Much to the delight of the people craving for a PTC; it's finally here!

The last PTC was hosted in 2013, and the results were great! I can't count them all, but you only have to look here to realise it's probably one of our most popular competitions.

To explain; this contest allows someone to utilize their creative instincts to create the most aesthetically beautiful and outstandingly pretty city, town, or village in the scenario editor.

Combat and gameplay are absentallowing the player (and your anxious judges) to leisurely tour the beauties of the countryside and experience the rustic ways of village life.


The objective of this contest is to design the most beautiful, outstandingly pretty town, city or village in the AoK Scenario Editor. In past years there was often a theme for this contest, such as the best Native American, Swamp, or Winter village, but this year we have gone with an unthemed contest. That's right, you as the designer have the ultimate freedom to choose whatever setting you desire for your town!

If you are interested and considering entering, please be sure to read all of the rules below before committing your name in a reply.

Submit all entries (as .cpx files, which automatically includes the AIs you used, and allows viewers to see the introductory bitmap, should you choose to include one, as well as introductory info--history, scenario instructions, hints) to the Showcase Scenarios category in the Blacksmith, with the initials "PTC15" typed in the submission title. All entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM EST, July 14th. It must meet the requirements listed below to be eligible for judging. Otherwise, you will face disqualification.

As an added note, we will not be approving the files in the Blacksmith until the judging phase has passed, so don't worry if your submission doesn't appear. We will be keeping track of all files that have been submitted so you can be sure your file was submitted successfully.

In addition, please keep in mind that this contest strictly follows the guidelines of how the PTC was previously run and judged to keep with the tradition and intended nature of the contest.


1. No combat (for the player) or cinematics are allowed. You may, of course, have things going on in the town, such as a joust or a guided tour, but the player must have the freedom to move their unit and explore, not be locked into a triggered cinematic like in the ACSC.

2. One entry per person or per team only.

3. The use of Userpatch and AOK:HD are allowed.

4. The Use of The Forgotten Expansion and The Forgotten Empires Mod are allowed

5. However, no other custom graphics or mods are allowed.

6. There is no trigger limit. However, the use of extra triggers will not warrant a higher score.

7. The use of custom soundtracks and sound effects is encouraged but not required. If using a custom soundtrack, please specify somewhere on which speed the scenario is to be played, as otherwise the soundtracks might overlap if the scenario is played on a speed other than what the designer intended, which will cause points to be deducted.

8. You must supply at least 1 or 2 fast units that the judge can scout with - no Teutonic Knights or War Elephants, please ;).

9. A story is encouraged to add further interest, however no 3,000 word epics please. Alternatively, you can have a short narrative, a journal from a traveler or a history of the land to get us, the tourist, into it all! Use whatever you like, but make sure to remember that this is a design-oriented contest.

10. The smallest mapsize allowed is the tiny (2 player) mapsize that is selectable in the editor. You may use a 255x255 map (largest available in the CD version). You do not have to fill the entire map (quality over quantity), as only the visible portions will be judged, but if your entry is obscenely small while another entry uses the entire map and does so comparably well, then they will receive a higher score for obvious reasons.

11. You may not use files (or modified versions of them) that have been previously uploaded to the Blacksmith, or to any other community site, etc. The goal of the contest is to design a scenario from scratch, not to rest on the laurels of work that you've already done.


All entries will be judged on how they look, however only what is seen will be judged. The categories are simple and are as follows:

Authenticity (20) - Covers how the map reasonably and realistically looks and fits into the world in which it is set. It can be part of the real world or a magical fantasy world that you've created. This criteria also takes into account the atmosphere - how sounds, music, dialogue and onscreen actions that take place enhance the scenario's mood, vibrancy and emotion.

Creativity (5) - Covers the creative elements you incorporate into your map and designs.

Layout (20) - Covers the layout of terrains, buildings, units and eyecandy in the scenario, emphasizing natural placement of units, buildings, and objects, and cohesion between different sections of the map.

Technical skill (5) - Covers technical skills with regard to designing, such as use of triggers, music and sound synthesis, etc. Marks will be deducted for mistakes such as split cliffs, overlapping soundtracks, music or sound effects that are far too loud or too soft, etc.

(total of 50 possible points)


To be confirmed...

All the top three entries will receive a Official Review from one of the judges!


1. Possidon

2. HockeySam18

3. Leif Ericson