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Article written by Angel AoErat & Aro
Published on 10-12-2008; updated on 08-17-2014

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Welcome to the ModPack Stable, your source on how to transform and bend Age of Empires II to your liking! From graphic modifications to changes in the statistics and rules of how units / technologies operate, the ModPack Stable provides a large library of information you can use to accomplish your modding goals!

Programs & Data

DRS AoK is a tool created by Ykkrosh that allows you to quickly view and extract data from AoK's DRS files, which contain graphics, sounds and other types of data.

Sound Resource List

The Sound Resource list, compiled by zyxomma100, lists every sound that AoK uses and explains where to find them. ModPack Studio is required.

Other Tools Needed

Find out what other tools you might need to edit in-game files!

Graphic Modifications
ModPack Studio

ModPack Studio 2.0 by j_c_a was one of the first graphic modification programs available for Age of Empires II. Last updated in 2001, MPS allows you to install the different modpacks available in our Blacksmith onto your computer; it also allows you to modify and change unit graphics.


ModWorkshop 1.4 by Jatayu is a newer graphical modification program, released in 2008 as an alternative to ModPack Studio and boasting more features. Although it lacks a GUI interface and has no auto-install option, it works on all computers/OS, has fewer bugs, lets you create SLPs from scratch, and much more.

Turtle Pack

Turtle Pacl 1.4.8 by Hawk_Ruralist is the latest in graphic modification programs, released in 2012. It combines the existing programs SLP Editor and DRS Editor with the addition of a program called Animation Preview. Together, these make Turtle Pack a very powerful tool, rivalling each and every one of its present alternatives.

Data Editing
GeniEd 2

The first editor of it's kind available for AoE2 and developed by Ykkrosh, GeniEd 2 allows a user to modify internal statistics for Age of Empires II from the two central data files, empires2_x1.dat and empires2_x1_p1.dat. storycreator_t_c expanded on Ykkrosh's work and released an enhanced GeniEd, that allows you to change even more data, such as buildings and sounds.

Advanced GeniEd (AGE)

AGE 1.7 is an advanced version of GeniEd that was created by stsb77, providing access to far more data than the original GeniEd, such as technologies and every statistic known to every unit. It's less user-friendly, but is much more powerful and in-depth than any of the other versions of GeniEd.

What is a ModPack?

Find out exactly what a ModPack is!


Detailed information on the Age of Kings SLP graphic/animations files.


Detailed information on the Age of Kings DRS database files.


Detailed information on the Age of Kings color palettes.

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