like most contests, the "CSC" does have rules (that have been evolved and changed over time to this current draft):

  1. No category may be used twice, although it can be used again if it has not been used for 100 rounds.
  2. You may only enter one screenshot per category.
  3. You may only enter as an individual; no team efforts.
  4. The previous winner cannot compete in the competition he/she set the category for. (For that person would of had an advantage otherwise.)
  5. In the event that the winner cannot choose the next category, a "Super Special Bonkers Bonus Round" will happen, this basically means there is no category and any screenshot can be entered as long as it conforms to the other rules.
  6. If there is a tie in the voting, the person who picked the category (last round's winner) will cast the tie-breaker vote.
  7. No pasting pictures into your screenshots of anything, period (text is an exception).
  8. When it comes to editing your screenshot in a program like Paint, you can remove toolbars/change them to a new border for decoration, but you may not use effects or the program to edit the base of your sceenshot. Any text or effects must not interfere with the screenshot, and these will only be added for presentation, for example giving your screenshot on a wide-screen background would only add to presentation. Voters are reminded the content of the screenshot is what is being voted on, not editing it afterward in a paint program.
  9. No mapshots. (In other words, no using a full map shot of an entire scenario/map.)
  10. No modpacks that add in new unit graphics.
  11. AoKTS, Renaissance, GeniEd, AGE, and any other forms of data editing are allowed.
  12. When it comes to data editing you may use it to your advantage when making a screenshot however when it comes to creating and/or unlocking new/hybrid the usage of new SLPs is not allowed.
  13. No taking screenshots from campaigns/scenarios that you did not create.
  14. This is an open competition. No need to sign up, just post a screenshot that abides to the selected catagory.
  15. Screenshots must be made only for this competition. No using screenshots previously taken for any reason. You may, however, take screenshots from your campaign in the works that you have announced, but it must be taken specifically for this competition.
  16. Comptition and voting statuses will close at 11:59pm forum time on the designated deadline.
  17. The previous winner and the selector of the category MAY vote.
  18. If you are participating in the current competition, you CAN vote for fellow contestants if you want (when you're feeling so humble), but you CANNOT vote for yourself for obvious reasons.
  19. No editing of your screenshot once it has been posted as an entry for the competition (no editing the content/scenery). However editing typos/spelling errors in text included with/in your screenshot IS allowed.
  20. If you are caught trying to make smurf accounts or getting people to sign up to AoKH so they can vote for you, and they never post and they only use their registration to give you a vote, you will be disqualified from the week, and for a further length of time based on my discretion. All voters must have an open account at HG. Trying to fix the ballot is a very serious rule, and any attempt to break this rule will have serious consequences.
  21. No flaming to other forummers. Criticism of people's work must be constructive.
  22. Don't whine if you did not win, better luck next time!
  23. Have fun, and try hard!

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