Archived News From April 2002

Due to the old age of most of these news items, all hyperlinks have been disabled. It is also not possible to comment on any of news. They are presented in their current form purely for your reading pleasure - it's the closest thing to a time machine we can offer you!

Tournament With A Twist!
Posted by Thunder on April 30th, 2002 @ 11:04 p.m.
Medium resources? Fortress map? 2v2? There's some settings you don't see in many tournaments. LittleDagger was a little tired of all of the 1v1 stuff going on and decided to go against the grain by organizing an event with some funky settings:
Random Match
4 Player Map
Medium Resources
Dark Age
Normal Speed
Record Game
No All Techs
Standard Exploration

Date - All rounds are to be played in 1 week incriments starting May 14th."

Source - MFO
Sign-ups are open until May 13th, so you have plenty of time to grab a partner and play a few games with these settings. To sing-up, head to the forums on the ME clan page. Best of luck! ...not a flush friendly event if I've ever seen one... ; )
Grumpy Ol' Get Together...
Posted by Thunder on April 30th, 2002 @ 10:52 p.m.
Many of the members of the Grumpy Old Farts (gOf) clan got together recently what their kind does. They grumped and gamed, and even took a few pictures to share with us. Many thanks to those blokes for sharing their gOf spirit with us, it looks like a good time was had by all: gOf Fest 2002 a Success
AOKH Ladder Standings...
Posted by Thunder on April 30th, 2002 @ 4:03 a.m.
Long live the king! Souyrar_ has defended his crown as the ladder champion and remains on top for awhile longer. The infamous petard_rusher has jumped up a few ladder spots, and may be poised to make a run at the top rung. As is the weekly tradition, here is the top ten:
  1. 221: Souyrar_
  2. 208: petard_rusher
  3. 197: Myll_Slaghter
  4. 195: Gary__Payton
  5. 192: _Final_Boss
  6. 190: Flank
  7. 186: Pezeteros_ [aka redhair_LOLITA]
  8. 183: Annoyomous [aka Qwerty_Donkey]
  9. 178: Myll_Barka
  10. 172: _HitMeHardPls_

Source - AOKH Ladder

In Dark Side of Day's list of Ladder Warriors of the Week, LKS_Pacasac tops the list. He played something like 17 ladder games in one day, taking on all comers! Flank, who played the ladder champion and a former ladder champ also made the list, along with Nexphor, who has been playing up a storm. Good show guys!

Interested in joining the ladder? Just visit this post and leave your zone name and a request to join in a post. It's that simple! ...just jump right in! ; )
Arbalet Wrap-Up...
Posted by Thunder on April 29th, 2002 @ 10:41 a.m.
No surprise in the finals, as Arch_Koven_ defeated _IamChris to claim first place, and $3000, in FOPT's Arbalet Cup tournament! Chris was certainly the underdog going in, and Koven was on a hot streak after having knocked off several amazing players including CNS_Grunt, MS Tournament champion and runner-up at WCG last year. Congrats to all those players who earned a little extra spending money!

Recorded games, the brackets, and other such tournament goodies can be had at the FOPT Clan page. ...micro on proud beauty... ; )
Forum Party Today...
Posted by Thunder on April 27th, 2002 @ 10:00 a.m.
Some technical difficulties have jumped on me over the last few hours, which have delayed the posting of our usual invitation for everyone to come out and join us at our Forum Party. Apologies to you all, but rest assured that the event is still a "GO", as always. Stop by today for some ladder games, or those wild team games, on the Zone! The details on exactly where and when can be found in the trusty Forum Party Post.

See you on the battlefield! ...I'm ducking out early though for a hockey game... ; )
Chris vs Koven...
Posted by Thunder on April 26th, 2002 @ 3:20 a.m.
It was a talented field, but it is now down to the final two players in the Arbalet Cup, being hosted at the FOPT Clan page. Arch_Koven_, from Korea, didn't have an easy road into the final as he met several of his talented countrymen in the later rounds. He will face off against _IamChris, the young fella from Canada, in the final set of games to decide a winner. Good luck to the both of them, and stay glued to the FOPT site for the latest results, as well as the recorded games! ...may well have been an all Korean final if Koven hadn't knocked his countrymen out... ; )
Blacksmith Feature: The Shogun - Tokugawa Ieyusa
Posted by Thunder on April 26th, 2002 @ 2:59 a.m.
For this week's Blacksmith feature we have a relatively new campaign, and a very new addition to our Best of AOK listing. It got high marks from reviewer veteran BrandNewCar, and with good reason. Let's get to it:

The Shogun - Tokugawa Ieyusa — This creation by The Vampire Slayer is quite an adventure, obviously set in Japan. The two scenarios put you in control of two important figures in Japan at different times. The story is very engaging, and may sound familiar as The Vampire Slayer points out: "This campaign takes place in Japan from the late 16th Century to the early 17th Century and is based on the the history of Tokugawa Ieyusa. In the first scenario, you play as Tokugawa Ieyusa through his journey as he rose to power. In the second scenario you start off playing as an English man named William Adams, who arrived in the Japans. Then in the last chapter of the scenario, you take command of Tokugawa Ieyusa in the final battle to become Shogun. If you've seen the mini-series Shogun, or read Clarvel's [Clavell] novel Shogun, the story to the second scenario will be relitively simular."

Along with the campaign zip file, there are some optional music files that you can get that really add to the atmosphere. In fact, this campaign makes great use of asian sounds to set the scene. This combined with lovely map design and the great looking asian buildings are a feast for the senses.

In both scenarios, the story is quite complex and the objectives vary greatly. You are often in control of one unit, Tokugawa Ieyusa or William Adams in the second scenario, but it's not uncommon to control a squad or army of other units. With the varying objectives come varying difficulties. Some may have you simple move from point A to B, but others are very challenging attacks. To be sure, there is plenty here to keep you interested.

In BrandNewCar's review, he gave this campaign a 4.6 overall, with perfect fives in playability, creativity, and map design. I must agree that this is an epic campaign drive by an epic story. Well worth the download! can download the optional music files from the description page: here... ; )
Game$pot Announcement!
Posted by Thunder on April 25th, 2002 @ 4:27 a.m.
The most popular gaming site on the net can't make it on ads alone? It's sure looking that way as today they have announced they are preparing to launch a similar pay system as the "Insider" program at IGN, where paying customers get exclusive information early. The program won't get underway for a couple of months yet, but this is what we can expect:
"In May, we will launch GameSpot Complete, our no-compromise, no-holds-barred gaming service. It will feature:

Complete access to all of our content
Unlimited high-speed downloads
Unlimited streaming video
No invasive ads--no banners, pop-ups, pop-unders, superstitials, prestitials, or interstitials

GameSpot Complete will also offer access to community features, like high-quality message boards and advanced searching capabilities. It will give members the ability to contribute to and influence the site in ways they have never been able to before. It will be affordable--$4.95 a month or $19.95 a year. And it will be free to try--GameSpot Complete will launch in early May, and there will be no charge to use it until June 1."

Source - Announcing GameSpot Complete
I'm not sure what this will do to the AOM showcase series, but by the sounds of things we will still be able to access their great information, just without streaming media like the movies. ...shocking... 8 o
1v1 Tournament!
Posted by Thunder on April 25th, 2002 @ 1:32 a.m.
If you prefer to fly solo, this tournament is for you! LTR Clan is 1v1 tournament that will run during the first half of May. It is a random map affair, with arabia being the default map, but if both players involved agree on a different map type to play on that's fine too. For all of the settings, schedules, and sign up information, make sure you stop in on their tournament page. ...there's a list of registered players there as well...I spy some pretty good potential opponents... ; )
AOK, The Victim...
Posted by Thunder on April 23rd, 2002 @ 9:21 p.m.
Age of Kings is the subject of today's Daily Victim over at GameSpy. They have a tendency to whine about getting their pants rushed off over there, and this rant/rave is right along those lines. Stop in for a read and rate it! haha funny or just heh funny? ; )
Ladder Standings...
Posted by Thunder on April 22nd, 2002 @ 5:39 p.m.
Well Souyrar_ rode his big winning streak into an showdown with the AOKH Ladder champion, namely Myll_Barka. Now he's got an even bigger winning streak, 31 wins in a row, and the ladder championship! You will find both recorded games of their battles, the first game and of course the rematch, in the recorded games section.

Congrats to Souyrar_! Can anyone stop this guy? He has lost all of two games out of the thirty-three he's played:
  1. 206: Souyrar_
  2. 199: Myll_Slaghter
  3. 195: Gary__Payton
  4. 192: _Final_Boss
  5. 190: petard_rusher
  6. 186: Pezeteros_ [aka redhair_LOLITA]
  7. 178: Myll_Barka
  8. 175: _HitMeHardPls_/175: Lady_Woogy
  9. 173: slamdrew
  10. 169: StorM_Country

Source - AOKH Ladder

Lots of people are going to be gunning for Souyrar_ now, best of luck to him in his upcoming games, and long may he reign!
Dark Side of Day's weekly picks for the Ladder Warriors of the Week contain some prolific players. slamdrew tops the list, after having played well over twenty games last week, and is joined by Tonto_Simfish and S_A_S. Well fought guys! ...I'm feeling the need to give away a few points...see me for some ladder games this weekend... ; )
Arbalet Cup Reaches Semis!
Posted by Thunder on April 21st, 2002 @ 6:45 p.m.
Mister FOPT_Strawberry sends word that the gloves are now off! Their tournament, hosted at the FOPT Clan page, is now down to the final four. There are likely a few names you might recognize, and both games promise to be worth watching. Best of luck to those who have survived this long:
"After 7 weeks and almost 600 games the Arbalet-Cup, the big 1v1 Arabia Online-Tournament hosted by, is finally reaching it´s final stage!

Semifinals are between:

CNS_Grunt vs. Arch_Koven_ (both from Korea) and
_IamChris (Canada) vs. _MAD_Churchill (England).

Some sweet cash is waiting for 3 out of these 4 players: 1st Prize US $3000 and the massive Arbalet-Cup, 2nd Prize US $1000 and 3rd Prize US $500!

All Matches of the tournament are available for public download in the Arbalet-Cup - Forum at (you must register first - it´s free and easy).

One more thing: Unique visitor # 250,000 to the FOPT-Homepage (we expect him or her for Sunday/Monday) will win a copy of the new RTS-Game WarCraft 3. Just make a screenshot of the mainpage when the counter shows exactly 250,000 and send it to us (Details on our Homepage). Good Luck! :-)"
- FOPT_Strawberry
Forum Party Tomorrow...
Posted by Thunder on April 20th, 2002 @ 1:58 a.m.
The locals 'round these parts will be gathering on the Zone tomorrow for our weekly shindig. We'll be playing some ladder games, some big bad team games, and perhaps a little NOmad. Make sure you stop by for a game or two! You will find all of the details, like the where and when, in the trusty Forum Party Post.

Come next week, we hope to have a tournament/contest for the competitive types to compete in. Stay tuned for the details later in the weekend.

See you on the battlefield! ...go canucks go... ; )
Triumphant Return!
Posted by Thunder on April 19th, 2002 @ 7:58 p.m.
Many of us have done battle with servers at one time or another, and it's not a ton of fun. The crew at Through The Ages have just defeated their evil server menace and are back in action after a long absence. Here is the grand announcement, straight for the horse's Ogre's mouth:
"Yes, Ogre knows it has been almost two and a half weeks since the server went down, taking the site with it. Well we found a new host and are pleased to once again be back online. Everyone knows Ogre wouldn't let his baby die! Anyway there are still some things that need to be worked out, but the majority is done for your surfing enjoyment. Please note we have all new forums. The ones from the old host were unrecoverable sadly enough. So you will have to sign up for a new forum account. Also Ogre is hard at work on updates for the Age of Mythology section. Oh and, yep, he almost forgot, there is somewhat of a new design. He just wanted to make navigation easier." - Ogre
Welcome back to Ogre and his crew! Be sure to stop in for a visit as they get settled on their new server. ...lucky guys...I worked on an AOK site once upon a time that was down for 2 months...servers...can't live with 'em... ; )
The Big BOOM!
Posted by Thunder on April 19th, 2002 @ 3:22 a.m.
It's time to show off your mad booming skills! The old timers of the GeeZer Clan are organizing a tournament for the boomer in all of us that is judged solely by time:
"The GeeZer clan is currently hosting a Booming Tournament! The goal is pretty simple: Make 200 villagers and go to Imperial Age ASAP!

We have made a special map (GA like) for the event, which can be downloaded from our site.

You can read more about it here at our site:"
- GeeZer_Evil
The deadline to submit your recorded game with your best time is late in the day on April 30th, so snag that custom map and get practicing. You'll find all of the details on their spiffy tournament page. ...a lot of clans for old farts...erm, folks these days...I wonder if that's a sign of Agers getting on in years... ; )
Blacksmith Feature: 2v2 Finals...
Posted by Thunder on April 19th, 2002 @ 2:24 a.m.
I am out and out cheating for this week's feature from our Blacksmith. The last few campaigns and random maps that I tackled weren't quite up to being featured, so I am resorting to another type of download, the handy dandy recorded game. Our recorded games section isn't very large, but there are some gems to be found. Everything from Microsoft tournament games, featuring all sorts of expert players, to crazed forum party games featuring back door tactics and large team battles. For this week's feature, we turn to a recent 2v2 tournament, organized by our dedicated ladder manager Dark Side of Day.

2v2 Ladder Tournament Final — The results of this game were announced earlier in the week, but the recorded game only appeared yesterday. The delay was entirely my fault, and since the game is a rather entertaining clash, featuring it is the least I could do. The map, random land, turned out to be Oasis and our teams start off cautiously walling.

NS_SkySpirit (Hun) and NS_Smack (Viking)


_Dave_ (Hun -aka ViE_Heretic) and WX_Intrigue (Mongol)

The NS clan team decides early on to concentrate their combined efforts on attacking on one side of the map. Despite some serious walls and other obstacles thrown in for good measure, they press their attack on WX_Intrigue 's side of the map early in the castle age.

To my disappointment, no one attempted to sneak a few villagers into the other team's territory in the feudal age, but with all the wolves that usually turn up on Oasis maps it really is a risky venture.

Thanks in large part to NS_Smack's crossbowmen, WX_Intrigue's walls are breached and NS_SkySpirit's knights stream through to raid towns and create havoc for several minutes. Timely assistance from _Dave_ saves his ally from larger losses, and that front settles down. The NS team is now more or less in control of that side of the map, as they boom to Imperial, and on the opposite side it is an all wall affair. _Dave_ does have a Castle looming over that area which comes into play in the Imperial age.

Once again the NS team asserts themselves by reaching the Imperial age first and begins to press a large attack on the same front. WX_Intrigue is there to take the brunt of the attack and a massive battle ensues. Trebs begin to bring down NS_SkySpirit's walls on the other side of the map, as things really begin to heat up. Give this recording a look to see the grand finale.

For those interested, you can find the NS clan online at ...well played all...SkySpirit sure makes a great commander... ; )
Ladder Update!
Posted by Thunder on April 18th, 2002 @ 2:14 a.m.
No, we aren't going to talk about the top ten standings right now, but instead an update to the way the ladder is updated! Forumer A Noble Cause took it upon himself to write a fantastic program to assist in keeping the AOKH Ladder up to date. It will make things easier for our ladder manager to keep everyone's point totals up to date, hopefully, and it also keeps track of more than that. You'll now be able to see winning and losing streaks, and win percentage. All hail A Noble Cause!

Now, we can all be in awe at Souyrar_'s 22 game winning streak. ...awwwwwwe... ; )
Virus Warning...
Posted by Thunder on April 17th, 2002 @ 11:40 p.m.
Yep, yet another virus on the loose. I have received three different variants of this particular virus already, so no doubt you will have a few turn up in your in-box too. Here is the low down, courtesy of ZDNet:
"The worm arrives in an e-mail message with one of 120 possible subject lines. There are 18 different standard subject headings, including "let's be friends," "meeting notice," "some questions," and "honey." On top of those, seven other patterns exist, such as "a x game" and "a x patch," where x can be one of 16 different words, including "new," "WinXP," and the name of any of six major antivirus companies.

In many circumstances, the worm doesn't need the victim to open it in order to run. Instead, it takes advantage of a 12-month-old vulnerability in Microsoft Outlook, known as the Automatic Execution of Embedded MIME Type bug, to open itself automatically on unpatched versions of Outlook."

Source - ZDNet: Klez worm's on the loose again
I'm sure glad I'm no longer an Outlook user, but if you are make sure that you patch it to death. Hold on to your hats, update your anti-virus software, and buckle down for another barrage of virulent e-mail! one point I was getting 30+ e-mails with the SirCam virus attached every day... ; \
This Day In Age...
Posted by Thunder on April 16th, 2002 @ 8:48 p.m.
Long before there was an AOM Heaven, we had a lot of speculation and the vague code name of RTS III. It was one year ago today that we finally learned what the Ensemble Studios team had been up to, thanks to Computer Gaming World magazine. The now famous image of Thor graced the cover of their June 2001 issue and the title of the game as well as several screenshots were finally revealed. A giant image of the cover and a snip from their press release can still be found in the ES news archive.

It was a busy April 16th last year. We must also extend our congratulations to another Age site, Age of Wonders Heaven, which launched one year ago today! They've had a tough year of waiting, but AOW II is now that much closer to being on store shelves. Here's wishing the dedicated AOWH crew another great year! ...and we're all a year older than we were last year....boooo... ; )
LKS Clan Tourney!
Posted by Thunder on April 16th, 2002 @ 6:58 a.m.
If you're in a clan and looking for compete against some of the many other clans out there in a tournament setting, LKS_Pacasac has answered your prayers. The date for the bash is next Saturday, the 27th, at 3pm EST, which is 8pm GMT. (aka 20:00 GMT) The event is going to be limited to just a handful of clans, so get your team together and head to the clan tourney post for all the details! ...working on a new ladder event for all the clanless minions out there... ; )
2v2 Tourney Winners...
Posted by Thunder on April 16th, 2002 @ 1:00 a.m.
A little late, but we must make an announcement so that the winners can share word of their glorious win. Our fourth 2v2 ladder tournament was held on Saturday, and clan mates NS_Smack and NS_SkySpirit walked away the champions after taking out WX_Intrigue and _Dave_ in the finals. Our congratulations to all on games well played!

You can view the brackets for the tournament in this post in the forum. ...been smacked around by Smack a couple of times...very good player... ; )
World Cyber Games 2002...
Posted by Thunder on April 16th, 2002 @ 0:50 a.m.
A grand bit of WCG information was passed our way by Magellan, one of the head honcho types at the french network The French WCG organizers got their hands on some information that confirms that the 2002 WCG event will be held in Korea at the end of October. It also appears that there hasn't been much of a change in the games that will be part of the event, so AOC will once again be amongst them.

There's still time to add new games, like Empire Earth or maybe Battle Realms, so don't lose hope if you a 1337 xpert in another title that isn't on the list at the moment. ...maybe WC3 or AOM will be done in time to get added to the list...long shot but here's hoping... ; )
Arbalet Cup Quarters!
Posted by Thunder on April 14th, 2002 @ 11:20 p.m.
They are nearing the finals in the Arbalet Cup tournament! FOPT_Strawberry, webmaster of the FOPT Clan site, has sent us an update on the match-ups for the quarter-finals. No question, these games are going to be great ones as some of the best players in the world face off against each other:
"After 6 tough rounds only 8 players are left in the competition for US $5000 in hard cash and things are heating up.

In the Quarterfinals (must be finished before Thursday night) we will see the following matches with the unquestioned highlight of the duel between the probably most legendary AOK-players ever, Arch_Koven_ and RD_ChampioN, from Korea:

L_Clan_Ugnis (The_Steam_) vs CNS_PA (CNS_Grunt)

Slayers_Boxer (RD_ChampioN) vs _SyuRi_ (Arch_Koven_)

_IamChris vs WindForce__ (_CGA_HanYu)

captain_krunch_ vs I2avaged_d0nkey (_MAD_Churchill)

All above matches are played "best of 3" which means the player who achieves two wins first advances.

More info including photos of all players can be found here:

Recorded Games are available exclusively in FOPT´s official Arbalet-Cup - Forum (must register before downloading).

And - of course - for the full scope just enter FOPT via the main link"
- FOPT_Strawberry
Forum Party Tomorrow...
Posted by Thunder on April 13th, 2002 @ 3:45 a.m.
If you're looking for games tomorrow, we've got you covered. Join us on the Zone for a 2v2 tournament or some relaxing battles with fellow forumers. Either way, bring your "A" game and join in! Start times, tournament information, and Form Party facts can all be had via the trusty Forum Party Post.

I may well be absent tomorrow as Chris Taylor, the guy behind Dungeon Siege, is in my town tomorrow. A few of us locals are going to go out to hang around near him, and look cool. ...I wasn't a big fan of D2, but Dungeon Siege is great fun...gets my two thumbs up... ; )
Preping For E3...
Posted by Thunder on April 12th, 2002 @ 10:06 p.m.
Are you ready? The 2002 Electronic Entertainment Expo, which will run from May 22-24, is coming up fast! It is the place where companies show off their upcoming games and hardware with elaborate booths and *cough* "booth babes". The boys and girls at IGN have put together a great countdown article, complete with a list of games that have been confirmed for the show. The list includes the game on many a strategy player's mind, Age of Mythology!

The list is a little on the short side at the moment, but no doubt it will grow as we get closer to the big show, and more games are confirmed.

A few lucky Angels from here at HeavenGames will be attending the show once again this year to bring us all the latest news and some first hand insights on the major titles in development! Find your party hats folks, it's almost that time of the year again. ...Angel Spineman is already working out a plan to smuggle a souvenir home...he's just not sure how to fit her into a suitcase at the moment... ; )
Aussie Instructor...
Posted by Thunder on April 12th, 2002 @ 10:03 a.m.
The volunteer instructors in our Training Camp have a new player among their ranks to help us less skilled players improve. DaRq_LadyWoogy, finalist in the MS International Conquerors Tournament and all 'round great gal, has signed on to help advise players hailing from Australia. Given timezone differences, it has been difficult to meet up with players from down under, so three big cheers for Woogy on helping out! Visit this post if you hail from Australia and need a helping hand improving your skills.

Our Training Camp is open to all players who are looking to learn a few things. We have several very talented players, including current and former AOKH Ladder champions, ready to give you some tips and advise, so feel free to drop in and sign on. ...I think my game has rusted to the point where I'm beyond all hope... ; )
Blacksmith Feature: Nomad_Unknown...
Posted by Thunder on April 12th, 2002 @ 4:03 a.m.
Our weekly Blacksmith feature focuses on a random map script this time around, instead of a campaign or mod. I tackled a heap of scenarios over the week, but it was this random map I have been playing on lately that ended up eating up most of my time. It is the result of a combined effort between Ensemble Studios, and Daddy Duck. If you're a NOmad fan, you may have already given this one a look, but here's a revisit.

Nomad_Unknown.rms — As many NOmad hungry players have done, including myself, Daddy Duck has transformed a known random map script into one that supports NOmad. The ES@Unknown random map script generates truly random maps. You can end up with islands or arabia and everything in between, which is why posting a mapshot image of the terrain generated isn't terribly helpful. The Nomad_Unknown random map script has no starting town centers, no wolves, no scouts, and of course your starting villagers are scattered about the map, making it a veritable NOmad playground.

True to its Unknown origins, this map gives you the opportunity to play NOmad on a very wide variety of maps. Long time players will surely appreciate the new arenas to test their skills in, but as with the original Unknown map from ES, you may run into a bug or two. A particular bug that bites on occasion, with a few NOmad style random maps, is trapped villagers. This doesn't pop up too often, but given the unknown nature of this particular map, it has to be expected once in awhile.

Without a doubt, Nomad_Unknown is a nice change from the monotony of the regular Nomad map, but given the extreme random nature of the maps, you probably won't be finding it featured in too many competitive games. I actually posted a review of the map, giving it a 3.7 out of the usual five. The overall score was dropped by the whole "Visual Appeal" category, which you can basically ignore since visually, the maps are different every single game and there's no real way of knowing what you'll end up with. ...I have a knack for getting trapped villagers on random map scripts... ; )
This Day In Age...
Posted by Thunder on April 11th, 2002 @ 1:49 a.m.
Actually, it was yesterday, but my watch is broken so you'll have to forgive me. Way back on April 9th, 2001, the boys and girls at Ensemble Studios released the second screenshot for a game that was still referred to by a code name of "RTSIII". (later called, Age of Mythology of course) The screenshot featured walls, towers, and units from what I suspected to be a Roman civilization:
"Only the second ever screenshot of Ensemble Studios' third RTS game has been posted here on their website! The latest screenshot features several buildings and units including another ship, what looks like a ballista, goats, walls, trees and more! The architecture does look it could be Roman, but judge for yourself..." - Thunder, April 9, 2001

Source - AOKH News Archives: April 2001
You can still find that screenshot, along with the very first screenshot released for AOM in this gallery at AOMH. The image sparked another hot topic in the forum here, since our site dedicated to Age of Mythology didn't exist yet. The inevitable comparisons to Empire Earth had already begun.

To say the least, the current batch of screenshots put that one to shame. We've come a long way baby! ...I believe the second SS was yanked a day or two after it was posted because it was old and didn't do the game justice... ; )
AOKH Ladder Standings...
Posted by Thunder on April 9th, 2002 @ 9:24 a.m.
A little later than usual, but the weekly tradition continues. It's time to take a look at the ol' top ten rankings from our AOKH Ladder to see who's on the way up, and who's on the way down. DaRq_LadyWoogy looks like she's most definitely on the way up once again, after some time on the lower end of the 150 point range. Our champ, Myll_Barka fended off a challenge from redhair_LOLITA, a strong player to say the least, and so remains in the number one position for awhile longer. Hold your breath, wait for it, ...the top ten:
  1. 180: Myll_Barka [remains #1 until defeated]
  2. 196: Gary__Payton
  3. 187: Pezeteros_ [aka redhair_LOLITA]
  4. 179: _Final_Boss_
  5. 176: petard_rusher [aka IR_Evil0]/176: Souyrar_
  6. 170: DaRq_LadyWoogy
  7. 169: _HitMeHardPls_
  8. 167: StorM_Country
  9. 166: Time_Itself
  10. 162: TypHoon_

Source - AOKH Ladder

Congrats to these hard playing guys who have been selected by Dark Side of Day as the Ladder Warriors of the week. Morningthaw_ leads the way, with his prolific play from last week, and is joined by TVB_Mutaant, and the old veteran warrior S_A_S! Nicely done!

Be sure to remember that there is a big ladder event coming up this Saturday, the 13th. The fourth 2v2 AOKH Ladder Tournament is being organized, so make sure you've got a partner and you bring your "A" game. Best of luck Agers! ...we should do a team islands tourney one of these days...gad I love that map... ; )
$5000 In Damages!!
Posted by Thunder on April 8th, 2002 @ 6:19 a.m.
Not only does the Hammer Damage Tournament promise great 3v3 team action, but they've also got a whopping $5000 in prize money that will go to the top teams! The event is being organized by the BsK Clan, and the dealine for sign-ups is 12am on May 1st. The full settings and rules can be viewed on the tourney page, make sure you read the fine print!

There is a limit of 64 teams in this event, and if more than that sign-up, those with the higher zone rating will be the ones to compete. Best of luck folks, and don't let the Jaguars bite. ...3v3 Yucatan...that should make for some great battles! ; )
Forum Party Tomorrow...
Posted by Thunder on April 6th, 2002 @ 4:23 a.m.
Join us for some fun games tomorrow on the Zone! Our weekly Forum Party continues and everyone is invited to stop by and have a little fun. Next Saturday is our 2v2 tournament, so you may want to take this occasion to practice or grab a partner. For all of the usual details on where and when the party will be, or if you have any questions, check out the Forum Party Post.

See you on the battlefield! ...gah, I'm gonna be extra rusty this week... ; )
E-mail Trouble...
Posted by Thunder on April 5th, 2002 @ 1:37 a.m.
It's finally happened to me. After three years of a great e-mail track record, my ISP has cacked. If you sent an e-mail to me in the last 48 hours, I didn't get it. The only way around that is to get you to send it again, if you don't mind.

This e-mail problem ate up most of my time of late and I haven't managed to play through a new campaign or test out a new RMS for a blacksmith feature. My apologies, but rest asured that weekly feature will return next week! ...would have said, "it couldn't happen at a worse time" ...but there's never a good time for your e-mail to stop working... ; )
2v2 Ladder Tourney!
Posted by Thunder on April 3rd, 2002 @ 11:33 p.m.
It's on! Grab a partner and get set for a fight folks. Dark Side of Day has announced a 2v2 ladder tournament for April the 13th. Sign-ups will begin at 2pm EST on the 13th, and end at 3pm EST. For those in other timezones, sign-ups start at 7pm GMT, which is 11am PST. The settings? Glad you asked:
"Map: ............Random Land Map
Size: ............4 player
Settings: .......All default
Speed: ............Normal
Victory: ........Time Limit: 1100 Years
Civ: ............You Pick"

Source - 4th AOKH 2v2 Ladder Tournament: Saturday April 13
You've got ten days to get prepared and find a partner, but don't daudle. There's no doubt that some serious contenders will be making a run at the crown! Good luck to all! ...man1:"Do you want to fight?" ...man2:"Thems be fightin' words!"... ; )
Euro LAN Tourney...
Posted by Thunder on April 2nd, 2002 @ 11:37 a.m.
Don't run for the door just yet, this one doesn't take place until this summer, but there's no time like the present to start making your travel arrangements. MoFo_ZuG popped in to announce the event, which will take place over August 31st and September 1st. To enter, you'll have to come up with £17, but that will get you a shot at some prize money.

If you like flying solo, there will be the standard 1v1 event, but you and your mates can take on the world in a 4v4 bracket as well. Make sure you let them know you're coming though, because they'll have to reserve enough machines to handle everybody. For all sorts of details, drop in on this post in the forum. that's planning ahead... ; )
AOKH Ladder Standings...
Posted by Thunder on April 1st, 2002 @ 11:24 a.m.
There hasn't been a great deal of movement in our top ten ladder players list from last week, although a new name has jumped onto the list. Myll_Barka is still firmly entrenched at the number one position, and will only be knocked down until he loses two games in a row to the same person. (champs always get a rematch) Even though no snakes appeared to mess with our ladder fun, here is the top ten list to begin a new week of games:
  1. 174: Myll_Barka [remains #1 until defeated]
  2. 199: Pezeteros_ [aka redhair_LOLITA]
  3. 190: Gary__Payton
  4. 179: _Final_Boss_
  5. 176: Souyrar
  6. 169: _HitMeHardPls_
  7. 168: TypHoon_
  8. 167: StorM_Country
  9. 166: Time_Itself
  10. 165: petard_rusher

Source - AOKH Ladder

Even Dark Side of Day's picks for the Ladder Warriors of the week contained some very familiar names. Both slamdrew and S_A_S have been regulars on the list for awhile now, and continue to impress by taking on all comers. Morningthaw_ is a new name on the list, singled out for jumping right into the thick of things and playing up a storm. Good luck to all of you guys in the coming week!

If you'd like to improve your skills or take a run at the top ten, joining the ladder is easy. Just leave your zone name and a request to join in the ladder post, then have at it! ...yell fresh meat, and you'll have players knocking down your door to play you...or that's the advice I got anyway... ; )