How It Works

The Continuous Modded Screenshot Competition is an open and ongoing competition that is based on AOK's original Continuous Screenshot Competition. The idea of this competition is that unlike the normal CSC this competition allows and encourages the use of graphical mods that add to and enhance the competitors screenshots. Every entry must include at least one graphical change or addition from the original vanilla editor to qualify for the round.

Each round has a certain category that is selected by the winner of the previous round. Contests must then submit a screenshot showing their interpretation of that category using any Mod Pack they wish. The screenshots must be made in the AOK editor with the Mod Pack installed. The screenshot can be related to the title literally or abstractly, as long as you can give an explanation of why you say your screenshot relates to the category in hand and doesn't defy any of the rules stated below, it goes in. Make your screenshot as literal, creative or imaginative as you like - as long as it's related to the category in at least one way! OK, so you’ve got your screenshot all in and ready, what happens next? After the given time, which is usually 5 days if we've got enough entries to be competed (obviously it's not a competition if there's only one entry), the time for entrants will be closed, and then people who did not enter can vote for the screenshot they like. After around three days on average, the person with the most votes is the winner, and they chose the next category - which is why it is a continuous cycle!

The Rules

  • This is an open competition. No need to sign up, just post a screenshot that abides to the selected category.
  • A category cannot be reused, at least until 100 rounds after it was last used.
  • You may only enter one screenshot per category.
  • You may only enter as an individual; no team efforts.
  • The previous winner cannot compete in the competition he/she set the category for, but can, in the case of a tie, cast the tie-breaker vote.
  • In the event that the winner cannot choose the next category a [I]Super Special Bonkers Bonus Round[/I] will take place (any screenshot can be entered as long as it conforms to the other rules).
  • Regarding editing your screenshot, you can remove toolbars or change the screenshot's border for decorative reasons, but you may not to edit the base of your actual screenshot, nor may you insert external elements. You are also not allowed to create comic-strip images combining multiple screenshots. Any text or effects you implement must not interfere with the screenshot. Voters are reminded the content of the screenshot is what is being judged, not editing it afterward in a paint program.
  • No mapshots. (In other words, no using a full map shot of an entire scenario/map)
  • All Screenshots must include at least one graphical mod. This can either be one created for the screenshot or downloaded from the Blacksmith or Steam Workshop
  • The use of Age of Empires HD and The Forgotten Expansion is allowed.
  • AoKTS, AGE, and other forms of data editing are allowed.
  • No taking screenshots from campaigns/scenarios that you did not create.
  • Screenshots must be made only for this competition. You are allowed to use screenshots from campaigns you are working on yourself, but screenshots should be made for the competition.
  • The usual time for entries is 5 days, but if there have been less than 2 screenshots submitted, there will be an extension of the deadline.
  • Competition and voting [b]statuses will close at 11:59pm forum time[/b] on the designated deadline.
  • The previous winner and the selector of the category MAY vote.
  • If you are participating in the current competition, you CAN vote for fellow contestants if you want (when you're feeling so humble), but you CAN NOT vote for yourself for obvious reasons.
  • No editing of your screenshot once it has been posted as an entry for the competition (no editing the content/scenery). However Editing typos/spelling errors in text included with/in your screenshot IS allowed
  • If you are caught trying to make smurf accounts or getting people to sign up to AoKH so they can vote for you, and they never post and they only use their registration to give you a vote, you will be disqualified from the week, and for a further length of time based on my discretion. All voters must have an open account at HG. Trying to fix the ballot is a very serious rule, and any attempt to break this rule will have serious consequences.
  • No flaming other forumers. Criticism of people's work must be constructive.
  • Don't whine if you did not win, better luck next time.
  • Have fun, and try hard! :)

    And let's not forget the useful link:

    The Continuous Modded Screenshot Competition