On the Road to Expert 2: Villagers (Continued)

Article written by DaRq_DarkJihad
Originally published on 11-11-1999 ; updated on 08-17-2014
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Now that you've started making enough villagers, its time for you to learn what and how many villagers you need on each resource. In general for a flexible "formless" strategy, As you start castle you should have about 2/5 on food, 2/5 on wood, and 1/5 on gold (but the goldies only started right when you clicked to upgrade to feudal) IE with the standard 30, when you start castle you want 6 on gold, 12 on wood and 12 on food. MAKE SURE YOU RESEARCHED GOLD MINING (also research double bit axe and horse collar) or you're going to be way short when you need it.

As you add more villagers put them on gold first (and some on wood/food always, but most on gold till you're villagers approximately fit the next ratio), then stone. In mid castle when you start mining stone, you should have about 1/4 of your villagers on gold, 1/4 wood, and 3/8 food, with about 1/8 on stone for castles. IE with 50 villagers, you want 18 on food, 13 on wood, 13 on gold, and 6 or 7 on stone. This should give you enough resources to produce a mixed army, pump more villagers, as well as eventually age advance and research techs. Try not to go too much off this formula unless you're going hardcore anti-units (pikemen/skirmishers) which is not recommended, except against dumb enemies who only send archers or knights. If you do you're going to find you have 2000 wood in the bank, or 1500 stone when you only need like 100 of each. As you start to imperial, you want to move more to gold because those imperial techs are expensive. Remember the GOAL is to have the resources you need to research things, but you want all your resources as close as possible to 0. Realistically you want a coupla hundred in reserve, so if you're resources read like 300 of each your perfect. If you've got more you're NOT using them properly-- either produce something with them or shift villagers OFF that resource. Obviously the exceptions are age advancements and saving for elite units.

So to recap: Try and balance your villagers, but realize that like ROR stone isn't quite as useful as gold/food/wood so don't put as many villagers on that.

What do you all think ? Any specific villager ratios that work for you ? I really try to do this, but even I occasionally find I have too many on wood because I didn't have the time to micromanage them into building farms. Most of all HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THIS SERIES ? Are you learning anything ? Should I continue ?

As an example saved game: Methos shows us approximate villager distribution going into castle. He knight rushes his opponent early so we don't see what happens later.

Methos' Game
Article Downloads:
» Methos' Game