Defend the Spot Contest 2020

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Welcome to the sixth Defend the Spot Scenario Design Competition, and the first ever for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. Held in 2007, 2008, 2013, 2016, and 2018, DtS has always been one of AoKH's most popular contests. With a new version of the game out, it's time for everyone to revisit their defense scenario designing skills once more!

So, what is a "Defend the Spot" scenario? Simple. The basic premise is that you have to hold out for a while in a limited area against superior forces. The most common type of DtS scenario is a defense of a fortified castle or city against hordes of invaders, but a DtS can be the defense of anything - a forest village, a newly-found treasure, a hill during a surprise attack, the king's ship in the middle of the sea - the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

For good examples of DtS scenarios, check out these scenarios:

Defence at Lorgan's Watch - by Mash (winner of the 2016 DtS Competition)
Assault on Killgary - by White Champion (winner of the 2008 DtS Competition)
Defend the Island 4 - by Lord Basse (winner of the 2007 DtS Competition)
Blood of the Bear - by Mash
The Dogs of War - by Night Conqueror


  • Only one entry per forummer or team. If more than one designer is working on the scenario, please list all names when you enter.

  • There are no restrictions on styles - you can have fixed force, build and destroy, even role playing defend the spot games.

  • Your scenario must be mainly playable. Cutscenes/storytelling where the player does not control their units should be limited to less than 5 minutes of in game time total for the whole scenario.

  • The game must be a single player game. No multiplayer.

  • The Definitive Edition of the game is the only allowed version. There are plenty of opportunities to compete with the original CD version, but this is the first chance for everyone here to go head to head with the new editor.

  • No game modifications are allowed
  • Deadline:
    All entries must be submitted to the Blacksmith by 11:59 forum time (CST), April 30, 2020.


    1. HockeySam18
    2. Sebastien

    All entries will be scored by each judge out of 50 points in the following categories:

    Gameplay and Overall Enjoyment: 10 points for how fun the scenario is to play, the gameplay mechanics, and the overall experience
    Balance: 10 points for how well the scenario is balanced for fair, challenging, and winnable play.
    Map Design: 10 points for the aesthetics of the map.
    Creativity: 10 points awarded for the creative choices made by the designer. The DE brings a wealth of new options that can lead to many new and exciting design ideas
    Story: 10 points for the idea behind the scenario, the way the story is conveyed, and the instructions the player receives.

    Scoring will be done on this metric:
    10: Better than or as good as the judge has ever seen for similar scenarios.
    8-9: Exceptional, elite for the contest, little negative can be said
    6-7: Good, better than half the entries, a strength of the scenario
    5: Average, nothing particularly good but not a particular weakness
    3-4: in the bottom half of entries, not of the quality of the winners, and a notable weakness of the scenario
    1-2: very poor, heavily lowers the overall opinion of the scenario